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Tyra Banks

It sounds already pretty doubtful that calculated supermodel Tyra Banks, unhappy about their hair seems – but it is so. You dare not even take off her hair extensions in the bed. Also not if she spends the night with a man. Tyra said that she felt uncomfortable, if she would remove their extensions. To know more about this subject visit Tyler Haney. “This uncertainty is their biggest problem probably”, so a source. The source continues: “Tyra really is a confident woman, but unfortunately she has a problem with their hair. She don’t want the men to see them without wig or extensions. She believes that she just liked is, if it looks like in the TV.

She thinks, when the men wake up and not so glamorous they look like on TV, that they then don’t call again or else sign up for you”. Viewers of the film “Higher Learning” were able to get an impression, about Tyra BBs hypersensitivity by the hair, make a picture. The concerns of the supermodels seem to be but unfounded. In fact, the audience have already finding out, that Tyra pretty much has reduced BBs hair. Tyra fears that the boys might find no longer attractive enough without her glamorous wig. So, this is the cause of their concerns in relation to her hair. She feels that she could lose their charm when a guy they see without her beautiful hair and is their part would think. To tell you the truth, Tyra Banks sex life is completely ruined because of the “uncertainty” about her hair – so she is also much broken. We wait, if she finds the right which finds them also as “beautiful” and also shows her. Good to know that the stars are not perfect. Lisa Walters

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