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Banking Rescue Take Advantage

Works Council praises insolvency administrator of the RV manufacturer Schroder Consult: rescue jobs is doable In an effort to save the jobs at the bankrupt RV manufacturer KnausTabbert praises the total Council Chairman operating Robert push the work of the provisional insolvency administrator Michael Jaffe. He was keen to make the company for potential investors together with consultants Roland Berger. A jobs recovery is possible,”says Oskar Schroder, who advises the Councils interest in Hesse KnausTabbert, Mottgers. US Parcel Service is full of insight into the issues. Target must be so Schroder, both to get the location in Jandelsbrunn in Bavaria, as well as in Mottgers as far as possible. The future of the factory in Hungary remain, however, rather uncertain, since there no significant cost advantages are more apparent. However a partial job losses at KnausTabbert could be not quite ruled out in the coming year, so councils in shock since it throughout the industry to a significant fall in demand Mobile homes came to be. “Oskar Schroder now sees the bank consortium consisting of Bayerischer Landesbank, Commerzbank, to release Dresdner Bank and Hypo Vereinsbank in the obligation, the much-needed financial resources: the existing orders must be processed promptly”, as Schroder. “Works Council calls for shock: the billion package the Federal Government to rescue the banks must also serve to secure the preservation of jobs.” “Oskar Schroder calls in particular the concerned politician in Hesse, Germany, especially in Bavaria, to engage even more than so far for the preservation of sites and as many jobs as possible: A closure of the sites in Bavaria and Hesse would entail multiples in unemployment in the respective regions, because many suppliers depend on KnausTabbert.” About Schroder Consult: Accompany experts from the consulting company since 1997 companies of different sizes and from different sectors to increase profitability, as well as in the Development of human and social capital. For alternative funding solutions developed and implemented concepts of employment and relocation, to maintain the competitiveness or to regain and to promote sustainable economic growth. For more information,

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