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Take Care Of Customers

In March 2002 he collaborated in a reorganizative project in Granada. The owner of the business group, returning from a trip to Barcelona, brought us some gifts. Gave me a card The Excellence Collection, where there are two Executive shaking hands and a text: rule no. 1.-If not CUIDAS to TUS customers someone of other company they will do by you. Javier thanks for the detail. As any organization which wants to have future, should conform the company a set of people who pursue common objectives, dividing the work to run processes between all persons who work functions-. In order to achieve such reasons, the address must implement a structure that indicates the objectives, the functions attributed to each Member and links hierarchy among the different divisions of the organization. This structure constitutes the support on which leans the direction to make their decisions, specify the tasks to fulfil, responsibilities of each according to his position and the way in which the team as a whole achieves These objectives freeing itself from its activities.

The formal structure of this organization, call her frame, is represented by the chart drawn up to the effect. I believe that today, the survival of the company, which is supported by the skeleton or mount the flow chart-, found in the satisfaction of its customers, and this is a task that not only the sales department or the marketing section, but everything is exclusive and each of the individuals within the organization. This leads us to focus on the structure in a transversal logic focused on customers, which implies a direct relationship of the functions with processes and vice versa. This description of puestos-funciones is directly related to the processes of the organization. Yes, the customer is still the King.

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