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Young People

Kids 4 freedom – on a sailing trip with young people you have just a serious illness were over, youngsters between 9 and 15 years, life has been too hard at an early age come from socially deprived backgrounds or from children’s homes. Andrew Cuomo may find this interesting as well. On a sailing trip off the Turkish coast, they recover from their difficult daily lives. You will set sail together, make the ship clear, anchor in secluded bays, and exchanging thoughts and experiences at the evening barbecue fire. They are invited by the Club 4 freedom kids. The 60 young participants of the week-long cruise come from 5 Nations.

For them, the 7-day holiday is also a chance to learn met each other and across national and language barriers also understand. After all, sailing is team work. Under the guidance of an experienced skipper, young people form crews, who know that they can rely on others, are themselves responsible and can do more than they ever thought. Welding together large and small problems, which is to deal with it, and at the end of the 7 days friendships are have formed, which hold about this holiday also. This project sees kids 4 freedom not only as an aid for young people, but also as a building block in the intra-European understanding. The participants of this year’s cruise come from Germany, Austria, Russia, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. The sailing fleet with 11 yachts will start at the 6.Juli in Marmaris. Kids for freedom is a non-profit association which children from around the world a week sailing the Mediterranean. The Association collects the participants during the week to educate not entitled or to teach, but we want to allow the children to get his head free 1 week away from her but usually tense situation. The whole in a completely new and fascinating environment, the sea! AQUA TV

Northern Wolffish Goes To Price

Northern Wolffish increases the number of available accommodations. ss. Husum, the January 25, 2010 the Husum company Northern Wolffish ‘ has the offer of holiday apartments and holiday houses greatly expanded on the holiday portal and offers now more than 1,700 objects on the North Sea. Through a strategic partnership with a Frankfurt holiday house specialist we succeeded, to maximize our offers on the North Sea coast and on the islands of the North Sea”, so business owners Stefan Kleimann. So far, Northern Wolffish in particular on some islands, such as for example Norderney was represented and can now offer of Borkum up to Sylt vacation rentals in large numbers. In the final development stage up to 15,000 objects to the German, Dutch and Danish North Sea will be available. To be the set of objects, it was revised presentation and the search function and greatly improved. Users can display targeted matching and free accommodation at the destination itself. Northern Wolffish strengthens its position by the integration of the new objects in the German travel market for the North Sea and plans 2010 numerous marketing activities in order to strengthen its presence on the Internet and to attract an even wider audience.

The business owner Stefan Kleimann aims, one of the leading suppliers for travel on the North Sea to be medium-term.” Northern Wolffish presents travel information and accommodation on the North Sea. In addition, daily news on the holiday region are communicated in the Nordseewolf.magazin. The page Nordseewolf.de Stefan Kleimann was called by the native Norderneyer in the year 2007 in the life and enjoys since then increasing popularity on the Internet. Contact Stefan Kleimann Nordseewolf.de am Walde 6 31632 Husum telephone: 05027 9000114 fax: 05027-9000126 Internet: E-Mail:

Historic Capital Of Berlin

Berlin offers residents and visitors alike a unique journey into the past. Historically discover you have to experience Berlin Berlin. The capital does not count wrong millions of tourists next to Paris, Rome and London to Europe’s most popular ice destinations in town, and in this case really. As one of the cultural and art cities in Europe, the seat of Government of the Federal Republic, party city, green oasis and shopping metropolis, Berlin leaves no desire. Unless you like bored, because Berlin can not help really.

The selection of the Berlin Hotels is almost oppressive in the choice of accommodation. Some of the city’s historic Nobel hostels have cult status. Would you descend perhaps under den Linden Boulevard in the feudal Adlon? Or maybe at the Kempinski Hotel Bristol am Kurfurstendamm? Both hotels are one of the first addresses of the capital and host regular celebrity guests such as Hillary Clinton, Kylie Minogue, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Robert de Niro and the Dalai Lama. Just around the corner from the Hotel Bristol is the Savoy Berlin. Slightly smaller, younger and not quite as famous Savoy is still perfect for a stylish getaway in Berlin, even if book not the Greta Garbo suite. You must have seen only the Pug painting in the lobby. In the District of Friedrichshain you can indulge, if you like, in the somewhat recent history of Berlin.

The Ostel hostel is located in a true plate construction from the times of the German Democratic Republic and is equipped with original furniture from East German production. Their budget is doing with here anyway, because the Ostel offers the perfect accommodation from bed in the pioneer camp to the DDR apartment for everyone. History enthusiasts notice immediately in Berlin that the city deliberately and openly dealing with the dark ages of its long and eventful history. In addition to the official, remarkable monuments and museums of the world wars, Nazism and the Division of the city, there are also small plaques and historic markers in many corners of the capital. Here a short stopover that is always worthwhile, on the other side of the road Department store of the West to the sprawling shopping invites. But Berlin’s history has much more to offer. A walk along the Boulevard leads under den Linden you to many foreign embassies and at the Memorial to the victims of fascism past, but also at the Humboldt University, the German State Library, formerly the Prussian State Library, and the German State Opera. These and many other impressive buildings bear witness to the past of Berlin as the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia and the German Empire. Not for nothing the Pariser Platz and the Brandenburg Gate are the majestic final point on the road under the Linden. Can show up on your historic journey through Berlin times by the locals quiet the sights. The Berliners are famous for the most loving nicknames, which enter the buildings and streets of their city. As the victory column due to the gilded figure of Victoria ever as gold else “referred to. The Berlin radio tower is the long Mohammed”, the Architecture of the Congress Hall in the Tiergarten was her pregnant Oyster called”an and even the venerable Tower ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is popularly called”hollow tooth”. Even though these local nicknames maybe something irreverent like visitors, they laugh quietly with.

Floods In Venice: Aqua Alta

The whole life of Venice from its foundation is subject to the dictates of the sea. Even the first settlers, who fled here from the 5th century invasion of the Huns and the Lombards, and settling 'the sea like birds' homes, "scattered like the Cyclades, on water surface ', once and for all entrusted their fate and the land of sea elements. Sea fed, protected and led to fame. But the rights of the owner often peered into the houses of Venetians, spreading the marble floors of the lower floors. Aqua alta or 'High water' has long been customary for the Queen of the Adriatic sea tribute: each year the city is more than 80 flood. Their reason – the tides and strong winds, "Sirocco", which in the words of the poet 'channel fills, as a bath with the top '. From historical documents we know that the phenomenon of 'high water' in Venice has always existed, as there are various ways to deal with it.

In 1501, when doge Agostino Barbarigo, the council of ten, ran the city, ruled that anyone who "dares to somehow damage the public dam, lay underground pipe to divert water, or against the plan to deepen and expand the channels … cut off his right hand, pull up his left eye and confiscate all property. " Nowadays, the Italian authorities are not so strong. After the most devastating floods in 1966, when the water level in the city rose by almost two meters above normal, and a homeless remaining 5,000 residents, it was decided to build a protective dam. However, this project is still not implemented until the end, and Venice continued the good half of the year live in extreme conditions. Tourists flood – free ride, a chance to see and enjoy the revelry of the element of the surreal paintings flooded the city, for residents who are accustomed to live in Aqua alta – a phenomenon almost everyday.

The system of emergency walkways for pedestrians, established in this case, virtually no restriction on their movement, and high rubber boots, long occupied pride of place next to the Venetian slippers. The threat of severe flooding alerts sirens, and then at the disposal of human remains for about two hours to remove furniture and belongings. Leaving their limits, the water floods the few areas and embankments of the city, finally erasing the boundary between sea and land and Venice giving resemblance to a sinking ship. But after 5-6 hours of rush ends and the sea retreated, settling at 169 large and small channels.

Frankfurt Airport

McTipps – useful news about flying vol. 02/12 at Frankfurt airport there are trolley only against mortgage since January 26. With this system, each passenger should take a free trolley within one minute. This allows new over 100 depots 80 in Terminal 1. 2000 trucks are subject to a computerized level monitoring. The baggage car with an adapter have been equipped for the transition. The depots have a guide rail, engages in this adapter. The due at pick up deposit of two euros can be paid in cash at the cash machine of each depot or cash paid with EC/Maestro or credit card.

When returning the car at one of the collection points, the passenger receives in cash back the deposit. First car rental flat fee in Germany at Sixt car rent, Sixt offers the free use of a specific vehicle class monthly customers. So travelers can take a vehicle at a Sixt station and to the airport or the train station. At the destination you are looking for the nearest Sixt station on and get a vehicle of the same category again. Users of the offer called “Sixt unlimited” can decide between a use duration of three, six, nine or twelve months.

The longer the term, the lower the monthly rate. MTRs affects also the “prepaid” model where customers pay in advance the arrangement. Bremen: Airport closes for six days of Bremen Airport remains closed for six days during the summer holidays. From August 6 to 11 the runway of the airport will be redeveloped. Because construction can be performed only in the summer, the air traffic is completely set in this time. According to media reports, more than 450 flights with around 39,000 passengers are affected. The flights are canceled or diverted to other airports such as Hamburg, Hannover and Munster-Osnabruck. Information about the airport under. McFlight.de is a pioneer in ticket sales in the German-speaking Internet. Since 1997, independent airline more than 500 airlines are compared. The years of experience and profound knowledge of the market benefit the many customers. In addition to the quick and simple flight booking, hotel rooms and rental cars can be booked. Also, McFlight.de area, which provides the latest information and latest deals around the fly has an interesting news.

PRCONNEXION Supports The “World Tourism Day”

The full service communications agency shows commitment 25th September 2012, Hamburg – two days before the world tourism day is celebrated on September 27, 2012, the communication agency PRCONNEXION is a character and takes this day as an occasion to point out, all colleagues, partners and experts from the tourism sector on the importance of consistent treatment of environmental and sustainability. The tourism industry worldwide is one of the largest industries and sectors of the economy and should above all for our industry trend. “, said Christiane Hensel-Gatos, Managing Director of PRCONNEXION. Precisely for this reason have the communication consultants and communicators of the industry held a leading position that will allow them to increase the sensitivity for a sustainable use of resources and even across borders to eco-friendly actions influence. “, she added. PRCONNEXION represents the tourism as well as the communications industry with their achievements and looks are milestones in the role use to send signals and their customers for the topic sustainability awareness.

Thanks to its almost ten years of experience and expertise in the travel, tourism, transport and lifestyle sector managed PRCONNEXION to differentiate themselves and to establish new, important business relations in Germany with the opening of the second Office in Hamburg. And the Agency also based on a sustainable development commitment: since spring 2012 PRCONNEXION is in talks with the Organization of Green Globe certified global sustainable tourism the tourism and travel industry. With a Green Globe certification we were one of the first agencies in Germany and the only one in Greece, which is certified in the area of sustainability”, said Christiane Hensel-Gatos. We have our expertise by working with some of the most successful and leading companies from various sectors of tourism, such as e.g. Lufthansa, Germanwings, Austrian Airlines, Boeing, Delta Airlines, Vienna Tourism Board, GNTB and Boeing Commercial airplanes, develop and share innovative ideas and plans for the future development of tourism.

The Economist

European countries are currently listed as the best to perform all kinds of investments, since they not only the financial benefits are enough, but that also other influential factors such as health, Government, the economy, employment and the nature among others equally noteworthy, thus demonstrated. The choice of a new country to live directly depends on some factors like those above mentioned, however take into account our personal tastes and rating them, perhaps a very important part to take into account. It must be said that European countries within its greatest virtues have their economic stability and great sociability of persons, not to mention the beauty of their land. Currently according to various surveys and social studies by major magazines such as The Economist, several European countries manage to stand out globally, by various factors that we will mention below. The first in Excel is Ireland, which thanks to its economy well substantiated and great profitability in loans for housing, not to mention quality of life which owns that country, shown as an excellent option to invest in housing.

Switzerland is the second to stand out, because their quality of life is pretty good, not to mention economic factors such as profitability in loans and excellent payment options. Another important country that makes its appearance within the top is Denmark, since one of the main virtues which that country has is its excellent level of urban development and social evolution, not to mention his important political organization. Another basic country to highlight is that Spain thanks to its profitability in the mortgage loans and to easy cancellation shown to the world as one of the best places to invest in housing, not to mention the excellent organization both Government and urban development. France is a country that is not far behind when it comes to being praised for the conception of a housing, since this is characterized largely not only for its architectural beauty, but by present people fairly adaptable mortgage loans interest rates. A country that thanks to its social and infrastructural virtues that we can not fail to mention is Italy, which today shows to the world as a very good source to invest due to these same virtues. Although there are many more countries to highlight when making an investment in housing previously mentioned are shown before the world possibly as the best options. Given the above is demonstrated that Europe is not only an excellent place to invest or buy thanks to the benefits that this continent offers in areas such as loans and interests, but it is also an ideal place to live since the urban, each European country’s social and political organization are areas worthy of admiration.