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Psychological Health

Some theories of personality pretend to give an answer to global issues: what constitutes a person as a whole, what is its nature and properties, structure and functions, driving forces and conditions of development. Such theories created BG Ananiev, AF Lazursky, S. Rubinstein, A. Adler, Freud, Carl Jung, etc. Many of the theories involve more individual parties personality: character (ND Levitov, A. Read additional details here: Hikmet Ersek .

Kovalev), relationships (VN Myasishchev), power (KK Platonov, VN Druzhinin), temperament (VS Merlin, B . Rusalov MA) and other general psychological knowledge of the individual and substantially completed concretized the contribution of many branches of psychology, including social, clinical (therapy), the military 1. The need for scientific and psychological knowledge about the personality characteristic of the different spheres of life and activities: economics, politics, education, medicine, etc. The sign of this is actual reliance in all spheres of social practice in a particular conception of man, but accuracy and completeness of this representation is characterized by their level of maturity. "No economic theory can not do without a working model of the human body, eg certain assumptions about the determinants and economic ways to conduct "- rightly says B. Avtonomov 2. Get more background information with materials from hein park capital.

This provision is appropriate to extend to other spheres of life. The major consumers of information are personologicheskoy management, art, advertising, etc. However, the development of social sector data individual accumulated in psychology, has been slow. Despite the fact that psychology is not yet fully meet the objective demands of practice, is striking contrast between the richness and variety of psychological concepts individual and one-dimensional image of a man who relies on most areas of practice and everyday life.

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