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Clifford Auckland commends the establishment of the register of companies in the sector of private loans and mortgages protect consumers, ensure and enforce transparency in the sector of loans and mortgages from private capital, it is the objective of the Royal Decree recently approved by the Ministry of health, Social policy and equality. For Clifford Auckland consultants urgent mortgages from private capital the new law represents a breakthrough in the fight against fraud, which will limit the irregularities in the sector, against which the consultant has spent years fighting. See more detailed opinions by reading what Hikmet Ersek offers on the topic.. For the sector of mortgages and loans from private capital, where Clifford Auckland is leader in Spain, the expected Decree 106/2011, published in the Official Gazette on 11 February, assumes a substantial progress in the fight against fraud, a sector punished for abuses and irregularities of fictitious companies that have been doing an illegal business thanks to the economic needs of some. But if these irregular practices have of course a serious dereliction of the rights of many citizens, seduced by false promises and miracle solutions to their economic problems, abuses by some have been at the same time, a ballast against the image of a perfectly regulated sector, which boasts numerous companies backed with a strong reputation and a spotless track record of activity for years. Under most conditions Total Transportation Services would agree. The Royal Decree approved by the Ministry of health, Social policy and equality, develops and provides for the establishment of the State Register of companies, laid down in the law 2/2009, on 31 March, which regulates contracting with loans or mortgages and consumers of services of intermediation for the conclusion of contracts of loan or credit, and fixed the minimum amount of insurance liability or bank guarantee for the exercise of these activities. The Royal Decree contains in its article 2.1, the creation of a State register where they are required to register all companies sector domiciled abroad carrying out his activity in Spain.

Spanish companies will do so in the registry Autonomic. In its article 2 collects mandatory insurance of civil liability or a bank guarantee. Clifford Auckland urgent mortgages from private equity consultants stressed the importance of the Royal Decree approved by the Government and highlights the need to continue fighting against fraud and irregularities in the sector, not only by Governments but by all affected sectors..

Mr Dr

I would like pointed to side effects: headache, or malaise, and the usual Risks of infection are called injections. In addition, Pfefferkorn speaks also of the Dr., I’ll can of some muscles in my forehead wrinkle-inducing in the future no longer as before contract I should be just aware. Jeff Gennette often addresses the matter in his writings. Anyway, I want it! The doctor has my full confidence, finally he dealt daily with Botox for years. Taste the BOTOX treatment is 350 euro. He initially tagged the puncture marks with a pen. And then it may sting even, comparable perhaps with a vaccination. Since the penetration is not as deep and is injected only into the muscle, I would describe the procedure not as painful. Frequently Crawford Lake Capital has said that publicly.

Six Piekser and it’s over. I get a mirror held before and ever test whether I can still angrily screw up my forehead. Goes a bit yet, but the Botox has yet reached Yes also not its full effect, it will take something else. A day later, I look at myself in the mirror and think wow! “.” A smooth forehead from one day to the other, and this almost painless. I’m very happy with the result.

However I can imagine well what can happen when an inexperienced person wrongly injected the Botox. The frozen, masklike faces of some Hollywood stars speak volumes here. I personally prefer a very positive conclusion so my BOTOX treatment at Dr. Pfefferkorn, rate each to a careful selection of an experienced physician but of course. Finally, the effect of Botox is at least three months. Decades of experience in anti wrinkle therapy with Botox do fortunately unnecessary experiments. beautymed Dr. Pfefferkorn GmbHRegelsbacher Road 9 at the city hospital 91126 Schwabach phone 09122-188 19 0 fax 09122-188 19 19 Mr Dr. Stephan Pfefferkorn is specialist in surgery and plastic surgery and senior physician at the beautymed clinic. He was born in April 1961 and completed his medical studies at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany. Then, Dr. Stephan was peppercorns over seven years physician at the surgical clinic of Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Charite. In 1994 began training for plastic surgery in the hospital most urban in Berlin. Since 1997, he specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery and works ever since exclusively in this medical field. Since 2002, Mr. Dr. worked Pfefferkorn as senior consultant and independently in a large private clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery. In his step in the personal responsibility, he sees the chance, as a physician and surgeon for the benefit of his patients without ifs and buts individually and consistently to implement his own principles and entitlement. The aim is maximum quality and safety for the patient. Dr. regularly Pfefferkorn participates in various national and international congresses as well as internships with international colleagues. Dr. Peppercorn is a member of the German society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRC, former VDPC), as well as the society of aesthetic surgery (GCD). Author IRIS Munich

Nelson Wins Gold With The F & C Award

Clean skin to qualify one of the most important awards for an above-average quality of relationship between franchisor and employees for the F & C-Gold Award. Society for business and network evaluation (GUN) and the International Centre for franchising & cooperation (F & C) perform partner analyses regularly at prestigious franchise businesses. At the same time, it issued awards for excellent results for the surveys in the area of franchisee satisfaction. In addition to the award of the best system”, the F & C awards in gold and silver are also” awarded. For the procurement of F & C Awards Gold is conducted a satisfaction survey among all franchisees. Covers various topics from the daily work life and issues to business success. Furthermore, there are for example the benefits of franchise headquarters and the relationship with the franchisor and other franchisees in the focus. In the context of the recording arrangements for full membership to the German Franchise Association (DFV), all franchisees of the franchise GmbH skin of the Cleanfix were asked about their satisfaction with the franchise system.

The franchise GmbH skin of Cleanfix to qualify by exceptionally good results for the F & C Award Gold, the highest honor in German franchise business for Fanchisepartner satisfaction. “” In terms of the global satisfaction of clean skin franchisees were the survey around 78% of responses between very satisfied “and satisfied”. As a franchisor Nelson emphasis very active and good relationship with its partners. Together the quality of the system and the reputation of the mark should be backed up and steadily improved. The benefits of synergies and our exceptional network are our great strengths”, says Frank Linke, Managing Director of the franchise GmbH skin of the Cleanfix. Clean skin stands for a recipe for success in the cosmetics sector, the partners of permanent hair removal, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation technologies and a comprehensive franchise overall concept is available. The Cleanfix skin franchise GmbH is one of the most successful system providers for permanent hair removal, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation in Germany. The refined business model and a more secure future market are important building blocks of success.

Franchisees go into a proven business concept and are supported by the system attendant professionally and comprehensively. Nelson – love your skin ++ – your specialist for permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal. When it comes to you beautiful and smooth skin to the theme, you are right with us. The brand clean skin”Germany stands for best quality in treatment for permanent hair and tattoo removal. As experts in the field of light cosmetic treatments, we have the highest standards of quality and safety. That is State of the art technology and excellent service in our certified professionals. Every year, many thousands of people give us the value on an attractive, Appearance put their trust and were rewarded with a skin, free of hair and tattoos. Contact: Nelson franchise GmbH Cornelia Fried (public work & marketing) worm Street 11a 82166 Grafelfing Tel: 01803-454-500 fax: 01803-454 599 E-mail:

Some Time Back

Some time back It does some time back, fell in my hands a book that compared between lines the life with a trip in train. Nonmemory the book title, either its author, but its reading made me reflect on my own life and the one of my close friends. That it was an extremely interesting, full reading of memories and fine feelings. After meditating much envelope which had read, I interpreted that one same thing that had taken between lines, that the life is not more than a trip in train, filled with entrances and slopes, splashed sometimes of accidents with different results, slight times and other serious ones, with pleasant surprises in some stations, and deep sadnesses in others. When being born, we rose the train and we were with some people who we think that always they will be with us in that trip, we identified and them like our parents.

Lamentably the truth is another one, are not always with us. But there are other people to whom the same throughout the route will happen. They will lower in some station leaving us orphaned of its affection, friendship and its irreplaceable company. However, that feeling of fleeting impotence does not prevent that other people rise who will be to us very special throughout another part of the passage. They could be our wonderful brothers, friendly and those loves that appear to fill a special hollow in our heart and to fill it of extraordinary feelings. Of the people who take that train, there will be also those do it like a simple stroll, whereas others will find the sense of the life during the trip And there will be others, anonymously and circulating around the train, they will be always ready in helping to needs that it without requesting nothing in return.


Pricing is nothing more than the calculation of the value of a given well. For example, housing is subject to official appraisal by an expert to know its real value before hiring a mortgage loan. Such pricing carries out an independent company specialized, as it forces the mortgage law. This is to certify that the value is real and is not influenced by any of the parties involved in the signing of a mortgage. The value stipulated in the appraisal of housing is the reference value which the Bank when granting a particular mortgage, therefore, take this appraisal shall be mandatory when signing a mortgage. A home’s value can vary depending on the appraiser who perform pricing (sometimes these variations can be very significant). In addition each bank has a number of approved appraisers, in such a way that they only accept these appraisers appraisals. Therefore, it can be highly recommended well know company going has price housing before entering into pricing.

Another concept to have in account is the duration of these valuations. In theory, this lasts for six months, but however, due to changing who is currently the market, we can find with banks who do not accept appraisals with more than three months. If we add to all this that the cost of the appraisal should be borne by the person who wants to sign the mortgage, we take into account that it’s one expense to add to all those who already by itself involves the hiring of a mortgage. Mortgage free, company specialized in the granting of all kinds of mortgages, has launched a new promotion that this month will give away cost of pricing to all persons who sign a mortgage with them.