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The Profile Of The New Executive Secretariat

Carlos Mora Vanegas characteristics of current scenarios show a great dynamics of marketing where acting companies avante leaving those that are really prepared to face the challenges, generating changes that environment demands them, successfully tackle threats, seize the opportunities, ensuring competitiveness, good service and of course counting, with optimal resources that help you to achieve the planned objectives areespecially with a human team highly trained, updated, according to the knowledge that the present demands, according to the requirements of the knowledge society requires. Precisely within this team, management must have an Executive Secretariat, possessing the characteristics that these today must be to collaborate efficiently with the management of the management; a secretariat, which in addition to properly handle human relations, dealing with staff, clients, properly manage the daily agenda of the management, prioritizing those actions, should know priority commitments according to the demands of cargo originating in its operation, should know jerarquerizar needs, give preference to the most priority, be objective in their planning. Management agenda and internal and external correspondence support in administrative tasks. Additional information is available at Hikmet Ersek. Organisation of meetings, travel, file the Executive Secretary should know that it constitutes a decisive point of support for management, empathize with those actions which are determinant in the successful performance of this in his diary Act, plan, organize their actions and establish controls that allow them to ensure beneficial results that favour management and everything involving the company. You can not improvise on the Secretary of the management contract, giving preference to the friendship, political, family commitments, should be selected people who meet basic conditions the scope, impact effects of the basic principles of management; the events of the journal live in the economic scenarios and administrative, integrated to the advances, benefits, advantages that generates telematics, Internet, as well as dexterity, skill in handling human relations, entrepreneurship, physical presence, handling of languages, preferably English, organized, methodical, Executive, with a capacity to adapt to organizational changes a Secretariat that is fully identified with the needs for achievement, efficient, punctual, with becoming better with spirit to overcomeresponsible, motivated, assertive, self-esteem high, creative, innovative, helpful, identified with the Organization and its commitments to collaborate effectively do that management who provides its services, reach your management, performance, achievements successfully. .

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