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All this with the content network enabled boot without the user know it's not how it works, in addition to bad settings in your words clave.a Miguel de TallerSEO thinks as yoa just as well, thought I was a weirdo. Nafria Ismael – La Vanguardia. Content Online: 5 lessons in 2009 as sponsors of the event, had their moment of glory in it. A short presentation consistent with the objective of the congress. Let me explain that immediacy in the publication of content is important is easy when you have in your squad to 26 online journalists and that the contents of the paper support, with as many journalists are also at your disposal. In the set of questions, the responses of Ishmael looked eternal.

Possibly in the room would have little more than 5 to 10 people interested in this paper. The worst of all by far. Luckily Fernando mind the roost with their questions poisoned. Fernando: a Supongo you to the case of content published daily barcelona. Do you think that is a hacker or a strategy to increase visits and manipulate the statistics? I think the pictures are three days and change if he were a hacker is a matter of minutos.a Ishmael a OESI, I know for contents. I suppose it's a hacker, not se.a . I do not think I know what I say and more, I think a greater or lesser extent, advertising is based on the number of visits, and do anything for the last days of the month as increased visits.

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