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Boat Backpack

Valuable tips to have the best year of your life it began in the 60s and has become the norm: school leavers and students take one year sabbatical, also gap year called, to travel. There were changes over the last several years and it seems to be accepted that people from all conceivable life phases take a break to move for a year around the world now also by society. Before you go we have still some food for thought, which can simplify your gap year. Invest in a good, sturdy backpack from a respectable company. Many stores specializing in camping utensils, have employees that help you find the right backpack for your stature and size. The risk is low that you verzerrst the back when carrying your belongings you with the right backpack.

When it comes to packaging, you hold back: it travels is easier with less baggage. Keep in mind that you can buy clothes and other things when you’re abroad. Was therefore ruthless when it comes to what clothes you want to take. Note always the particularities of the country to which you will be travelling. If it is cold, take warm clothing; If you travel to a country with a warm climate, take light clothes, which will help you to stay cool. Always remember a first-aid kit with everything you need to pack. E.g.

plaster, scissors, and particularly a non-antacid are important, because stomach upsets are guaranteed to travel. Before you go, think about how you can stay with your friends and family at home in contact. Internet cafes are extremely practical and are becoming increasingly popular in many countries. Emails are indeed wonderful to stay in contact and still your friends and family will appreciate it if you call from time to time. With the ever-increasing cost of phone for international calls is one free telephone conference the cost-saving alternative. You can call with more than just one person without extra cost, which is perfect for special occasions, such as birthdays or Christmas. Jonas Boat man

Fly Low-cost !

At the present time, the expression was lowcost for ordinary Russian people and to understand. But a couple of years ago, these words are perceived with apprehension, but many people today confirmed the benefits of cheap flights. The first entrepreneurs in the practice were American carriers, they came to realize additional value for their air travel within the country. Soon after Europeans reached and the practice of Russian aviakorporatsy. For example, several years Russian market is the Russian cost airline Sky Express. The airline flies between major Russian settlements, but also periodically participates in individual charter programs, bringing people Many Russian cities abroad. Recently there was another low-cost and cost-effective airline "Air Nova." While that Air Nova specializes in flights within the country, also a nice price. All airlines in this moment began to sell to potential clients cheapest tickets to a substantial discount in order to influence the buyers who are not averse to save on the flight.

What are the main advantages of budget carriers? First of all, it's best to buy a plane ticket on the Internet, the company's website. But puzzled wiser just a few months. Of course, low-fire inventing and selling well, but must necessarily be a wise and book your ticket in advance. At the same time you gain in price due to supply at times that allow us on board, love is not everything. In this case, can bring with you on the plane something to eat (sandwich, apple) and select chocolate and soda on the spot. On the aircraft low-cost carriers are set exclusively in economy class seats. Due to the fact that the removal of the chair-class 'business', as well as first class, might bring to the flight lot clients. Save you because all passengers are allowed to take only some ten kilos of free baggage.

But if you do not take the suitcase in the luggage weighing over 30 kg, and do not worry. In all of this to safety of passenger transportation are low-cost with no less seriousness, so that in my life do not worry. Jets cost the companies very often inspect aircraft mechanics, aircraft since the day make at least a few return trips. By the way, often low-fare carriers are based in ports far from big cities. But all our cost airlines flying normally only found in larger airports. Here why worry about it to anything. But just to be sure that your ticket you will surely beneficial use. Because in a situation where you turn in before the flight ticket, purchased shares in the airline's website for the ridiculous the amount you will pay a substantial fine. Planning to fly airplanes for a nominal fee – mirites terms selected carrier. Bottom line: if you're thrifty traveler, and do not want to pay for the ticket excess low-cost is the best option for you to save money on travel.

North Sea Holiday

For months, there is now rising unemployment and unemployment. Check out Jeff Gennette for additional information. Change travel behavior? Now in the spring, the first beach chairs on the beaches of the northern coastal resorts are restored. From day to day, the sun rises later and vacationers look forward the coastal and seaside resorts of the island. In April, at Easter to Pentecost, Ascension and in July and August, there will be a dense crowds at the North Sea. But what will be with the rest of the time? Anyone who has followed the press reports recently, which will be noted, that the forced mass appetite will decrease. In other words: The frequency and the average duration of the holiday will fall.

So holiday via the homepage of the nordseesonne.com could be determined for bookings for the North Sea, that in the spring this year compared to last year the number of arrivals went back. In fairness, only the period is considered January and February since last year, Easter was in March. Now (mid March) the Easter days are still not fully booked. End November 2008 the year change was already fully booked. It has the appearance that this year is short posted. It is also striking that the cancellation rate rises slightly in comparison to the previous year. But there are also positive effects. Overall, the booking volumes for the full year at the nordseesonne.com is increasing compared to the previous year by mid-March.

This is specifically the strong holiday months July and August. Generally you will not forgo probably the fresh North Sea air (family leave). You need a change of scenery stop times. The economic crisis must have impact on tourism. Nevertheless, the Ruckgaange limited will keep and the one or other rental office is able to increase also its bookings. Finally: the nordseesonne.com holiday rentals North Sea and holiday homes in the locations of Cuxhaven and Dorum-Neufeld, Wremen, Bremerhaven, as well as in East Frisia, in the Cuxhaven especially in Bensersiel offers specifically. Well come on line and a nice, relaxing vacation 2009 in the North Sea. Bodo MICHALSKI

The Right Eye

Well, let's choose angry all that many good gifts, who will fly home with us. First of all, a great many different souvenirs in the shape of pyramids, sphinxes, kings and gods. The sign of the chief god Amun Ra (Sun God) – Eye of Ra (The Right Eye of Horus), depicted as a man with a head of a falcon. Cat – a symbol of the goddess Bastet, Amun Ra's wife. Scarab – a sign of the god Khepera, the creator of the world.

Jackal – the god Anubis. Often there are statues of Queen Nefertiti and "faraonshi 'Hatshepsut. Made They are usually made of different materials (alabaster, basalt, wood, silver, etc.) and have a very different quality and price. Second, this papyrus. Ancient writing material, manufactured from the same plant, by maceration and pressing. Full paper from papyrus to buy in Egypt difficult. Several companies producing it, working mostly for export, while the local market is flooded with fakes or of banana leaves, or from Chinese rice paper.

Like what Mikhail Zadornov, – "… you can go to the market in any store, and there will be screaming at the bazaar – the real papyrus time of Ramses II! You will watch them create! ":) From Papyrus doing anything as small favorites and huge paintings with drawings, stylized ancient Egyptian canonical. Third, it is oil. Shop, selling oil, it is easy to find by smell. The abundance of various varieties of oils dizzy. Some smell like perfume "great" perfumers have some curative effect. Buy a gift from oil aloe allergies, colds or eucalyptus. The oil you poured into curly, different colors and container glass vials. These bottles are in great numbers, and some of them may in itself be a work of art, becoming a separate gift. You can buy one big enough capacity you liked butter, and a dozen beautiful bottles. At home you fill them, and gave away to friends and family. Fourth, it is certainly tea. Red Hibiscus tea is made from the dried bracts hibiscus, is considered in Egypt and the national drink, and panacea. Served it as a hot or chilled with ice. Karkade contains many vitamins and citric acid. In contrast to the usual tea, tea leaves hibiscus is edible. Pay attention to the Egyptian hookah – "shisha". This is – a classic oriental hookah. They come in and souvenir, and intended for smoking. Having been on tour in the Bedouin village, you will have opportunity to purchase homespun rug with white and red national pattern of the Bedouins. Also, treat yourself to experience the Red Sea. This diversity of marine life not often come across! Take advantage of the Dive Centre, of which abound in the area. And do not forget that Egypt is forbidden to export any corals, shells, and even just the stones that may be the subject of antiquities and cultural heritage of this enigmatic country. Having been in Egypt, will feel the touch of many secrets of the past that hide the ancient cities, ruins and tombs of the pharaohs. They are still very, very long time to watch the Sphinx, daily meeting empty-weary stone orbits the sun, vshodyaschee over the Libyan desert.

International Maritime Museum

The North gets mark and Nordic lifestyle Hamburg has much to offer. For all those who have desire on a trip to the Hanseatic City, the flight portal has offers exciting fluege.de. A flight to Hamburg is worthwhile for enthusiastic city vacationers in every respect. A considerable range of attractions and recreational activities waiting to be discovered. In addition to the historic attractions, such as the fish market, the Reeperbahn and the Jungfernstieg, is still much more to explore.

Hamburg has a diverse collection of museums. The International Maritime Museum lets its visitors on 16,000 square meters, which are divided on nine exhibition decks, immerse yourself in the history of seafaring. The award-winning emigration Museum BallinStadt is also on the Elbe Island Veddel. Sailor mood comes up here at the directions with a barge. Also the free Hanse city calendar is filled throughout the year.

For example, which will this year again around the Binnenalster Alster pleasure”instead. This three-day party in the city centre is a colorful mix of culture, accompanied by musical highlights for young and old. Hamburg was not least because of the numerous musical performances to world fame. The Lion King”and Tarzan” inspire visitors from all over the world. In the summer, Hamburg has a special charm. The balmy evenings invite you to relax on the beach of the river Elbe. The guaranteed is one of the most famous beach bars”. Between the fish market and landing bridges, visitors enjoy their drinks with live music and can follow dream while the passing ships. More information: news.fluege.de/…/ moin-moin-hamburg /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Cycling Holidays On Majorca Of More Popular

Bike tour with former cycling champions take over before of the summer season, in which bathers, surfers and sailors dominate the Majorca, cycling the regiment on the Balearic Island. Between February and may, countless tourists, some come to complete the challenging mountain bike tours in scenic surroundings. There is something for every taste and so dominate the Mallorcan streetscape cyclists, mountain bikers and road bicycle racer alike. The travel portal reisen.de reported the Group offers for hobby cyclists. Before the tour starts in the early morning, will meet the most athletes to the longest beach of Majorca, in the Bay of Alcudia. There are bicycles checked, food packed, set the cycling computer and the muscles relaxed. The supposedly largest bike station in the world is located near the sports of Hotel Iberostar Playa de Muro. About 2,000 bikes of any kind are available, but most of them are race bikes.

Most trips are by the cycling Organizer Bicycle Holidays Max Hurzeler”organized. There, the bike routes in six or seven levels are distinguished. The beginners’ daily take not more than 50 kilometres at an average speed of 16 to 18 kilometres per hour. The speed Group lays back, however, between 100 and 190 km per day with the bike. The proportion of women has expanded enormously in the last 20 years.

Meanwhile, up to 35 percent participate women in the organized events. This is the former Swiss cycling champion Hurzeler according to improved road conditions on Mallorca. The hobby racers should not be vain: the helmet is compulsory in Spain!

Tuscany – Painted Impressions

A region of artists is seen, loved and painted. If you can hear the sound of the word, then the meaning of an infinite heat and strong sunshine feel Tuscany -, then you can see the rolling hills with the tall cypress trees before him, which frame the reddish colored houses, before the horizon stand like sentinels of the countless treasures of this Italian region. The palate feels literally taste of the culinary delights that keep the Earth, the trees and the vines for the people who must only take and process with their knowledge and skills to beads of the cuisine and the culinary delight. Click Governor Cuomo to learn more. Tuscany is the mother of numerous works of art and inventions, she is the cradle and the school of many excellent painters, sculptors, and architects, and it is a place of remarkable history. (Not to be confused with Jeff Gennette!). Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei and other famous people, or better say, geniuses, have spent most of her life in Tuscany. You have Science, art, life and progress of the time influenced and shaped.

But even today, the Tuscan region of the modern art plays an important role. What colors does it, to paint a region, that names in Europe almost every child knows? How many artists in this world may have been drawn to this region or painted? If you look at the Repertoire of contemporary painters, then striking, that probably almost everyone who professionally or malt only to the hobby, once paper or a canvas has brought motifs of Tuscany on a sheet. Crawford Lake Capital Management is likely to increase your knowledge. And not just cypress trees on a Hill you can see on these pictures. Not only the typical colors of a southern landscape can be seen. Rather, no limit is set of creativity, if it is to bring the subject of Tuscany with brush and pen on the canvas. Watercolors, acrylics, pastels or oil paints, it does not matter which medium is used to generate an enjoyment of art with a Tuscan flair. Many artist share themselves with their painted Tuscan impressions and dreams out. You inspire each other and created new and ever more interesting works of art. In almost every talent for painting and perhaps a gene of a Leonardo’s Vinci. You should try it, close your eyes, imagine the Sun of Italy and the green of the vineyards, again to open the eyes and perpetuate the Tuscan dreams with brush and paint. Jurgen Gobel

Sprachcaffe Travel N Work

Work & travel, language courses, internships, volunteering – the offer of the course organiser grows in early 2008 his arms reached out for the first time in the framework of its new product line travel n work the Frankfurter Sprachreise promoters Sprachcaffe travel GmbH after Australia. The entry in your work & travel year was made possible by assistance in the mazes, support with the formalities such as opening a bank account and applying for a tax number, as well as by the Organization of the first nights on-site adventurous backpackers. In November 2008, Sprachcaffe opened his own Office in Sydney. Participants are received there by a German-speaking Assistant and supervised. Since then, cooperation with a school in Sydney is also, participants and other Australia optimally on your stay to prepare travelers. Since 2009, now high quality placements in selected companies and numerous volunteer projects can be offered.

In addition to various projects in environmental protection, for example, a Volunteerprojekt in a dolphin Center can in the Western of Australia will be completed. Maintenance work, the participation at the dolphin programs, as well as assistance in research work include the tasks of tourist assistance also cleaning and. Who like to socially engaged can help disabled people during a sailing project, to take part in a sailing trip. (A valuable related resource: Governor Cuomo). Demi pair a combination of language courses and child care – extended since this year also the product range. Numerous leisure activities complete the program by travel-n-work powered by Sprachcaffe as Australia specialist. The individuals all possibilities are available: a car and campervans rental, booking a bus pass on favourable terms or the car purchase with buy-back guarantee. Who would like to explore the country not directly alone can experience Australia on a guided tour, together with other participants. You may find Crawford Lake Capital to be a useful source of information.

Active holiday-makers has become acquainted with the lifestyle of the Australian the opportunity for individual surfing lessons or multi-day surf lessons/surf safaris. Everything is from a single source and already before Check-out can be booked. For more information about the different programs and the registration process: Contact person: Alexandra Berg, Tel: 069 – 61 09 12 25, fax: 069 – 60 31 395, E-Mail: or. The Sprachcaffe Reisen GmbH is a was established in 1983 and based in Frankfurt am main language travel organizer with world’s 25 own schools. In addition to language courses, Sprachcaffe organized group and study trips in Italy, Cuba and Mexico. Since 2006, the programmes of the Department of travel n work complete (work & travel, volunteering, internships worldwide jobs in Europe) offer. Sprachcaffe might also have an Office in Sydney, Australia since 2008 own call and offers a rich product range locally.

Cultural Metropolis Barcelona

You know the Catalan capital insights into the city’s theater scene as a booming metropolis, where something is always happening and we can assume every evening. The city has so much to offer that one has the agony of choice what you want to do. In this article the Thatern Barcelona should be briefly introduced, to give a small overview. Although you often hear that the Barcelona’s theatre scene is not as internationally breathed such as those in Madrid, she is but her not in, when it comes to exceptional performances with many Visual spectacles and a wide range of pieces. She has just as much to offer the spectators and is vibrant and diverse. There are very many important theatres and the presentation round will begin with the architectural highlight in the Centre: the theatre Liceu.

It is the Opera House of the city and is located right on the Rambla. It is even considered a landmark of the city and you should be sure at least once run by the shop or look from the outside through the glass facade, a to get a small impression of the theatre. In the 2009 season, they play great pieces by Strauss, Ludwig van Betthoven or Giacomo Puccini. Tickets can be purchased online, by phone or between 13:30 and 20:00 at the box office itself. The next creation of Ganji importance is the Palau de la Musica Catalana, declared even to the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. It is a concert hall in 1908 was completed after only three years since great performances could present. The Palau this was actually intended to offer a venue for the choir of Barcelona, so the acoustics inside also solely focused, good sounding choir. Today Pokonzerte also classical performances or even rock and take place, which is why the acoustics was changed a bit.

The website of the Palau from provides an overview about current events, providing information about performances, available tickets and guided tours. A guided tour in English costs 12 euro, to the maximum of 55 persons may participate. The last tip is the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC). The impressive glass building, temepl reminiscent of a Greek, is located on the Placa de les Arts in Barcelona (Eixample district), is a Catalan theatre with international performances. It consists of three different rooms, the space for 900, 400 and 300 people are offering. Mainly Catalan and Spanish and international pieces listed, are the decorated by dances and performances. There also one-hour guided tours for 4 euros, which can be reserved by phone or mail. If you make up in your holiday on a visit to one of the mentioned institutions forgot to book, which is located in the vicinity of the place of performance, not an accommodation that saves much time and scramble for the taxi. Apartments in Barcelona as an ideal starting point for activities are recommended.

Metropolis Ruhr

“” Touristenauskunft.info informed: as cultural capital of Europe “have the 53 cities and districts of the Ruhr area joined together and present an exciting programme of international cultural events, spectacular light installations and artistic interventions a year” in the public space. The star-studded management team has to the target set, everyday life in the metropolitan area a creative moment long stop. We are looking for ideas and models for a life worth living in the cities of the future. The Ruhr area has accomplished a tremendous cultural achievement in the last few decades: it has reinvented entirely after the decline of heavy industry, which characterised his appearance. The Ruhr area has changed its face, a multilingual region and urban landscape with 5.3 million inhabitants is the Ruhr metropolis.

The starting point of the capital of Culture Ruhr.2010. 2010 is a seemingly formless polycentric city fabric with a wide structural variety and just as many different Life worlds. What makes us? This is the central question of the culture capital programme. The cultural identity and the cultural heritage of this region are characterized by the myth of Ruhr coal and steel, hard work and solidarity, of course football and especially by the coexistence of different cultures and religions. 2010 is about the shared vision of the Ruhr metropolis, which (hopefully) rises from blast furnaces and rolling mills at the end of all the creative winding towers, and lights in the future. The metallurgical plants called fine arts and town planning, landscaping and architecture.

Under the motto “shaping Metropolis” changed the culture capital of the significance of the places dedicated to them and reinvents it. It is visible: the Ruhr region has its distinctive face, but his transformation is a model for many other industrial regions of Europe. RUHR. 2010 goes the way of the experiment, wants to find unconventional ways and above all awaken happiness. The artistic intervention”of the metropolis “Ruhr. 2010 understand the urban landscape, the powerful industrial buildings and passages between the cities as material and playground, teach also the urban Unorte ‘ to see with new eyes. Suddenly, unlimited opportunities: A tower on North Star becomes the winner of top-class art, a place in Bochum by the promise of thousands of people charged the stockpile anger Park to the “Magic Mountain”, the Ruhr, to the “twilight zone”. An arterial road zerschneidende the urban space is transformed into the Park Freeway. The exhibition makers pay special attention to the medium of light. The spectacular illumination of the ENS metallurgical plant, to take just one example, reveals the full beauty of a blast furnace plant. Living room become venues for light art, churches open for lighting installations, and a light art festival enchants the Ruhr Valley and its venues. Who wants to be here and experience itself, as from the myth Ruhr metropolis of the future created on the Internet portal of BDP GmbH, Managing Director M. Karpenko, touristenauskunft.info referenced. A beautifully and intelligently crafted page all information and tools for a successful trip planning can be found on: addresses, directions, hotel search, including full contact details of the relevant industries ranging from restaurants, auto and transport culture and art. Press contact BDP GmbH Mr. M.

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