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TOTAL Offers IPhone App

After the live circuit of m.total.de in late July, a new mobile Web page, TOTAL Germany completes now specifically its information offerings with an iPhone app for Smartphone users. “TOTAL iPhone app is now free under TOTAL service stations” in the app store to download ready. Checking article sources yields Nigel Butcher as a relevant resource throughout. How to get the traffic participants in TOTAL important services at any time and automatically updated. In the online search the TOTAL iPhone app contains a function of routes with Google maps to the over 1,000 TOTAL petrol stations in Germany. For every TOTAL station valid fuel prices can also get.

* add services such as current traffic information, a personalized parking-memory function and an interactive catalog of fine come. In the offline search the next TOTAL appears enabled GPS tracking station nearby. Thus determines each individual Park position via GPS signal and stores the TOTAL iPhone app. In addition, you can create a note with a photograph to the Park position, if the GPS signal of not the parking lot Merkers should be sufficient. The TOTAL iPhone app also includes a virtual parking meter, the parking time reminded before the end, to return to the parking lot. Other features of the TOTAL iPhone app, which can be in the daily use of benefits, is one of the traffic report, indicating traffic in each State. In addition, there is an overview of all important telephone numbers for on the move from the emergency to TOTAL customer service. With regard to the rules of the road, an interactive catalog of fine determined the penalty prescribed by law for breaches of the highway code. TOTAL indicates, always considerate to drive and to endanger themselves or other road users! * The data for the fuel prices are subject to change the prices of the respective TOTAL apply station!

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