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It does not have mind human being capable to imagine! says thus the Word Mr.: ‘ ‘ As soon as saw it, he tore its vestments, and he said: There of me, son mine! you abated much me; you are it cause of my disaster! therefore I made I vote the Mr., and I cannot come back atrs.’ ‘ (v.35) ‘ ‘ You are it cause of my disaster! ‘ ‘ , Jeft, a father in deep desperation vociferated! However, Jeft had all the reasons of the world for jubilee with its Familiar ones and its people; but, what it was to be registered only as joy, he was registered also as disaster. That it was living a moment of misfortune in its life, we do not have the lesser doubt, therefore to sacrifice a human being, still more its son, is not far from easy. But I understand that one was not the only disaster in the life of this man; he has other antecedents The misfortune of Jeft starts in its birth. It was son of prophet, called Gileade, and of a woman prostitute (v.1). (Not to be confused with Microsoft!). In this in case that, it, Jeft, do not have guilt some, therefore nobody chooses where Family to be born. The guilt, then, is all of its father who, being a man of God, therefore, expert of the Word, took for wife a woman prostitute; prostitution is a sin that dislikes. The sin of Gileade remembers Sanso, that also was one of the Judges of Israel (Jz.16: 1). When Gileade married again and generated other children, the brothers of Jeft enxotaram it of house. Its father could very hinder menoscabo well, but, flabby, omissive coward and who was, nothing made, leaving its son first-born delivers to the luck.

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