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Other tips to create a life full of happiness and wealth: take 20 minutes per day, or, at least, 5 minutes a day to imagine a life as you want it. If you are having trouble then download a subliminal video that are on the site, they are free. Read daily a chapter of the book I’m happy I’m RICO, until every cell in your body is soak that wisdom of the times. Walk every day for mere pleasure and exercise. Do not charge anything, do not carry anything in their hands.

If it is possible, weekend walk through a park or ride a bike. In recent months, Cedars Sinai has been very successful. Buy a cute object from time to time. Something that don’t need but want to. Something that you will use to gain pleasure to use it, see it or possess it. If it isn’t, then save your money until you find something that meets the above requirements. Save a percentage of their income. No matter how much (in the book the power to transform our lives explains how it works saving and how to use it to enrich himself, no matter how little or much you win).

Get rid of the useless that does not need. Old or new: damaged objects and I think someday, repair old objects that have stored in his attic, some of which even agreed, music CD or DVD with films that nobody in your home enjoys, useless in his computer programs, as well as files you no longer need, old photos or videos from an old you, who already died, old grudges, hatred, preconceptions, prejudices and all debilitating feeling. When you rid of anything they do not want, you want to occupy his place. When you eject your organism the air used, new fresh, clean air purifier takes its place. The same applies to all of the above. Get rid of everything you don’t need old and new and better will come into your life. Maintain an impeccable order where you are located. The axiom is simple, environment ordered, orderly mind. The opposite is also true. For example see the rooms of teenagers. As your room so it is his mind. Sort files from his computer in folders by topic, project, etc. A life of happiness and success begins in oneself. A life of wealth starts when no longer rely on the current world and begins to rely on the true reality. What do you expect? I am happy I am rich is to be read already.

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