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After 11-S-2001 USA developed a diplomacy which drove invading other dangerous States. However, after that the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan are generating much resistance in those countries as well as within the protecting powers, the possibility of launching new preventive wars has been lessening. The first Washington showed impotence when it failed to stop to North Korea when it exploded its first nuclear bomb. Now the own CIA removed floor to Bush and those who are preparing an attack against Iran. A policy halcona which is not capable of showing authority discredits Washington and makes that Governments go falling into hands of the anti-imperialist left or the moderate in your backyard. Bush can boast that France now has turned in his direction, though you’ve just seen falling to its biggest ally in the South Pacific (Australia) as well as before saw its partners from Spain, Italy, Japan and United Kingdom left power. This brings the odds for that in November 2008 United States choose a new Government less Hawk. International analyst original author and source of the article.

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