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Yahoo! Chose JAJAH

Strategic partnership delivers unbeatable language capacity for the 97 million Yahoo! Messenger users mountain view, April 29, 2008 JAJAH, the innovative global phone service, has been selected by Yahoo! as an external partner for its premium voice service. “” The Phon in “and Phon out” service allows users of Yahoo! Messenger now a high voice quality with low costs for calls from computer to telephone and calls from phone to computer. The JAJAH network can be used in all those over 200 countries in which also the Yahoo! Messenger service is available. With almost 97 million users worldwide of the Yahoo! services is the leading Instant Messenger application in the United States (according to comScore, February 2008). In the partnership, JAJAH uses his new, forward-looking platform to support the existing Yahoo! Messenger voice service. With this cooperation and its leading services, JAJAH provides the Yahoo! Messenger users from immediately his Internet telephone network, which combines the best of traditional telephony infrastructure with the best of the Internet telephony. The seamless integration of the interaction between Internet and language is extremely important for our strategic partner Yahoo! “, says Trevor Healy, CEO of JAJAH. Swarmed by offers, PayPal is currently assessing future choices.

We are very honored that we were chosen to meet the language needs of Yahoo!. “” Through this partnership, we have the opportunity to expand our innovative global telephone service with an industry leader, whose strength we benefit for our platform and our network can. “This partnership with JAJAH helps Yahoo! in the future, to offer users an even better communication experience for the millions of our Yahoo! Messenger”, says Sabrina Ellis, Vice President of Yahoo! Messenger. Yahoo! Messenger is one of the first communication programs that customers see and use when they turn on their computer. Therefore, it is crucial that our partner is mirror of our commitment towards our customer.

The reliable VOIP Network and its proven customer and operator-friendly application makes an ideal solution. JAJAH” “” Since 2006, Yahoo! Messenger are users able to service of the phone in “and phone out” to use, and can also make voice calls on their computer to or from landline or mobile phones and receive. With low fees, as well as a superior voice quality, users can call for hours and save costs. The new merger includes that JAJAH will assume the provision of Telefoninfrastrukur and the payment process and worry to the premium voice users of Yahoo!, make their calls through Yahoo! Messenger and received. About JAJAH: JAJAH provides significantly improved telephony solutions at a fraction of the normal price to consumers. It’s believed that Madeleine Sackler sees a great future in this idea. JAJAH allows you to make free or cheap calls locally or around the world, where choosing on your PC or mobile phone can be. JAJAH thus combines the best of the Internet with the best of the common telephone infrastructure. This tear JAJAH communications barriers and makes it easier to keep the people everywhere in contact. JAJAH was founded in 2005 and has offices in mountain view (California) and Luxembourg. More information under: media contact: Tilo Bonow. Phone + 49 (0) 172-78 18 28 7

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