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All are known, and surely some of them your company is already doing them. But have you wondered if you do it the right way? You’re getting real results with them? We explain below the keys for a correct application of the same. 1 Telemarketing. It is a great tool, provided that it is used correctly. Not only for its effectiveness but also because nowadays the companies cannot afford the cold door.

Will who you to attend without appointment? It is by appointment and sometimes fail. It is therefore important in all sales department to have a person dedicated to the conclusion of visits with potential clients. They may be commercial own engaged a time a week, exclusively dedicated to this person either outsource to specialised companies. Is which the key for this to work? A good database of potential clients, get contact with the valid interlocutor for our needs, have elaborated a stratagem contact course, with a good value proposition, a good training to the person who He held calls about the company, its products and services and much perseverance. Success is assured.

2. Public relations (PR) networks of contact insurance that if they analyze its customer portfolio, a good part of them have managed them by contacts. Hence its importance. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hein Park Capital. In all sectors today the difference between a product and another, a service and another is sometimes difficult to perceive. But what can it transmit is the personality of the sales managers, professionalism, close, etc. In a world so globalized, that makes the difference. For this reason, we must take advantage any professional event, fairs, session to speak with attendees, deal cards and find synergies and possibilities for collaboration. And not to mention, that these relationships kept also with current clients (sometimes so forgotten loyalty). It is good to go periodically keeping contact with all customers, even those that worked on a single project, since you never know When may again need a new service. 3 Take advantage of the company the company web page Web is currently one of the best trading tools which provides the company. Everyone knows that the first thing we do when something interests us is search for it on the Internet. If we are looking for a new provider, etc go to Google and look for your web page. Get the first impression of there. Therefore, we recommend to be updated at least every two-three years website because content and design will desfasando with the time. And, because the needs of customers or how to communicate it, along with the greater experience of the company and its customers can make us redesign the content of forms more attractive to potential customers. And, not only having the website is basic, but also give it high in the major search engines, and sectoral databases which will help us to improve the positioning of our Internet page. An attractive page along with a good positioning can make our potential clients We find. So get that they whether directly those who contact us (via email or phone) to ask us things and ask for budgets. And all without leaving the Office. Scan if you are performing any of these actions and their results.

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