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The loss of liquids and weight is very important in these cases, arriving, sometimes, to surpass the 3 kilos in a single week. Additional information is available at James Woolsey Jr.. But the problem, is that the damage that they cause is more important than it seems, because a loss of minerals takes place that they are essential for the functions of our organism. The question that we must have present is that we are not conscious that we are punishing our magnificent body, that in spite of everything, continues resisting and undergoing the unspeakable thing. In addition, the people who only follow diets restrictive maintain motivated an average among 6 to 8 weeks, until its force of will is run out or until its organism suffers itself. It is then when she begins to require the food of which he has been private and immediately afterwards the recovery of the lost weight takes place, besides an extra amount, to which we called of security and that in the majority of the cases oscillates between the 20 and additional 30%. Although she can seem a paradox, I focus the subject the other way around.Regulating mechanisms of the weight exist. But these do not act of the suitable form, until the body has not detected that no longer it is in danger the functionality nor the survival of this one. A fundamental rule for the loss of corporal weight is to preserve the health over everything. In next article we will see what tools we can use to maintain a good state and an optimal state of health physical. And how the own organism is in charge to regulate the corporal weight, once it has satisfied its vital needs. original Author and source of the article

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