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The Earth

And I now had this incredible experience and traveled by this perceptual structure of space and time, I came after a fictional period in a place, where I met an old classmate. A friend who long years accompanied me here on Earth and now years ago died and had adopted from the Earth, at least superficially. He was obviously much more satisfied when I saw him last time in earthly reality, and it seemed like he had everything he had ever desired compared to its earthly past known to me now. This so-called place that was actually none, rather resembled a large mechanical apparatus, thus had similarity with an oversized vehicle, so rather resembled a computer-controlled spaceship-like machine, seemed to take it all and gives it some To give satisfaction. “Obviously had his suffering, reduced vision in the past cultivated inspired him and motivated, this idea of freedom, to manifest the power and satisfaction and this as absolute” suppose to virtually merge with this reality. He enjoyed visually but now powerful position, because he could create an illusion with the machine that gave him satisfaction, and superficially for him it seemed as if he was indeed in the right place and he would be so happy. Certainly, as seen from my observation deck of infinity I saw only a tiny fenced spot in the universe, and the great for him and great fabric I perceived isolated room in the infinity with a Bedauernals. Finally, I turned to him and said: when you’re ready to recognize your limits and to abandon them, so also ready, to refrain from behind which you you now just still fear being discussed the false security and satisfaction of license “hide, will you encounter, what is endless and far more of the real divine presence” matches than what you can you do at this moment ever imagined.

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