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Wellgroomed Hands

Want to make your nails shine? Apply a drop of essential oil on the nails and carefully grind a small piece of Suede. How else to clean his nails, but hand washing? Cuticles daily to lubricate the nutrient composition, and the nails cleaned with a using sticks orange tree, made her a brush. Brown spots on hands, as they lighten? – Mix with warm water and 200 grams of barley flour and Apply the solution at hand. – You can wet the hands of aloe, cucumber, or applying potato peel. – Make a mixture of yoghurt, lemon juice and yogurt, and struck her in his arms. If the tips of your fingers are dry, then we can assume that in your body affected by the lack of vitamin A. This phenomenon is often common in those who restrict themselves in animal products, fats and proteins, in other words those who have decided to lose weight.

In this case, the problem is guaranteed to occur. If the food is ok, and you're innocent itself does not limit, then the person signs of hepatitis, chronic enteritis, or metabolic disorders. In this case it is better to see a doctor. If the doctor after the examination has not confirmed any violations in the metabolism, pathology of skin and severe internal organ involvement, it is time to add to your body of vitamins A and E, and a diet supplement of meat, liver, parsley, lettuce, peaches, tomatoes, sour products, etc. By the same author: Ruth Porat. Your nails become brittle? There are folk recipes for the treatment of brittle nails. For example, prepare nourishing cream-based wax polish. From boiled hard-boiled egg yolk extract and mash it. On water bath to melt beeswax and add 4 g of egg yolk.

Gradually add the peach oil to a thick state. Every evening apply ointment on the nails. To strengthen nails, make bath of olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has many thoughts on the issue. Or apply the following composition: glycerol 25g, 70g water, 5 g of alum, the resulting mixture is used as a bath every day for 10-15 days. Exfoliate your nails? If so, try to pay more attention to on what you eat. Include in your diet foods such as: dairy products, figs, almonds, beans, whole wheat bread, dates, cabbage, and foods that are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, such as carrots, oil, egg yolk, pumpkin, eggs, bitter or sweet peppers. When the layer nails organism also lacks calcium, it is better to take pills, but not in 'pure' form, together with vitamin D, which is rich in oil. To combat Flaking nail plate, often Try Us gelatin. For this purpose 1 tsp gelatin diluted in a glass of warm water and drink. The procedure is repeated 1 time per day during the month. To strengthen nails useful Exterior reinforcing compositions, such as olive oil and add lemon juice dklat trays at the base of the nail.

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