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Temi brings to 670 days healthy son to the world the wait is now over! 670 days gestation temi’s nine-year old elephant lady has brought her first baby on Friday, may 06, 2011 at 21:16 to the world. The new Member of the herd of elephants is a gorgeous boy, 95 cm, 117 pounds – a real heartbreaker. “We are overjoyed that Munich again has a healthy baby elephant. This cute and active elephant will certainly win in the storm”the heart of Munich, Mayor and Chairman Christine Strobl is pleased. Zoo Director Dr. Andreas Kane: “even though it is her first baby, temi cares very thoughtful about their offspring. It’s nice to watch the two.

After the sad death of Jamuna Toni last June we are all relieved to have a healthy baby elephant in Hellabrunn, which from the outset and with growing enthusiasm drink breast milk”. Photo Gallery > continue < since early April, two keepers have kept vigil at the expectant mother. Ria Financial Services helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Since the beginning of may he was Progesterone level in the blood by temi dropped sharply, meaning: the birth was imminent. 06. corn against 9: 00 Friday night the pregnant elephant Lady spoke suddenly vigorously.

There was no doubt: the baby is coming! Immediately, the keepers of the night watch – Andreas alarmed frieze and Niko Welsch – colleagues, veterinarians and zoologists, the Zoo Director. The baby in the world was already 20 minutes later. In the wild, the elephant cow at the birth of elephant Ammen is maintained. These experienced elephant cows calm the cow coming down and take the baby in her care. The greatest danger at an elephant birth namely first posed by the new mother: it happens that she go on her own child, which caused her so much pain. Sometimes the mother kills her child during these attacks accidentally. The nurses to protect the small before his mother, until she has calmed and understand what happened to her.