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Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse

Those who are ready to make money with her love of writing must consult only Wolfgang r’s book. It is full of insider information and tips: what makes the difference between a bestseller and a flop? The answer is here as well as a step for step guide, which you can publish your own book and doing the same to sell thousands of copies. On the almost 250 pages in large-format DIN A4 find all tools and techniques can earn 500 a day with own publishing activities. Here also, how to develop the work unless a book, newsletter, special report or special report; How to print his manuscript at the best price or produce can and how to get free publicity, the work to market and sell direct. You rich write the book is a comprehensive CD-ROM.

The Disc contains more tips, sources and contacts the author over the years personally has cultivated. This bonus material will help the readers to get additional support. This exclusive disk worth alone the price of the book! An old hand reveals all his tricks Wolfgang Rademacher himself started his literary career in 1992. He already his first title key of to success successfully brought in the self publishing on the man. Meanwhile, he has sold thousands of books, is a successful author and independent publisher, and has authored over 35 books related to the improvement of the quality of life. Due to his success Wolfgang Rademacher was contacted Meanwhile from almost every major publisher in the intention, to buy his rights.

The Selmer know obviously what is working on the book market and how to sell with profit Selbstverfasstes. Write up rich “is a concise, easy-to-understand summary of his hard-earned knowledge of publishing. If it comes to that Fulfilling of orders comes to the reduction of risks, or to the expansion of the own Publisher into a profitable company: the reader of this book can learn from this master seller first-hand, as they can lay their own works and neatly can benefit from them. The book is on Amazon or in bookstores available or under erfolgsonline.de/schreib-dich-reich.

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