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Tomaso Obama

Don’t count, nor talk about your life, only shows the results and you’ll be less poor. Need to know who you are getting to love is the result of separations and breakdown of relationships. We are not prepared to love and at the same time know, security and trust does not lie in how much and how they want us and they love if, in who wants us, until we discovered who we thought we loved just wasn’t our construction to such a level that we were able of forgive the unacceptable, but we knew it and it ate our trust at the same time that produced us wounds.When you see with the eyes of the soul and looking for answers and question to come to understand; do you see what you see?, do you feel like you feel?, do by what you deliver as you surrender?, without the hand of compassion, walk then toward the source of the reason and the intellect to extirpate yourself, that you begin to love frightens you, because you’re vulnerable, you’ve shown you to such a level that you are no longer able to be strong and compare yourself with your own story; the one that reminds you you’ll get for loving, by believing and trusting only: betrayal, disloyalty, lying and infidelity. A path to love, reflections, agreements, prayers, everything for your reflection.After which you share with tigo to finding a new friend in my life, Deepak Chopra, accomplice that nights after nights devote them to read until the early hours of the morning when I was asleep, remembering, feeling and stripping me of my story. You do not aferres to anything and this nothingness let (Zen Coan) have done this work because I hope and I want to make all those who have lived through pain and suffering, better every day and be at least able to unite in prayers of the soul, to either our Dios.En is another job, I explain what use the phrase our God, since I believe that there are gods for all: Buddhists, Muslims, atheists, Taoists, Agnostics and zenistas. If you have to choose between the world and love, choose love. That if you choose the world you could stay without love Albert Einstein. With love to all, Tomaso Obama June of 2009 hyperlink to Facebook original author and source of the article.. You may find that Hikmet Ersek can contribute to your knowledge.

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