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Unpluggede in Berlin – concert was a great success the PUHDYS alt rockers occur with the current acoustic unplugged tour was the second time in January 2010 in the venerable Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin. It lacks the high towers of speakers on the stage and the beer cups of visitors of outdoor concerts. Only a few guests have fan-T-shirts. Most PUHDYS fans did even a little chic for the Friedrich city Palace visit. Three musicians of the PUHDYS received young with the opening melody, the Stammcrew of the PUHDYS, who thrilled the audience is welcomed. The first songs of acoustic-the hits “CD sound. It is exciting to know that the acoustic sound live unfolds its full brilliance. The PUHDYS sing of second life”and hope for a reunion with the fans in 100 years.

The young PUHDYS probably even thinking about her musical career in the first life. The wonderful young guest musicians are Conrad OIeak (keyboards and accordion), and the old rocker sons Andy Birr on acoustic guitar and in the footsteps of the father of musician Nick Scharfschwerdt on the percussion. The three music-apprentices”offer a musical feat! Friends in life are what remains”particularly acoustically evokes the goosebumps factor. I think of Germany”has received with written guaranteeing with gossip, however, in the score. “” Rock singer Dieter Quaster “Haider sings in turn emotionally Hiroshima”. “The musical class of the PUHDYS acoustically detect the music lovers, when Dieter machine” birr and Quaster playing the acoustic guitar and drummer Klaus Scharfschwerdt as true drum virtuoso revealed. “If Quaster until the end of the world” sings Peter Bimbo”Rasym cool plucks his bass, blowing himself hooked Peter” Meyer, otherwise behind the keyboards with the saxophone the lung from the neck.

A question of the view”there doesn’t seem to be, if geschunkelt to this song even in the clock. “The Super hits go to her”, if a man lives, life time”and old as a tree” it holds no Friedrich city Palace visitors more in the armchairs. It is clapped, danced and sang along with loud throat. Only some press colleagues sit stoically as rooted in and forgave not mine. Prepare yourself but sure already mentally on an adulation in their reviews. The PUHDYS fans are super happy with the peak program and forward in the adding part of the anthem of polar bears and the book”. All around a Super Concert, that one hundred percent confident with something quieter tones! And who is still not enough, the new tour CD be set warmly to the heart! Thomas Moser Baird-press is the meeting of the CD here: weblog.berli-press.de/… PUHDYS-website:

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