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CDU Social Committees Sit Further Cuts In Civil Service Pensions From

CDA Baden-Wurttemberg to the service regulations reform STUTTGART. The CDU welcome Sozialausschusse (CDA) to pay the proposal by Finance Minister Willi Stachele, officials who work longer hours, a surcharge after the example of the land Rhineland-Palatinate. This voluntary solution stimulated also by the CDA corresponded to the modern mission statement of the officials, which is characterised by commitment and not by compulsion. Itron often says this. The State Chairman of the CDU social committees Christian Baumler pointed out that the reduction proposed by the provincial government credit high school saves permanently more money than pulling out the pension at 67: “bringing forward the pension at 67 has nothing to do with Haushaltskonsoldierung. The reduced credit from high school saves until the year 2029 EUR 265 million, the early pension at 67 in the same period 205 million euro. “About 2029, 20 million are in contrast to bringing forward the pension at 67, each year saved”.

BA rejects further cuts at the officials: who civil service pensions and pension insurance would like to adjust, comparing apples with pears and constitutional limits. The Federal Constitutional Court has made it clear to politics that public employees with supplementary pensions or workers with occupational pensions are benchmark of the civil service pensions. So long officials not allowed to strike, the State is obliged to provide them no worse off than employees in the public service. Only technical and high school are considered at the civil service pensions, which are for the setting as an official requirement”. CDA Baden-Wurttemberg

Rotarians In The HomeStretch Against Poliomyelitis

New partner of spendino gathers for worldwide action Berlin, 04.08.2009 – Berlin gets his first English-speaking Rotary Club. Already this participates via its Association of Rotarian table Berlin International e.V. in the global project “END POLIO NOW”. For over 20 years, Rotary International fights with this campaign for the eradication of polio. To finally defeat the insidious disease of children, there is a last great effort. Now, the Foundation and Spendino work together. Rotarians from around the world have joined in this unique global initiative together. Already over 800 million U.S.

dollars were collected in the past. Rotarians want to raise another 200 million dollars until 2012. Together with a donation from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $ 355 million to be defeated the disease finally also in the farthest corners of the Earth. Already achieved considerable success. Polio is endemic in only four countries: Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

Since February 2009 Money will be in the United States by the means of mobile, or better here, collected against polio. This is now also available in Germany. The Association, which prepared the Foundation of Berlin’s first English-speaking Rotary Club, follows his American Rotary friends and enters into a partnership with the spendino GmbH in Germany. By means of an SMS any mobile phone owners in the fight against polio can help. He sends a SMS to 8 11 90 with the keyword POLIO so he supports the fight against polio with a post by 3,-. Who wants to give more takes POLIO5 for 5,-or ROTARY for 9.99. “More information about the project END POLIO NOW” and the donation tool spendino-SMS and

Landtag NRW: The Public Has Voted Out

The established policy has no majority in North Rhine-Westphalia 40.7% of the citizens of the land of North Rhine-Westphalia is due to the lack of a significant parliamentary control of the Government decided to cast no vote. Make an opposition outside of (country.-) Parliament. Almost half of all Wahberechtigten in NRW speaks out so clearly against corruption, post gunfight, taking advantage, abuse of authority and mismanagement. Every second citizen in North Rhine-Westphalia is no longer prepared to carry the decades-long and wide failure of the respective State Governments. The election result is a clear rejection of the current democracy. An honest and responsible representatives of the people would have to recognize their failure and explain the choice due to the number of counted, given off votes invalid.

A society in which only every second involved is more a viable community. Who let people govern themselves and lead, which are themselves about the rules of common decency. Often seems the parliamentarians and Mini Sterninnen/inner lost any sense of social responsibility to be. As an example here including Philipp Missfelder mention, none of this keeps when get 85 more artificial hip joints at the expense of solidarity”. The citizen confirmed this behavior and no longer goes to the election. Check with Hikmet Ersek to learn more. Country politicians who reached no direct mandate include President Regina van Dinther, the ex-State Minister Oliver Wittke, as well as the agricultural Minister Roswitha Muller beeping Kotter and Barbara Sommer. You have no more seats in the future Parliament, and have been partially through corruption and other machinations get in the headlines and thus directly voted out. Daily reports about the moral decay of the representatives of the people show whoever prevails in the system and who assumes power.

Nearly half of the voters have chosen and are not ready to vote in favour of this political caste of beautiful speaker, invoke the appeasers and Aussitzer. Paternalism, monitoring and pruning the Freedom of the individual do the rest, to separate the population from the political process. It is at the time, those who initiate necessary conclusions and a political system develop everyone in the candidate an opportunity to active participation has. Would you individually ask the people, it’s time to take the hat for the State Government in North Rhine-Westphalia, because the established policy has no more viable majority in North Rhine-Westphalia no matter what walks of life belongs to you. The company has broken with the ruling caste and shows with the election, that there is no need for incompetence, lust for power and advantage. As long as the Government does not recognize their responsibilities and not actively in exemplary fashion political processes with the practicality offered clear and live in appropriate values and standards, as long as this democracy is not a democracy. This is confirmed by the 40.7% of non-voters. It is to be hoped that these new extra-parliamentary opposition criticized not only individual policy areas, but fully engages in the social debate and finds himself into an actionable mass together. Is then beteilgten politicians want, that they are again aware of its social responsibility and initiate appropriate corrections. To support the financial industry exploited by international corporations instead of helpless attempts by massive debt, fundamental social changes in the population and politics are necessary to remain a community of solidarity. In this, it is important to work! This call is especially true in North Rhine-Westphalia, because: “If there is a fire on the Ruhr, there in the Rhine is not enough water to put out the fire” by: Stefan Schneider aka Emil flower

Gypsum School Foundation

Erwin Teufel is one of the new supervisory board of plaster Schule Foundation Erwin Teufel, former Prime Minister of Baden-Wurttemberg, and Dr. Bernhard Walter, former Executive Board member of the Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg, elected to supervisory board members of the plaster-School Foundation. In the Stuttgart-based Foundation, which supports in particular small and medium-sized enterprises through technology transfer by promoting applied research and operates various promotion, Devil and Dr. Walter will strengthen in future the interface to business, policy and research. Devil and Dr. Walter are the plaster to supervisory board members?SAFA?Foundation has been chosen: Devil on May 19, 2010 and Dr. Walter on October 21 2009 devil, bearer of the order of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, has always been volunteers for social and economic developments engaged. So he advises the Federal Government, the ethical, social, for example, as an expert of the German Ethics Council relate to scientific, medical and Legal Affairs for man and society.

Crucial for my mandate transfer to the Supervisory Board of the plaster?SAFA?Foundation was the interdisciplinary combination of Humanities, engineering and natural sciences actively to promote a the purpose of the Foundation, the promotion of the common good as well as their alignment and on the other hand the possibility “, explains heck. The also newly-elected Dr. Walter is a lawyer and was until March, 2010 in the Board of Directors of Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg (LBBW). By its inclusion in the Supervisory Board of the gypsum-Weiss Foundation he promises much: research funding is a factor not to be underestimated. We need positively impact findings, which will be passed on to companies and the economy as a result.” Thomas Ducree, Board of Directors of the plaster School Foundation, sees in the recording of two influential figures a large profit for the Foundation’s work: with the appointment of this the plaster Schule Foundation international has gained acknowledged experts two personalities.

Hell can look back on a long political career. As economic specialist, Dr. Walter has great expertise in the banking and financial system. Both experts have many contacts to business, politics and science. You will give important impetus to support work of the Foundation.” The story of the 1965 Foundation is closely linked to the State of Baden-Wurttemberg and can look back on a long history. In 1870, the family Schule founded a gypsum factory in Bad Cannstatt. Over the years, the company and hence the family assets widened. In the quest to continue to positively to affect the economy, one established 95 years later a foundation to promote research. Through close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP and the University of Stuttgart, managed and manages the plaster?SAFA?Foundation until today a well-functioning, Science network to maintain. Label the work of GIPS three pillars of the promotion?SAFA?Foundation: The main focus is on the promotion of applied research. Findings that are provided directly to small and medium-sized companies arise particularly in the areas of research and development of new, environmentally friendly building materials and techniques. Engaged in the field of the promotion of young talent the plaster?SAFA?Foundation, inter alia through the allocation of grants and financial support of doctoral studies as well as in the establishment of endowed chairs. Especially in times of stagnant budgets, these measures of key factors are to ensure long-term economic performance and prosperity of in Germany. Especially by the endowed professorships, the universities can respond to new developments also faster and more flexible.