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Wax Low Fusion Professional

In order to realise a quality shaving, a wax is necessary low suitable fusion professional. I recommend the wax to you low PlanetDepil.Como fusion characteristic fundamental this its composition and its price. It comes presented/displayed in bags of 1 kilo and the price from 4.64 Euros the kilo. This available one in blue, ivory, chocolate and the classic rose. Click Dell to learn more. It is a wax made with paraffins, microcrystalline beeswax and waxes. At a time of crisis like this, the unique form to be able to be different itself in a good hair-removing process is to give to an added value. You think that the shaving is a very intimate process, and that in a while of economic shortage the clients can choose to shave they themselves with blades or bought hair-removing methods in supermarkets. For that we propose to you that you use always the same process: 1) to use wax of low fusion (it would contribute to the client a great smoothness to him to its skin aside from realising the shaving with great quality) .2) to use a blister retardant for the growth of the hair (we will be able that the client him of but value to our service) 3) to use a good oil postdepilatorioTodos to these they took us steps to a good image for the client and stopped seeing the shaving like that cost del that can be done without. wax low fusion profesinales Other articles of its interest: wax low fusion low fusion hair-removing wax Original author and source of the article

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