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The Manuel

Manuel already got used. Nor it binds more. It is not there of much colloquy. Only colloquy very when it is with ones and others. The sun burns lombo of Manuel. All it is sweated. To sweat is good.

Drips it leaves it of yesterday. Later it is alone to go even so, to take a good bath and the body until seems to be lighter. To the 5 hours it finishes the expedient, if it is that if it can call this expedient. Manuel goes pra house, before takes traguinhos in the bar of the Zeca pra not to lose the custom. That is pra to refresh. Also pra is good for finishing the fatigue. Of one biriba goes pra another one.

A friend arrives, arrives another one. Paid a thing, another paid other and thus go going. Now Manuel nor sees the time to pass. When of the account already they are 8 hours of the night. Manuel has that to go pra house. In the road it loses the direction. All wheel pra it. How more strange world! At last it arrives in house. It takes a bath and it has supper, however it is not seeing nothing. It seats in the sofa and it starts to attend television, but it grasps in sleep. All are in the attended room the novel. She starts to fall the head of the Manuel and the sister orders it to go pra bed. It leaves muttering, but he goes. When the sister goes to the room of the way, looks at that surprise! The Manuel was lying in full table. Consumers Energy CEO shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. But Manuel, you seeing that the hour did not arrive to still lie down in the table? For that is that Manuel found odd the feet of the bed. It never capsizes so high thus. It goes down of the table almost falling and cambaleando and goes pra kitchen. He opens the oven of the stove and tries to thread the head there when the sister appears. But Manuel what you are making there? Manuel mutters something. Devil of this house! It seems that everything shortened. It does not fit me more. It falls in the outburst of laughter the sister and says to the Manuel: you you not seeing that there it is the oven of the stove, Manuel? Stranger. Still well that the oven was not on. Then Manuel only finds the way of the bed.

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