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Find, compare, select: Home Search on the Internet worth Hamburg, April 27, 2010 – online print trumps: according to getestet.de the real estate market in the Internet far more offers for interested parties as newspaper ads. The consumer portal has examined the largest online real estate markets and indicates which provider in which discipline front has the nose. Ample additional offers for prospective ImmobilienScout24 provides comprehensive information about the subject of building, renovating and moving. Here, the site based primarily on partner offers. So looking for a moving company, a 3D-Einrichtungsplaner or a financial advisor nearby, will find helpful website the largest provider. Immonet creams for plenty extra points heading for the setting”off.

It stretches like an own magazine within the site. Worth mentioning is also the well intact after sales area, on which the customer receives most advanced tips. Some schmuckloser, however, acts Immowelt. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant. Although There are also larger Advisor shares, but these are considerably bedraggled. Immopool waived entirely on anything that may distract from the pure real estate business, but also on open or hidden advertising.

The real estate database: search, filter, select on each of the real estate portals, the search environment can be easily restrict based on different criteria. Only Immowelt currently dominates a free text search, so that the user can simply enter the main cornerstones in the search box. For this, there is the ability to save individual properties on a watch list on all portals. Extensive filter functions allow a fine selection for the sort of search criteria, such as e.g. prices, or number of square metres. Map tools: Find real estate and neighborhood assess geographical maps on online real estate markets are especially important if you want to live in a certain district or take a closer look at the environment of his desired domicile. All four portals use the map tool for this – in a variety of ways- by Microsoft.

Horst Bogatz

probably not formulate KG. Filed under: Alphabet Inc.. Mr Horst Bogatz, how affect comments and suggestions of the customers specific business and consulting practice of census Grund GmbH & co. KG? Horst Bogatz, Managing Director census Grund GmbH & co. KG: It grows with its tasks or customers: because we have a very high-quality clientele, our consulting services is professionally and technically always at a high level. How do you plan the high level you achieve customer satisfaction in terms of currently to be able to hold in the future? Horst Bogatz, Managing Director census Grund GmbH & co. KG: Trust is good, control is better. We will continue to keep a close contact with the customer and take very seriously all of the advice and suggestions.

Just continue we meet the expectations of our customers. Other leaders such as Beth Israel Heart Transplant offer similar insights. Mr Horst Bogatz, thank you for the interview. The Census Grund GmbH & co. KG and Horst Bogatz Horst Bogatz and the team of census Grund GmbH & co. KG provide advice on all aspects of real estate investments and communicating objects of high quality directly to private investors. Current focus of counselling and mediation activities of the Census Grund GmbH & co.

KG are Berlin and Brandenburg. The team of census Grund GmbH & co. KG has over 20 years experience in the real estate industry. Horst Bogatz manages the Affairs of the Census Grund GmbH & co. KG.

Edgar Wittenius

Real estate financing is favorable as rare… Savings effect 1: Take advantage of low interest rates on forward loan you already have a loan, it expires within the next 5 years? We recommend you now with our so-called forward loans currently low interest rates for a later follow-on financing to secure. A loan deal in advance some banks offer for up to two years at the time without condition charge, for up to 5 years, the premium is usually only 0.01%-0.02% per month. 2 savings: for higher repayment maintain monthly burden because interest rates considerably higher was completed 10 years ago than now, have you now to supersede loan certainly with a higher interest rate. We recommend you to invest the savings of now lower interest in the redemption. So repay equal monthly load higher and repay the loan much faster. Save in addition to the now low interest rates even with the compound interest effect.

For example, With the following Comparison, you can see that it is now worth, to back up the currently low interest rates: old loan of the customer currently has a loan with following conditions: original loan completed 8 years ago: 120.000,-with an interest rate of 5.9% nominal and 1% redemption. The monthly rate is 690,-. Remainder of the debt at the end of 10 years of interest binding: 103.700,-. New loan / follow-on financing the customer completes now a new loan on the remaining debt of 103.700,-, at a current rate of 3.9% and a term of 10 years. 1 – 2 savings savings amortization in %: 1% 4,08% monthly load in: 423,-690,-(as default Loan) remaining debt after 10 years: 91.040,-51.997,-sum of interest paid: 38.155,-31.097,-term of the loan: 40 17 years savings effect 1: the customer wipes out again with 1% and has a lower monthly charge of just 423,-(690,-original loan). 2 savings: Monthly Load remains constant at 690,-. So, the customer pays a total 7058,-less interest. Under most conditions Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant would agree. In addition, the loan will significantly faster zuruckgezahl.

Aigner Immobilien GmbH

Owners in the Literaturhaus on the private sale of their real estate information more transparent in terms of real estate last Tuesday, April 20, 2010. Patrick Head of Saeed gave an overview of the typical errors of private sellers the numerous participants by AB real estate GmbH. The visitors of the lecture received valuable tips and could ask itself questions. Credit: COSCO-2011. A Munich-based notary illuminated the legal aspects of real estate sales. Munich. Who wants to take the sale of its real estate into their own hands, must observe a lot. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tiffany Hadish. The broker Patrick Head of Saeed of the AB real estate GmbH is committed to more comprehensive overview in real estate transactions. Contact information is here: Beth Israel Heart Transplant.

On Tuesday, April 20, 2010 interested in the Literaturhaus Munich on the subject of private sales information. It is not surprising me that so many people came to the lecture, so beautiful head. The real estate sale is not as easy as you imagine that at the first moment. Alone, the determination of the correct price is a science for themselves, the broker knows. Co presenter was a Munich notary, who explained the legal page. Afterwards, there was the opportunity to ask questions.

Was not clear to me what you so can do wrong in the private sale, said a participant in the connection. That was really informative! A replay of the event is planned for the fall of 2010. Interested parties can inform yourself beforehand with the Aigner Immobilien GmbH,.

Northern Thuringia

A strong partner around the property. 10 years KIM Konig real estate Muhlhausen more than just a friendly broker. In 14 days, it is now ready, the company KIM Konig commits its 10th anniversary real estate Muhlhausen. Founded by the holder, Harald Konig, as family-run 1-man company, it became the leading real estate service providers in the area of Northern Thuringia particularly in the last few years one. This in particular also by the usage and the recruitment of additional personnel and training of trainees. Others including UPS, offer their opinions as well. The reputable providers of lichen medieval half-timbered and district city of Muhlhausen / thur.

counting, located in the green heart of Germany, it is located in Central old town location. To raise different from other competitors it offers additional services around the property. Mediated are in addition to resale properties and new buildings, from the local leader ISB Muhlhausen GmbH, which is not only when using innovative cookers Advanced, but in the meantime also with disabled building specialists. Thanks to the long-standing partnership with the local OBI market in Emberizidae succeeded benefit customers by KIM Konig real estate Muhlhausen on special offers of these allow. Shopping benefits were passed to it, which paid Commission fees for the provision of real estate for this already wholly or partly paid up.KIM Konig boxes of the SV sees real estate Muhlhausen itself not only as a partner of its customers but also local clubs, such as the section in 1899 or in difficult cases, to large families in the TV show located in the life. The company is also in demand as expert and compassionate mediator between debtors and creditors such as banks and construction – savings banks of distressed real estate in their processing, where there is a steady increase. This resulting not only from the global real estate and financial crisis but also by the phasing out of government subsidies for the purchase of real estate such as building child allowance and housing allowance payments.

Evaluating Real Estate

completely free of charge on meineimmobilie.de Munich/Planegg, Germany, January 11, 2010 – are considered real estate popular retirement savings. But they are not always long lasting, because over the years, a real estate loses more and more value. For various factors are responsible, which also differ from municipality to municipality. It is therefore interesting to know the actual market price of real estate for real estate owners and buyers. Professional real estate appraisers determine these in detail and expensive. A new calculator, the ImmoWert tool from meineimmobilie.de, the real estate portal for landlords and property owners now offers a free alternative to the initial assessment.

It is important to represent the formulas, as well as the underlying data for the value of the property in detail and comprehensible”, explains Jorg Stroisch, editor in Chief of meineimmobilie.de and author of the book to review real estate made easy” (Haufe Verlag). What does it me, if the value of a property is specified roughly as: worth between 30,000 and 80,000 ‘ Euro’-as the tool to this value comes when I don’t even know “, criticises stroisch on some alternative offers on the net. This is then a bit like magic. “” The real estate valuation is, but clearly standardized regulations and established formulae and anything but hokum. “the true value of a well-founded opinion is then especially in the detailed presentation of the various factors of real estate”. Accordingly, the new ImmoWert tool sets in addition to the detailed description of the calculation method, value on the exact performance of real estate including their own photos, and State and position classifications. One attains the result in four steps. The basic data must be entered after the free registration, and already, the users get the value of the calculated property together with explanations.

All data can be stored and recalled at any time. Several exposes can be created easily in parallel. The ImmoWert tool from meineimmobilie.de sets new standards in terms of openness and transparency and is thus well suitable to give an overview of the value factors of real estate owners and home owners. More information and registration see: immowert_tool.html press contact Haufe Lexware GmbH & co. KG PR RA Oliver Kaiser Munzinger Strasse 9 D-79111 Freiburg phone: 0761/3683-940 or-464 fax: 0761/36 83 900 email: company contact Haufe Lexware GmbH & co. KG here. 5 d 82152 Planegg / Munich phone: 089/89517-0 fax: 089/89517-570 E-Mail: Internet: company profile the real estate portal belongs to the Haufe media group. The portal informs legally compliant with daily updated news, tools and background information about real estate. In the real estate network, anyone can discuss or ask independent real estate experts. The Haufe media group is one of the leading German media companies in the fields of Economics, law, taxes and information processing. 1,000 employees, including 200 editors, which serve around 300 periodicals, which are sold as a print and electronic media. The range of around 100 electronic products includes extensive InfoWare solutions as well as powerful application software, including leading programs, such as for example the TAXMAN and the Lexware accountant. In addition, competent online portals, such as redmark.de or tax office.de open the way to current and competent knowledge via the Internet. The Haufe media group brings more than 150 new releases on the market.

Mortgages Without Equity

Different mortgages compared the dream of owning a home is unimaginably distant for many. Many hurdles must be overcome. When you’re young, typically lack the money for it. Own income is still not enough to pay the necessary things in the budget. Hardly anyone thinks that save or house construction. You want to keep too mobile and in the today’s market economy, more are not uncommon job changes and processions in other cities. Nordstrom is often quoted as being for or against this. If you are a little older, has you get to maybe already on its surroundings and wants no stress with changes more. What should one also with a House, if there are not more so many years to life.

Families who have found a place are the group that really is interested in a condo or House, to settle down. For this group is build very attractive. Building is attractive you get not only a home, so rent and landlord independently, but also very much security. The real estate or the plot is usually worth stable and inflation-secure and Once the rates are paid off, it saves up to 30% of the cost of living by living rent-free. Construction financing is attractive since high State allowances and tax breaks are added for families with children. The classic construction financing through a contractor was as follows. Here, Crawford Lake Capital expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

You get when the loan is due an allocation and saves a savings contribution to its capital, usually 20-30% of the loan amount with its bank over the years. This takes usually 5 years. This loan will be paid back to a fixed annual percentage rate. The longer it takes to pay his credit to paying more interest. Also the loan itself must be repaid. In most cases, the repayment and the interest in a consistent monthly together are collected. This form of loan repayment is particularly appealing for the normal household with regular monthly income.

Mortgages Living Riester

Residential Riester contracts are becoming increasingly popular mid-October 2011 when the Germans signed the millionth residential Riester savings. In the second quarter of 2011, residential Riester was at number one in the new contracts according to the fact. One reason for the increase is that many savers now want to use the contracts for the construction or purchase. But are often still ambiguities about the chances and risks of living Riester contract. Residential “Riester” officially referred to as Home Pension – started 2008 as another way of promoting Riester and replaced the former housing promotion. Residential Riester is suitable for every eligible what many so far not clear: the promotion does not depend on income limits. So just well deserving singles can count on annual funding of up to around 1,000 euros a year, virtually the half of what savers would have to provide in the year contributions.

Savers must muster 4 percent of income subject to social insurance contributions, maximum are 2,100 euros eligible. The basic funding: 154 euro per year, in addition the allowance amounting to 185 euros for all born until 2008, for then those born there is 300 euro. Savers aged under 25 will receive 200 euros once. As the Stiftung Warentest calculated Riester savers can get a promotion through State allowances, interest savings and tax benefits of up to EUR 50,000. Riester promoting universally applicable targets home pension support not only on the construction or purchase of even used real estate, but can be used also for the acquisition of housing co-operative shares and debt restructuring. To do this, the interested must complete Riester loan or a Riester savings.

Then he can bring up capital for the financing of the real estate of the Riester contract. There is also the possibility for long running Riester contracts to settle a capital withdrawal. Thus taken capital redemption is no longer necessary.


METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online to review private real estate owners, the turbulence on the financial markets have temporarily led to the uncertainty. Many do not know how the value of the own property has changed. Want to create a self-used or leased property owner again predictable conditions. To get reliable numbers, they look for appropriate ways of the real estate pricing. Starting from the considerations, that neither the building nor value-influencing changes in the environment have occurred, most of the home – and landowners want a reliable assessment of the real estate value. It’s the most owners about a current valuation of single-family home, condo or apartment building or residential and commercial building.

Also undeveloped land make assets there, which are currently to check. About today’s real estate price or the current value of the land a real estate valuation can provide competent information. The provider online provides an accurate site traffic valuation. Small fee an owner or prospective buyer can evaluate a property anywhere in Germany, Austria or of Switzerland. The real estate one rating is possible at any time online. To do this, the user answered a catalogue of issues to the respective real estate. The information provided by the user are combined by the system with database values, like for example, construction costs, land value, real estate interest, age depreciation.

Receives, which interested be an individual real estate valuation real estate valuation according to the method of Dr. Barzel mortgage, property managers, brokers or online real estate portals at your fingertips. So, it is possible to inform themselves quickly and cost-effectively over the present value of its real estate to each owner. In this respect, the financial crisis has left something positive.