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The Nihonismus

This flows now into my Incorporate. Back in Germany I deepened what I gained me in another period of one year courses at various private tutors that came there but not on the idea to apply what you learned in a different form as the traditional. In the course of the year 2008 matured in me more and more the idea to pursue new paths of art, after me my previous pictures becoming as flat and somehow already once there have been appeared. I craved to creating something new, that until then no one else has made yet. So I remembered on the yugen and made some attempts on paper and canvas, which however were not my idea first.

The breakthrough came when an old plant in 1992 in the hands was for me: a few, simple, but meaningful colors mostly shades of Brown, red, black and gold. A variety of works created just a few weeks after this enlightenment. I work in mixed media, what hot want that various techniques and mediums are used. I paint the primer exclusively with even manufactured natural and work then wet on wet”with ink, diluted acrylic paint, shellac and various bronze, mainly gold bronze. Brush strokes with a few targeted, on Troepfelungen and smears began to grow the screens and I think I have found now a basic form which is worth to get your own name.

Based on the name of Japan in the local language, Nihon, I call this art direction Nihonismus. The Nihonismus is for me, abstract painting with recourse to old Japanese art forms, quite short, with in particular the meditative aspect to the bear comes. My pictures are not only viewing objects, but rather also meditation helps to open his mind and put the sighted in certain moods. Currently I’m working exclusively in this technique, however, continue to experiment in other areas. I do not neglect my heraldic studies and medieval drawings. In times of economic crisis, the question arises again: who already art needs! “.” Can I just say that particularly in times of crisis, lasting values should be asked and not the small mind-squint ring after we currently all quite clearly see profit where that has led. “Finally I would like to quote here may be simply King I Ludwig of Bavaria: > who creates things for posterity, is no ordinary person! <“

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