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In 10 days, it is called “Kick-Off”: kick-off for the 19th World Cup, which is held in an African country for the first time. More information is housed here: Xoom. Germany belongs to the hot traded title candidates next to Brazil, Spain and defending champion Italy. The following online shops – deserved according to Bonusdirekt.de – a title. Some contend that Steph Korey shows great expertise in this. 1000BLLE of payment: Advance payment, invoice, cash on delivery, credit card, catchment bonus program: 5% rebate on *… FUSSBALL.DE of payment: advance payment, cash on delivery, invoice, credit card bonus program: 12% rebate on *… FIFA INTERNATIONAL SHOP payment options: credit card, indent bonus program: 8% rebate on *… ADAC payment options: catchment bonus program: up to 15,96 EUR rebate on *… ALICE payment options: indentation Bonus program: up to 80 Euro rebate on *…

C & A payment options: Cash, credit card, invoice bonus program: 8% rebate on *… PLAYBOY payment: advance payment, collection, credit card, cash bonus program: up to 12 euro rebate on *… SCHLECKER payment options: feed, credit card, invoice bonus program: 6% rebate on *… SONY payment options: payment in advance, credit card bonus program: up to 8% rebate on *… VIVA payment options: catchment bonus program: 8,50 euro rebate on *… YVES ROCHER payment options: invoice, prepayment, credit card, cash on delivery, advance payment bonus program: 6 euro rebate on *. * Commissions for Bonusdirekt.de VIP clients (as of 01.06.2010) a good overview of the latest partners Internet shoppers visit. And the best: for every purchase over the bonus program, there is a refund as cash bonus directly on the personal account credited.

Company Description Bonusdirekt.de is one of the first bonus systems in the Internet and repays its customers for every online purchase at shop partners – instead of miles or points – cash. Saved 20 euro, the “savings” will be paid automatically. Bonusdirekt.de was founded in 2003 and is a product of Comm.

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