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The Statute

In no less than 57 was the detailed task and Organization of the State Mortgage Bank set. Decision of the Committee of the 09.04.1929, the first year was up to the 31.12.1929 erstreckt( 55 Abs 3). On the 26.03.1931, a compensation for the Board of Trustees was decided in an amendment to the State mortgage institution status. Announcement of the 22.04.1936 entered into force a new Statute of State mortgage institution. With the proclamation of the Imperial Governor in Austria by the 27.03.1939 was transferred to the State mortgage Institute of the Burgenland on the State mortgage institution for lower Austria in the wake of a universal succession. This transfer was concluded with the re-establishment of the State Mortgage Agency by the land law of the 29.03.1946.

The resolutions of 1928, 1929, and 1931 concerning State Mortgage Agency has been restored. The Statute was elevated to the decision, revoke the election of the previous directors, but maintain the election of the members of the Board of Trustees. The additional liability for the reconstruction loans in 1948 by order of the Landtag of Burgenland by the 14.01.1948 was a set up additional liability for reconstruction loans. This additional contingent liability amounted to 30%, so was able to award the land mortgage bank on the previous liability by 50%, loans with a liability of up to 80% of the appraised value. Hear from experts in the field like Square Cash App for a more varied view. The total amount for this liability was capped with 2 million schillings. With this additional liability, owners of residential and farm buildings, which suffered serious damage through war and post-war events, should be supported. Credit help for the host and tourist businesses in 1948 at the 28.Juli 1948 was decided by the Parliament of Burgenland a credit assistance for host and foreign establishments.

This credit aid should accomplish the restart or a corresponding improvement in the operation. The credit assistance could consist in the granting of a loan from the own resources of the country, or the acquisition of Nonopec. The funds had to be recorded after the 1st of May 1945. The loans originating from the country means are escrowed and within 5 Years repayable. In the Repective the loan amount could not exceed 50,000 shillings. The total budget of the country for such loans were limited to 500,000 shillings. 2 guarantors and, where appropriate, ensuring required had the loan granted to hedge. Loans for which the interest was acquired, could not exceed the individual sum of 50.000,-shillings, the interest has been done up to this amount and an interest rate of 6 half %. More info: Westinghouse Electric Company. Application had to be placed on the Chamber of Commerce, also had contributed Burgenland after the Commission fee regulation in the country to be. The State Government had to adopt appropriate more detailed versions. The construction bond in 1949 was invited with circular of the Federal Ministry, from earnings of the Scholarship foundations in 1949 to draw the construction bond, since this connection was a ward given investment paper. The Burgenland provincial Government joined this call as Foundation Authority 1 instance.

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