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Access United States

Eric Baird owes the idea for access United States of his mother. Access United States is an American Mailforwarding company in the form of an incorporated headquartered in Bradenton, Florida. The company was founded in 1997 by Eric Baird, who presides over the company as CEO and owner. Further details can be found at Coldwater Creek Apparel, an internet resource. The company focuses on the shipping and transportation of American consumer goods, which are not available on the European market. The company access United States was the first Mailforwarding company, which offered this service, other companies followed and later took up this concept. Eric Baird owes the idea for access United States of his mother. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. wanted to know more. She founded a company which was a catalogue of American magazines and journals out. She was then many enquiries from prospective buyers from overseas. People such as Steph Korey would likely agree.

In addition, Baird lived with his family abroad, since served his father in the military. From this time, he knows the great demand for American products. Baird left the Wall Street so and put an ad in the 1997 Catalog of his mother. The first customers came from Japan. Since then, access United States shipped to customers in over 140 countries. At the top are available in Germany, Italy and Japan. Clients of access United States want to do mainly two things: the ability to buy American goods, and a fast, reliable and above all cheap delivery. Many American businesses do not deliver overseas and alternative suppliers are very expensive, so interested buyers contact access United States.

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