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The Solution

(U.A.Z. 78 years, 2009). According to that Martinelli says (2006, P. 14), ' ' a person can have worked during many years, however when leaving the market starts to restitute a category of not diligent, all its rights if they esvaem, shakes all arduously a personal and familiar life construda' '. U.A.Z. (78 years, 2009), it says that, ' ' I very felt for the fact to stop to work, …

now, without a doubt none, what I marked more me I was to need to stop of trabalhar' '. Before looking specialized aid, or if reporting to a professional with specific knowledge in the health area, in this in case that the doctor, with ability to deal with it form to find the origin of its pathology, the individual covers a long way for times, which we relate in them previously. However, the movement that the citizen makes to appeal to its next ones with the purpose to find the solution of its problematic one is not a fact that happens accidentally. The way to act in relation proper itself is fruit of factors that had influenced in its daily life, factors these that had not been constructed by he himself, but that already they were given when of its existence as ' ' ser' ' pertaining the determined group or society. Heller (2008, P.

115) it appears affirming that ' ' exactly the life most elementary would be unimaginable without imitation … the man is capable to imitate isolated movements and functions not only, but also entire ways of behavior and ao' '. The individuals act for consequences and instincts. The man acquires in elapsing of its development as subject to capacity to carry through its routine activities of form instinctive mechanics and. Spider (1993, P. 07) in turn communicates routines constructed in the daily one of the individual: ' ' it is dressed, it eaten, it thought, not as each one would like if dressing, eating or to think, but as the majority faz' '.