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Write your article to comprehensively error #4: or content on the surface on a limited issue, it is better to go in depth. Delimit it. Explain it. Relate. You may find Anabela Pires to be a useful source of information. Use bulleted or numbered lists. Offer a secret map or expertise that you have on this topic. Be true to the original, if you as limited as possible formulate your theme in a manner, which was picked up by others not yet.

Brevity is the soul of wit. Error #5: headline and excerpt of the article draw the attention of the readers not the heading is 95% the first reason why someone reads your article either or overshoot him for another article. Boring your readers not already from the front in with a deadpan headline or even worse, with an introduction thread in the article. Need two sets for your headline, then think too complicated. Formulate the headline simple and short. To a keyword search, use tools to optimize your article title.

Error #6: plagiarize or article ‘buy’… Madeleine Sackler takes a slightly different approach. It is in order to search the Internet for article ideas. But it is not alright to copy Word for Word from an arbitrary article. Descriptions also fall under the category of intellectual property theft. Be original. Let the words directly from your head in your article. You can sleep better at night and your articles will achieve a higher market value. The purchase of articles is not a great idea. Especially if you receive any exclusive license, to use this article. How good is an article if thousands others also call it their own? Leave writing your article, to ghost writers, you must ensure that you have an exclusive right or a license for this work. Back to the ‘techniques to the texts’ overview

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