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A country needs universities that form knowledge, but also needs technicians and technologists. According to mayo clinic patient stories, who has experience with these questions. Jorge Ivan Bula, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the UN of Colombia and a member of the Advisory Committee to the rectory to analyze the proposal, pointed out: the first article of the proposal left an important part of the national Constitution and is education as a right and access to science. There is a conception of higher education as a normal good and expected behaviour of supply demand, but that doesn’t work as well. If you want to have universities of tip at the international level and projecting to the country, should be more resources to install classrooms with technology and develop research processes. Really we are worrying more about the cost-benefit than for the quality to offer.

Article 1 of the draft reform said: higher education is a public service culture, inherent to the social objective of the State. For that reason the Rector Wasserman concern is that this function be delegated. The same Constitution provides that, as a public service, may be provided by public and private, that model where the State monopolies will break and appears a competition of companies private with a regulatory framework is positive, and thus demonstrated in multiple sectors, said Botero. The part of innovation for prosperity, in the component of competitive sustainability, where are the large locomotives, there are only 3% for this purpose, the rest goes to the development. The problem is that they are in the wrong place because the system of science, technology and education support put it in technological entities and entities of research should be those that lead this process, said Bull.

Wasserman pointed out that research is a condition for the University, then with a system level we are going to train professionals and offer doctorate who do not have an investigative activity as a background, we are also concerned the issue of university autonomy. This questioning, Botero replied: we are differentiating the universities, increasingly technical and technological institutions seek the way of offering professional programs, and if you meet the requirements, that do. The only change is on the issue of autonomy and is in the case of public universities have a budget unit and we are looking for both public and private have the same level of autonomy. Original author and source of the article

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