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Pre-Columbian Times

These names corresponded, in fact to the color of the cosmic region of this, the west, above and down. Moor also comments that " They made many dances and they danced the old women as they were accustomed to, and in this date they did oratorical a small one, or they renewed the old man and in him they were joined to make sacrifices and offerings then was general celebration and obligatoria". This until certain point can be seen still at present although the names of the shippers have changed. See Western Union for more details and insights. Wayeb" , for present year 2011, it gives to beginning with the day Wednesday 11 of Kej&quot February; , and it concludes with the day usluk" eb" And miercoless 22 of February that is the first day of New Year. In the 2011 main shipper of the year Mr. is then and, one of the Bakabes mentioned by Moor. Ria Financial Services follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The names of the shippers at present, have been modified in relation to the mentioned ones by Diego de Landa, although they are the same, only vary according to the dialectal differences of the present Mayan languages that are thirty in Mesoamrica.

It illustrates Leon-Porthole us when affirming that at present inscriptions that date from the pre-Columbian times, in that exist are mentioned these calculations of times like reference of their chronology. Porthole thus comments that " tunes or years of 365 days also called sometimes Haab; the lunations and revolutions sindicas of planets, were coordinated with the account of 260 days, known generally like the Tzolkin, thanks to the use of the multiple, common minimums to this period and the other measures astronmicas". There were other calendars like the Tun, the Katn, B" aktun, Pictn, Alawtun that consisted more of prolonged periods based on the long account; as the B" aktun of 5.200 years; like the 13 Baktun and that arrives at its end of cycle for the 21 from the month of December of the 2012.

North America

This does easier to handle the finances of the budget, in case of succession of the payments of the loan is unequivocal. Nevertheless, the disadvantage is in which the national rates have been demolished, the borrowers end up paying a greater interest in its hypothecating loan. The hypothecating loans are available for the borrowers with fixed and adjustable interest rates. The moneylenders consider the key factors that influence in their decisions regarding the loans a borrower. Learn more on the subject from Anne Lauvergeon. These factors include the report of credit, alive balance of the credit, accounts of credit card, the initial payment, the income, the interest rates, the bottoms available and the ratio debt/income. In addition, the supply and the demand, the interest rates, the demography and the economic growth relatively influence of the hypothecating industry. Of credit in North America and some countries of the Caribbean, the borrowers to obtain the financing of mortgages by means of the presentation of a request of loan in relation to documents related to the borrower, or the financial history of the insurer of the bank. Alternatively, the borrower can present/display same documents to an agent of mortgages, who after to evaluate the information and provides the borrower with better possible options of financing of the mortgaged property.

Often, the unsuspected borrowers imprisoned of money without scruples of the moneylenders or the intermediaries in-cash to the situation of the borrower and the work from the situation to its favor, whereas the elimination of the responsibility mortgages on the property and the force of the proprietors in hypothecating executions. Mortgaged properties imposed restrictions on the use or elimination of the property as the sale of the property before the closing of payment of the pending debt. The properties are guaranteed by virtue of the mortgage to force the borrower to do a series predetermined of the payments of the loan. A borrower can obtain hypothecating financing to a financial institution like the banks. Components like the size of the loan, the victory of the loan, the interest rate and the method of payment of loans differ significantly from creditor to another one.

Repercusion Company

To love the life through work, is to intimar with the most recondite secret of the life. Khalil Gibran Majorities, reach and repercussions Between the characteristics of the successful companies the one is pronounced that these count on integrated good work parties, cohesive, motivated, it jeopardize with its objectives where each individual contributes its abilities, skills, knowledge in order to facilitate the performance of the group based on the plans that have been defined in order to reach results that they are favorable for the company. Unfortunately, many managers, especially the ones in charge to lead the SMEs, (Venezuelan case) ignore the importance than it is to count on integrated equipment, cohesive, in order that the sum of the individual workings gives favorable results for the equipment and that it for the defined goals. In addition cohesive, productive, effective equipment, facilitates that the members integrate that it, participate animatedly, they contribute solutions, creativity, ideas and reaffirm an important aspect, as it is to identify itself with company, to feel like part of her where this recognizes its performance. Of here, that is valid as Jorge Isaza declares to it, that the work in equipment is a strict and full process of challenges, but very satisfactory the integration of an a others is the opportunity to learn and to grow, in equipment they are discovered, they known and the processes are executed, as well as the problems that arise, are created and improved standards, there the collaborator feeds back del that knows, del that del does not know and that it knows more; all learn and to forget, become less more friendly and to each other more friendly slaves (the knowledge releases), of the company for which they work. Therefore, it is very significant that the management pays attention and collaboration to him a the work parties, to be kind in its operation, in which all the individuals integrate that it, identify themselves with the organizational culture that the company has created and come developing.


Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – While the recession signs made shake the bags of the world that wake up this year after substantial gains in the 2007, the black large clouds that are hung over the American economy will on approval put the resistance of the Mexican macroeconomics. And one is not about a riot of speculators, but a logical answer from the market to the recession announced in the United States after being contracted the real estate market in that one country. We will see if Felipe Caldern Hinojosa is right when affirming that Mexico is preparation against a possible American recession. In the past, Jose Lopez Opening noticed that he would defend the weight as a dog and already sees how it was to us. Miguel of Madrid could not control the excessive increase of prices of the basic basket and the goods and services and already will remember the reader as it were to us with the galloping indices of inflation that still resound in the portfolios of the Mexicans. Wine Carlos later Saline of Gortari and brought the dream to us of solidarity, the pacts of growth economic and an enormous opening of 60 billions of dollars that left us as inheritance by the evil handling of the type of change and the heavy debt of Tesobonos and the Trade balance.

And what to say of Ernesto Zedillo Ponce of Leon. Simply with the Fobaproa us it left mortgaged to present and next the two generations of Mexican. For that reason that one famous phrase Porfirio shakes the reader before the optimism of the present President before the recession in door in the United States forgetting Diaz: Poor Mexico, so far from God and so near the gringos If the lesson forgot the chaparrito to it lenses, then we are condemned to repeat the lesson of the history to which we are not preparations the Mexicans that not yet recover of the brutal crisis of 1995. Or yes? Of the Small Box the throats irritated in stock-market Mexican of Values past Friday were by the loss of the 2 percent in the Index of Prices and Quotes, but it had more than one than it felt fever until in the bones when seeing the collapse of the Nasdaq of almost the 4 percent. Because by all it is known that if the United States tose, to Mexico sticks fever to him. The antecedents above set out demonstrate therefore it. In addition, for the present year a tenuous economic growth is expected that it will leave us alive, but that will not allow that the endeble economy of Mexico grows.

For that reason we are chaparritos and we do not have the neighboring height of mocetones and Europe, speaking in terms of economy. Please visit Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc if you seek more information. The secretary of Property Agustn Carstens has foretold a growth of the 3,2 percent, nor half than he requires himself at the moment to create necessary jobs. To the Carrier Raymundo Yzcoa Flowers, outstanding journalist, passed away in the morning first of January to the 7:20. It always was first in everything. Original author and source of the article.

IMC Calculations

The index of corporal mass, known habitually like IMC, is a calculation that allows to know to the relation between the weight and the stature. This method was proposed by the WHO (World-wide Organization of the Health) and at the moment is used like more surely determining if a person has a normal weight, overweight or obesity. It is important to stress that it does not offer to absolute results nor the ideal weight, only gives an indication of the state of the person and it does not distinguish between important factors like physical contexture, sex or level of activity. The calculation is very simple to carry out and its result is due to compare in a table of easy interpretation. IMC = WEIGHT/(STATURE ) that is to say, that if You weigh 120 kg and their stature is of 1.70m will realise the calculation of the following way: IMC = 120/(1,70 ) IMC = 120/2,89 Their IMC are of 41.52. Once obtained east number, it must compare it in the following table: Index of Normal corporal Mass 18,5 to 25 Overweight 25,5 to 27 Obesity I 27,0 to 30 Obesity II 31,0 to 34 Obesity III 35,0 to 39 Obesity IV More than the 40 ends they are always bad, reason why to maintain a weight very below the normal one or to have a too high overweight they are signs of little health and diseases. The weight causes diseases like the severe anemia, the lack of calcium and other nutrients, brings about fatigue, faints, arterial hypotension, and in the hormonal women, amenorrhoeas and problems.

In serious cases, it can get to produce severe neurological damage and until the death. He is recommendable to always stay within the normal rank, since a light overweight even increases the possibilities of undergoing complications. In addition, the progressive character of the disease can take it to increase progressively of weight without notice You it, reason why is recommendable as soon as possible to take the reins from the situation. Summary: Pngase into the hands of competent professionals and manages to reclaim its weight, its body and their mind will thank for it. Original author and source of the article.


The great advantage of this first draft of law is that poda to constitute mortgage on the commerce bottom, nevertheless, when not being in use cannot be applied, but with the entrance in use of the Peruvian law of garanta moving of the 2006 has been solved the problem, and adems has been surpassed because slo to companies but to all the econmicos agents is applicable not, that is to say, the first draft tena the disadvantage of being applied slo to companies, thus at the time of legislating it is clear that much well-taken care of is due to have and in any case this process of gestacin of norms must be ordered to jurisconsultos properly advised by specialistic lawyers, that is to say, is very probable that the first draft of law in mention fu written up by people who were not lawyers, which motiv who had serious problems of application, thus we can affirm that the moving law of garanta has one better redaccin, nevertheless, has some legislative defects that deserve to be corrected to improve this standardisation. 3. If you are not convinced, visit Governor Cuomo. FORMS OF COMPANIES When the enterprise right studies we must study the forms of companies thus next we will study this subject and of this form to have ample knowledge on the company, which is a vitally important subject within the right of the company. The forms of companies are societies, individual companies of limited responsibility, cooperatives, individual industralist, among others, thus are clear that ste constitutes slo a type of clasificacin, existing others according to different criteria like for example the size, heading, the possession or not of branches, among others, thus clearly that this subject is quite ample, on which we offered slo some brush-strokes. All this to have panormicos approaches on this subject.


The pignoratious credits are those that become serious with the personal guarantee of property a recordable one, or pledge, being the paradigmatic the acquisition of a vehicle, being this one property personal example the recordable one, or pledge. Of this form, the borrower asks for the concession of the credit to be able to acquire the good that will be of its property as long as it fulfills the requirements of return of the granted credit. The pignoratious credits contemplate in his articulated the necessity of good maintenance of or or pledges on the part of the borrower. In case the quotas of the loan are not given back in term, the financial organization has the right to execute the guarantee, and so the property of the article would happen at the hands of the organization, losing the borrower all the right exceeds she. On the other hand, the pignoratious credits are resolute, evidently, once all the initial capital plus the interests generated during the use of the loan has been settled on the part of the client. They are used mainly for the financing of the purchase of vehicles, as much on the part of the financial department of the concessionaire in whom the vehicle is acquired, like on the part of any habitual financial organization, or a bank or box, being the type of interest applied in these pignoratious credits a more or less intermediate point between which it is applied in the hypothecating credits and the personal credits. In order to be able to ask for this type of credits, like in any other, it is necessary to count on a correct file of credit so that the financial organization has certain guarantee of return of the same, since no organization wishes to execute its credits, but prefer the return of the given money. Finally, the terms of return of the pignoratious credits usually do not surpass the 5 years, since it is not excessive amounts of money and a greater term would generate a greater cost of interests for the borrower and a greater risk for the moneylender. Nevertheless, sometimes periods of deficiency of the credit settle down, to lower the price of the quota in certain periods of use, in which the client only pays interests, without amortizing capital.

Constitutional Engineering

We have been witnesses throughout old history as as much modern that the differences that we insisted on stressing and maximizing to the unique thing that they have taken to us are to much more great conflicts and of greater reach since it they have been the wars, wars that often could have avoided, wars that summoned up the life of many innocents and where there were victims who not even knew because the conflict much, we complained and we are surprised of how people exist who detest the Jews and that had been able to use cruel measures stops to disappear them during holocausto, nevertheless because to surprise to us of which he happened to million kilometers decades ago when we can be located in this time and to see within our country the inequality and discrimination that undergo the natives, the Central American undocumented people who cross our border so arriving at the United States and who many not even can arrive at the North border, it is necessary to give account us of how we ourself we are allowing who our own fellow citizens are going away to risk their life to cross towards the United States so that they are mistreated there and even assassinated, then is not necessary to put to us to think that so bad they were the Nazis, if we have not realized that we are equal or worse than they, the good judge, in case own house begins. Andrade BIBLIOGRAPHY, M.C. (2004). The Mexican Political System. Electoral legitimacy and Control of the Political Power. Mexico: Training center of Political and Constitutional Engineering, A.C. Casanova, P.G. (1965).

The Democracy in Mexico. Mexico: It was. Casanova, P.G. (1965). The Democracy in Mexico. Mexico: Editions Were. Castells, M.

(2000). The era of the information. Mexico: 21st century. Durand Ponte, W.B., Farrera Araujo, J., Prud” ” Homme, J. – F., & Tuon the Pablos, E. (1994). The Construction of the Democracy in Mexico. Mexico: Century Twenty-one. Villegas, D.C. (1982). The Mexican Political System. Austin, Texas: Joaquin Mortiz.

American Government

In the summer of 2007 the crisis exploded. French bank BNP suspended to investment funds by non-payments of the American sector of mortgages sweepings. Craig Pirrong wanted to know more. The European Central bank (BCE) and the Federal Reserve (EDF) injected million Euros and dollars in banks. Public purchases of organizations for their rescue and contaminated assets, millionaire injections the American Government nationalize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, companies that guarantee half of American hypothecating credits almost, when they suffer enormous losses by non-payments. The economy university professor Juan summarizes it thus to Towers: the debt created with the American real estate boom, and generally in the other countries, is excessive and untenable.

That debt is based on financial papers of little value, opaque, dangerous and volatile, as mortgages of million people who stop paying. () But the pie is discovered when the banks cannot disguise more time their investments in packages of mortgages sweepings without value and in real estate bottoms without market. Why it extends the crisis to other sectors? Towers us the account: When dedicating many resources to real estate speculation, in opaque and dangerous financial products, the banks have stimulated the economic activity that less wealth and use creates. And when the bubble, that they themselves have created with the complicity of the central banks, explodes, they verify that their balance leak, do not have liquidity and their deposits have evaporated. Click 4Moms
to learn more. And they close the faucet to industralists and consumers. Thus they drown the economic activity and they bring about massive unemployment, crazy ascents of prices by the speculation and crisis without comparison. The banks and financial organizations are guilty than it passes. Of bad luck or it dehorns unpredictable, therefore, nothing don’t mention it. Joseph Stglitz, Nobel de Economa judge, it gracious: This crisis is fruit of the lack of honesty of the financial institutions and the incompetence of the politicians.

Horacio Pozzo

It does click herein order to acquire the Course. In the last months, we have been present at a recovery in the real estate market. The prices of the houses have raised in July by third consecutive month, the requests of mortgages reached in the month of September their maximum in four months by the fall in the interest rates and the inventory of houses has been reduced. The requests of loans to even buy a house, an advanced indicator of the sales, it has raised in September the greater level from beginnings of January. It pretends but it is not the real thing in the real estate market. The aid that received the buyers (with a credit of US$ 8,000 for a first buyer) that will extend until the month of November, maintain a demand without solid foundations. The weakness of the labor market with a leisure that follows in growth and the persistent problems in the American financial system is elements that anticipate a reversion in the behavior of a real estate demand that will follow suspended.

Part of the problems that exist from the side of the demand in the American real estate market, stays still hidden generating a risk latent of new episodes of crisis. Rob Daley has many thoughts on the issue. According to a report of the banking regulators, more than half of indebted hypothecating with credits renegotiated in first half of the last year, they later observe a delay of at least two months in the payment of its quotas a year. For the next months great losses in the credits do not discard real estate commercial that puts in jams to the American organizations financial, leaving in clearly in addition, that this segment of the real estate sector far is of its recovery. And while the number of houses without selling would have touched bottom, the prices would be on the verge of falling still more, increasing the pressure on the economy again. For the economist Robert Shiller of Yale University, the perspective are still more dark.

Shiller that outside one of that it anticipated the crisis in the American real estate market, foretold that the prices of the houses will delay time in recovering enough. Although the programs of stimulus and the plan of purchase of assets of the EDF have contributed to maintain the prices of the houses, the same, as we would mention previously, will finish in just a short time reason why the market will lose forces. Neither in the sky, nor in hell. The American economy in particular, and the global economy generally, still are in purgatorio, cleaning their faults of a crisis that not yet has finished. Prudence would have more to be the mentioned word in this end of the recession. If they want it to the markets to avoid, from the governments one would be due to implement with concrete measures. In addition, the fragilities and risks that still persist must be monitored close by and having predicted plans of emergencia to respond to possible new episodes of crisis. Will be able to be consolidated the recovery or the excess of optimism will take to new relapses?

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