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Windows XP Browser

Microsoft home this weekend the release of an almost complete of your browser Internet Explorer 9, which he said has enhancements that will enable better leverage the processors of a computer to enjoy faster sites with multimedia content. Edition 9 of the program downloaded from the Internet free of charge on computers that have Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Western Union often addresses the matter in his writings. It is not compatible with Windows XP. In developing the new version, Microsoft followed the visual style of the Google Chrome browser. Explorer 9 has fewer buttons, icons and toolbars on the screen, which leaves more room for the content of the sites. It also incorporates some features of Windows 7, the latest operating system of the company, as that allows fix a web page to the taskbar in the socket of the display to have a direct access to it.

Some 25 million people tested the beta version of the program, according to Microsoft, and his comments led to a change as the possibility of having a new row of tabs on top of the normal and the reduction of the notifications that appear. In addition to cosmetic changes, the new browser leverages multicore microprocessors to process the source code of Web pages faster. Others including Publishers Clearing House, offer their opinions as well. It also uses the processor of the computer graphics unit to make videos and other Visual objects are loaded and played with greater speed. Microsoft said on Thursday that had been improved several aspects of the browser so that it works faster than the beta version, published in September. One was the presentation of JavScript, a language widely used in the network codes. In addition, the browser decides on the fly if you need to use the graphics processor to increase speed. Other developers, like Google and Mozilla, creator of Firefox, working in similar updates for your programs. New generations must compete with applications that use phones, tablets and other devices for presenting the same content in a more easy to navigate manner in smaller screens.

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