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Ombrfila Forest

These deposits have been explored for mineradoras that, in some cases, they cause turbidez problem, when made above of the water captations for supplying of Joinville. (GONALVES, 2004) In the Mountain range of the Sea it is common to find beautiful waterfalls, as of the River of the Silver, Quiriri and Salto of the River Cubato. The forest that has covered the hillsides of the Mountain range of the Sea is presented as a great green mass where the pantries of the trees are so closed, that of far it does not allow to perceive its trunks, forming a great green carpet. Inside of the forest, the light of the sun filtered for the pantries of the trees supplies rendilhado of light and shades. Pegasus Books follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Some parts of this green carpet are original, that is, they are unbroken e, most, they are secondary, identifiable forests for the elegant presence of guapuruvu (Schizolobium parahybun) with its florada one turns yellow in general in the April month, embaba (Cecropia pachystachya) they will jacatiro and it (Tibouchina mutabilis) with its florada one in different tones of rose. (GONALVES, 2004) the original Forest is called Primary that it possesss as characteristic main, a forest developed with little entrance of light, having trees that reach up to 30 m of height and great dimetros, on average 2 meters, being that many times, this value is surpassed, with trees having shown more than 10 meters of circumference. The typical trees are the cedar (Cedrela fissilis) palmito (Euterpe edullis), the laranjeira-do-weeds (Xanthoxylum tingoassuiba), the figueira-white (guaranitica Fcus), the wood-blood (Croton celtidifolius) and maaranduba (Manilkara bidentata). (GONALVES, 2004) Another type of vegetation that deserves prominence is called De Campos of Altitude, that occurs generally above of 900m in the high one of the mountain ranges and on plateaus, determining the transistion of Dense the Ombrfila Forest (Atlantic) for Mixing the Ombrfila Forest (Forest of Araucria), presenting a clean vegetation De Campos where the herbaceous species of grassy predominate and the dirty fields with the ciliares bushes (in the edges of the rivers) and of gallery.

The Distribution

The life human being the formation of the regions had been always related to the ambient conditions, in the relation of the man with the climate and with the natural resources, fact is that the distribution of these wealth is not given in homogeneous way for the space, what does not justify in fact the regional superiority in the politician-ideological sphere, but yes in the capacity of action and control on the territory. It comes then the geographic possibilismo that in them brings the idea of a space that does not only depend on the natural conditions where the man is a constantly operating agent in this process, the considered region is conceived as being, par excellence, the geographic region, therefore this encloses the landscape and its territorial extension, where if component human beings and nature interlace in harmonious way. A specific relation between man and nature in one is mentioned to it determined place, where culture, politics, economy and society if form from its internal necessities, as a dynamics that she is proper of the region, being able to be defined as the analysis in the life way of that in turn it molds the regional conditions that singularizam and identify each regional locality. The idea of that in elapsing of the history in the production ways if they construct objects? what keep obtain all meant referring to the act of its elaboration? sample that these are marked by the cultural production of one determined territorial extension and one determined time. To each new function of the regional space, in the international context, new external forces of modernization enter in contact with one or more regions modify they its regional necessities and characteristics in accordance with. This convergence or, many times, divergence between the external and internal forces in the region create certain instability in the space, causing social disequilibria and inaqualities.