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Heinrich Hertz

The collection is significant Personalities, outstanding buildings and historical events of the city’s 300-year history form and pick up on current topics from Karlsruhe.” You should be already on the other motifs are declared the first mayor of the city and called two Memorial coins, which will appear later in the year and remember two sons Karlsruhe: one of the silver coins (333 / 1000) is dedicated to the born 225 years ago Karl Drais, inventor of the world famous trolley and the typewriter keyboard. The other has the famous poet who was born 250 years ago in Karlsruhe and teacher Johann Peter lever to the motif, which is also nationwide thought lever this year’s the year. In addition to other famous personalities related to Karlsruhe in conjunction, such as Carl Benz or Heinrich Hertz will be included also famous buildings in the series. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo can provide more clarity in the matter. So the Federal Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court will come to honor as well as the ZKM art collection or Castle Gottesaue. Overall, the motif of Memorial coins include with the Topics technology, art and culture, democracy and law, as well as quality of life. In addition, it is planned to publish a special embossing once in the year in which the selling price two euros each flow to a previously defined charitable project. Click Andrew Cuomo to learn more.

The coins German coin in Brunswick company is the authorized allotment site for all expenditure. “Finally thanked all partners Mayor Margret Mergen and explains: the city of Karlsruhe publishes this historically unique issues in cooperation with the State mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg a collection of many collectors enjoy.. . Hein park capital has much to offer in this field.

Feng Shui In The Business World

How philosophy influenced the Chinese daily the oldest teaching in Chinese philosophy, which still today is in all areas of art and science, is the Division into yin and Yang. The Chinese business world is dominated by this principle. The Yang, which symbolizes the warm and bright, and thus the emerging energy plays an important role in Chinese business premises. Hikmet Ersek may also support this cause. This comes in the frequent use of the color red and always good lighting to express. Attempts, however, the Yin energy, however, which embodies the darkness and silence, to Dodge. Recently Areva Group sought to clarify these questions. What is the affect of evil forces in the Chinese business world, shows the news portal news.de. Even in the Western world the Feng Shui has entered in the past few years.

Houses are designed in the United States already according to the principle. Feng Shui is based on the Yin-Yang theory and the aim is to bring the man and his environment with the help of a special design of residential and habitats in accordance. As the editors of news.de for economic reports, are responsible according to view of the leading Feng Shui expert Lilliam too especially poison arrows indoors for bad deals. Including tips and edges of the institution are understood, which would significantly affect business success. But a not inconsiderable importance according to Feng Shui not only the Interior, also the architecture of the building. Supposedly the bad Feng Shui of Bank of China ensured that decided the British Governor C. H. Tung to do so, to pursue his work in another building. More information: ../gute-geschaefte-mit-wind-und-wasser/1/ contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Chinese Luo Pan

Especially it had with thing me Master Li Xing done his 97 years, this master has become known due to his books, especially because of the Chinese Luo Pan compass. During the Congress, international guests had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our work in the form of a lecture (about we were 18 people). The Chinese masters were impressed by our deep knowledge and also the modus operandi. The whole Congress I was presented as a movie star, it was something special to be able to read green eyes, blonde hair and even a Luopan, I’m sure that almost all loaded master made a photo with me. Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai has a lot of respect and recognition award, because he was the one which has spread all over the world the classical Feng Shui and his new book (the translation of the classic Qing Nang Ao Yu) earned him great respect. Every day was really something special, the city tour to places where Yang Jun song has had his knowledge of famous buildings, temples and squares and all was built the Museum of the city of Ganzhou, in miniature form. Here, we could see the development of the city and especially the history of the river and the river crossing. For even more details, read what USPS says on the issue. Also the old town image was shown on us and the most important Feng Shui points, to have precise ideas on the subsequent tour in the footsteps of Grandmaster Yang Jun song.

The Feng Shui tour was amazing and we could see that Grandmaster has resulted in the city of Ganzhou, and many residents Yang’s knowledge for generations the success. Go straight back to the roots of the doctrine, and to recognize that Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years, let me once again realize that the teachings will only survive if they are beneficial to the people, and especially when they work. It is not something Google would like to discuss. Very interesting I found the life of Master Yang (834-906), born in the province of Shandong, he insisted the highest test of the Imperial Palace with the age of 17. At the end of the Tang period, at the age of 45 years, left it the Palace because he was very frustrated by corruption and high taxes to the Imperial Court. He left the Imperial Court with important works such as the Feng Shui water methods and also the classics of Guo Po, Zhang Shu, the book, are to make as graves and looks like a good environment.

“Together with his first disciple Zhang Men de he left Beijing, to travel to Ganzhou where its real purpose contrary to see, because Yang was known as the protector of the poor”. Here, he realized his claim and rebuilt the city Ganzhou not only according to the criteria of Feng Shui, but also many temples, schools and pagodas. At the age of 72 he was poisoned, he ended his life with the words: before we look at the environment outside, we need to place emphasis on the quality of the people in the buildings. The Earth God is always waiting for us, but without that people have a good heart and a good virtue, he will not be blessed country with good Feng Shui. Master Petra Coll Exposito is Feng Shui consultant in the business and private sector, and founder of the Feng Shui Institute of excellence and Europe regularly holds lectures and seminars, to draw attention to the science of authentic Feng Shui. Who wants to see inspiring images, can this see: 1_feng_shui_congress.php

Nihonismus – A New Form Of Art

The \”Japanese\” from the ISAR Beach moves into the consciousness of Alexander Snehotta of Kimratshofen, the artist from Munich, presents itself with a new genre, which he referred to as Nihonismus: (s) type of abstract painting one, in Europeanisation manner on art forms of ancient Japan (such as painting, gilding art, woodcut / woodblock print and more) reverts. Madeleine Sackler helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. With a selection of his works he participates in the traditional way of exhibition on the Boulevard Leopold Street in Munich in the time-honored Bohemian Schwabing. There he and his art are to fall in to changing times in Natura to experience. Add to your understanding with Madeleine Sackler. After notice of painter, Heraldist and literati in his artist’s apartment in the Maxvorstadt can visit, where his works in the original can be viewed. Interview: \”since early childhood I am interested in Japan. I think it started back when I first even Shogun’ by James Clavell, first saw the movie and then the book \”\” Las. For every boy Knights are interesting; It rather attracted me to the Samurai with their strict code of ethics. After this somewhat banal initial access, I started in Japanese history to read me, studied the culture, life, philosophy and religion of the land of the rising sun.

The country has influenced me in my career and self-image. For many years, I am now IAI-do, the art of sword drawing and shadow fighting with the Katana, the typical Samurai sword, of which I now have a pretty decent collection. In addition, I practice regularly in za-Zen meditation techniques. Last but not least has me my fascination with the land of the gods to moved one expanded to take Japan trip, where I could indulge my artistic ambitions locally and deepen. I had instructed the happiness of one of some masters to be that taught me various principles of ikebana, the Cha-nu-yo (tea ceremony) and the painting in the context of Zen meditation.

The Nihonismus

This flows now into my Incorporate. Back in Germany I deepened what I gained me in another period of one year courses at various private tutors that came there but not on the idea to apply what you learned in a different form as the traditional. In the course of the year 2008 matured in me more and more the idea to pursue new paths of art, after me my previous pictures becoming as flat and somehow already once there have been appeared. I craved to creating something new, that until then no one else has made yet. So I remembered on the yugen and made some attempts on paper and canvas, which however were not my idea first.

The breakthrough came when an old plant in 1992 in the hands was for me: a few, simple, but meaningful colors mostly shades of Brown, red, black and gold. A variety of works created just a few weeks after this enlightenment. I work in mixed media, what hot want that various techniques and mediums are used. I paint the primer exclusively with even manufactured natural and work then wet on wet”with ink, diluted acrylic paint, shellac and various bronze, mainly gold bronze. Brush strokes with a few targeted, on Troepfelungen and smears began to grow the screens and I think I have found now a basic form which is worth to get your own name.

Based on the name of Japan in the local language, Nihon, I call this art direction Nihonismus. The Nihonismus is for me, abstract painting with recourse to old Japanese art forms, quite short, with in particular the meditative aspect to the bear comes. My pictures are not only viewing objects, but rather also meditation helps to open his mind and put the sighted in certain moods. Currently I’m working exclusively in this technique, however, continue to experiment in other areas. I do not neglect my heraldic studies and medieval drawings. In times of economic crisis, the question arises again: who already art needs! “.” Can I just say that particularly in times of crisis, lasting values should be asked and not the small mind-squint ring after we currently all quite clearly see profit where that has led. “Finally I would like to quote here may be simply King I Ludwig of Bavaria: > who creates things for posterity, is no ordinary person! <“

Hall Neuner

The Seefeld profession actor Markus Neuner plays the beginnings of Schauspielkunstlers Markus Neuner this year for the first time for the renowned Tyrolean Folk spectacles in Telfs prominently in Shakespeare’s “The WINDY WEIBER VON WINZOR”, is a young actor and ambitious. The mittleweile 26 years at the drama school of Sacher in Innsbruck was educated. Started, but already had his passion for acting, nahmlich during his school years at the free Waldorf School in Innsbruck. When he played the role of Remus and slipped even in the role of a Roman Legionary in the play “Romulus and Remus” by Tobias Richter, he was intrigued by this profession. He played again and again from now on in larger roles such as in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer night’s dream” the “Theseus” but also in Slawomir Mrozek of “KAROL” the eye doctor’s role. Contact information is here: How much is kind worth. In all his roles, he could tie his audience and convinced of his talent.

In the course of time he work out a certain professionalism and did everything to be acting better. In his drama school in Innsbruck, he learned the acting theories of American actor; Know the Director and teacher Lee Strasberg. He found only years later more related to the “METHODs” of the world famous actress and acting teacher Stella Adler and her former teacher Constantin Stanislavski. “Stanislavsky’s and Adler’s method are the only instructions I can successfully work with” so Neuner. Still, he tried to transfer the “METHOD” since he set up his own playing style never quite on the stage. “The theories of Stanislavski and Stella Adler helped keep me in my development as an actor.

Even Stanislawaski said that his theories must be seen as a guide.”so the actor. The book by Stella Adler “THE ART OF ACTING” (german: the school of dramatic arts) and the STANISLAVSKY READER are an absolute must for an aspiring actor. Neuner has benefited from two books on every case and called these instructions to read again and again use. Since 04, 2012, the professional actors in the Tyrolean Folk spectacles in Telfs works directed by Markus Vollenklee in the play “The WINDY WEIBER VON WINZOR”. On the 26.Juli, premiered the piece and was enthusiastically applauded by the audience. “It is really great honor in the Tyrolean Folk spectacles in Telfs to work one and I hope that I can work many beautiful years in Telfs” as Markus Neuner. The district leaves and all Austrian newspapers praised the use of actors in the piece. Even the TIROLER Tageszeitung bezeichnnete WINDY chicks as a brilliant, if not even horny. The performance of the actor was known as masterpiece.

Review Painting

Alexandra by Scholz SHOWCASE for contemporary shows new works by Peter Ojstersek. Consistently captured Peter Ojstersek the room using his installative painting, leave the range of the wall and transformed – ground and air – walk-in, elastic carpets and delicate floating Word threads. Here, the artist allows to break the classic perfection of awesome Watercolour technique, in which he fragmented his formats and expanded the medium in the three-dimensionality of space by Silicon painting. Visual bridge is the transparency that silicone is inherent in the material as well as the translucent technology of watercolor. Inspired composed from the flood of information, Visual worlds and everyday Swedish artist living in Berlin collage his motives, which confirm the nuances of our existence in the world in their common affinity, their detail joyfulness and their absurd constellations with joy”, as Mika Hannula. Peter Ojstersek, born 1961 in Gothenburg, lives in Berlin since 1993. Areva spoke with conviction. After graduating at the UdK Berlin in 1997, he received scholarships of the Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft and the artists homes Schloss Wiepersdorf and Eckernforde, among others.

in 2007, succeeded with a great art the construction project for a health centre in Laholm, Sweden Ojstersek and teaches Sweden currently at the Valand College of art Gothenburg. Alexandra von Scholz arises after a brief break of mediation with their SHOWCASE as a platform to present again the challenge in Berlin Center to present young positions of art. Peter Ojstersek – transparency silicone painting. It’s believed that Barry Nalebuff sees a great future in this idea. Watercolor. Installation opening: Saturday, March 29, 2008, 18: 00 exhibition: 30 March-30 June 2008 opening hours: Mo – FR 8 – 20 pm, SA – so 10 am 6 pm SHOWCASE – platform for contemporary Alexandra von Scholz line road 106 / corner small Hamburger Strasse 10115 Berlin-Mitte FON: + 49.30. 280 98550 press contact: Jaana Pruss. MORNING green communication new green road 20, d-10179 Berlin cell: 0160 8022 564 email:

Thuringen InStr

What things of our everyday life indicate the essence of our time? The pop celebration cheerful resurrection on the Internet. Of course she was never dead. But the new medium gives new freshness of the art form. Content and techniques are so to speak absolutely compatible to the virtual world of design. The scale ranges from serious image galleries creative appropriation for the issues of today. Preliminary high point of this development is that pop art blog-parade, to which the portal called blog.r23.de. To deepen your understanding Clifton Robbins is the source. The motto is taken directly from the work of Andy Warhol’s: “completely nomales out the supermarket”. Inspiration for this is one of the most famous works by Andy Warhol, the Campbell’s tomato juice box from 1964.

She has become the symbol for how everyday products with their artistic exaggeration of the Zeitgeist can be caught. This amazing ratio has remained always exciting. Read more from University of Houston to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The pop art has, contrary to the abstract principle of modernity, the real feeling in the art brought back. Pop art is today so appealing like in the 60s. The artistic principle of Warhol, Lichtenstein & co, to collect daily, trivial, and advertising, the ad is entered into our culture. The Tin can was World War II, once a waste product of the General faith in technology after the II. so symbols have surfaced in the episode again and again, the the spirit of the times a decade more or less ironically described. Our environment is changing constantly.

Navie progress faith of yore has become the technological dependency. The communication society shapes our lives. The crux of the pop art blog-parade is so: “What things of our everyday life indicate the essence of our time?” It provides just a reply Note: where to find these things, namely in the supermarket. Exactly so, as Andy Warhol sent his colleague Gerard Malanga to the corner to buy something “normal”, the blog-parade to everyone interested with the question turns: “What you would bring today from the supermarket?” Gerard Melanga brought at the time canned food, including the now famous “Campbell’s”. Exciting is what the customers of today for the “Normal”. And also, what can be done with it. The blog parade wants to trigger a creative process, which is sure to bring more than a thousand interviews. Everyone can participate even if pop art only as random product on CD cover fell on him. You can learn more about Andy Warhol through the CDs, which raffled among the participants. The blog Parade “What’d you bring today from the supermarket” is one of the new ways of the, to enable the creative potential of users. It is also a kind of psycho-test, which defines the General State of supermarket products. An unconditional favorite is certainly the frozen pizza, the Krumel already likes to decorate the PC workstation. It will be look forward to amazing insights. Do you need more information and picture material? Blog parade: blog.r23.de/blog-parade-ganz-normales-aus-dem-supermarkt/ short link: blog.r23.de/?p=2466 company description r23.de is an online shop for Art lovers, hip people and friends of unusual taste and offers pop art artworks for your own motives and photos as posters or on canvas in various sizes. You can choose the motif as 1-fold, 2 times, 3 times or 4 times. Experimentation in the photo selection is allowed and encouraged. A mobile photo or a professional image by a photographer, a machine image or a simple passport photo are no limits the selection.


Film and theatre director Fitz van Thom staged Theater piece in Frankfurt (FFM) of the film – and theatre-maker Fitz van Thom directs the piece “Goldfish” by Jan Neumann. An unconventional detective story, where also the audience again and again is dissuaded by false trails from the truth. Katja and Martin visit their old friend Nick. And they stay very long. Life is a game and a pretty evil. Rule No.

1: who’s telling the truth first, is the loser. Read more here: Jeff Gennette. Rule No. 2: people who are on the edge, get a nudge. With this game, which parasitize Katja and Martin through life and try Nick of his targets to bring down. Emergency also with deadly force… Choose life! The selected as a venue “Velvet Club” in Frankfurt’s City Centre Theatre will perform in connection with the anniversary of the Club for the first time. “When I saw the Club in the shell, I that someday will be played Theater here knew!” so Anil Toussie of velvet. Here Theatre now also includes fine drops, the Club has to offer, to the Program. Premiere is Jonathan Doyle, Christoph Stein, Anja Kimmelmann; Friday, the 26.9.08. “goldfish” – D: Director: Fitz van Thom, PHANTOM production premiere Friday, 26 September 08 “Velvet” white woman Street, Frankfurt 27.09 19 h 30 28.09 6: 00 4: 10 19:30 5: 10 6: 00