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The tail always lose – the first rise at their expense. This is an unusual pyramid – the tail can not be in principle. With the entry will never be late for one simple reason – every day on the Internet appear from 20 to 50000 new users – this pyramid, like the water cycle, is infinite. Thousands of people from around the world every minute part of the network and reading these articles every day. Honestly, if you will comply fully with the below listed How, then start to receive much more money than you thought, not applying to this excessive force.

For purposes are 3 steps: 1. You need to log in Yandex Money, which is located at: Choose the best for yourself version of the updating of a purse from a page and make 180 rubles on the purse. 2. Take the first number of a purse from the list below and send it to him 30 rubles in the 'Contract / purpose of payment' email: 'Please make I have a list of purses. " Next, send it to 30 rubles on the following purses (except the first): 1.41001246056871 2. 41001243445848 3.

41001243446938 4. 41001243447645 5. 41001271961184 6. 41001298201424. Now delete from this list, the first purse, thereby moving the list into one line above (the second number is 5 th, 5 th is the 4-m ) and type in the 6-thuja line your wallet. 3. Do what you want to change, but keep the main idea.

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