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Exclusive Italian in Russia

Finally, and in St. Petersburg there quality photo albums for all occasions. Recently, the company is a priori, which is one of the leaders in event services, has also become the official distributor of the Italian company RMa. All albums are handmade in single copies or limited series. All materials and chemicals used in the production of albums, including the manufacture of leather, and passed rigorous testing on security with respect to photographs, that ensures the safety of pictures for 100 years or more.

A priori, the company specializes in luxury holidays. She was taken by a huge number of events of different levels of complexity. This is a wedding, including and away, corporate events, anniversaries, children's parties, etc. The company's specialists carefully selected for their customers the best to organize a truly wonderful celebration in St. Petersburg and beyond. Not once in the face of customer complaints that they can not find a decent frame for professional photographs, obtained after well conducted event, the company held its priori independent market study of photo albums in St. Petersburg. Coming to disappointing conclusions, the company has entered the world market and signed a contract with unsurpassed masters for the production of leather products – the Italians.

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