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Latin American Investments

This does not mean that the stock market can continue rising, but we must be alert to profit-taking occurring near the market peak. And remember that the funds are invested in venture capital stock, ie it should be clear that investing in stocks can lead to lose at least one of the capital invested. No money must flow is needed to live, but you can lose without greatly affect our finances. Reduce exposure in sectors that have risen sharply and where the potential is compromised up and start investing in others that have not already done so. *** The BM & F Bovespa, a company created from the merger of the BM & F (Bag Mercadorias and Futures) and the Bovespa (Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo), wants to be “the largest stock exchange in the world,” says the president of the BM & F, Manoel Felix . The bags in terms of increased market value and are ordered (at May 2): 1) Deutsche Borse (U.S.

$ 31.41 billion) 2) CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) U.S. $ 25.98 billion. 3) BM & F Bovespa (U.S. $ 23.34 billion) “This bag has everything to be the largest in the world,” said Cintra Neto finance at a seminar in Sao Paulo. One of the main challenges is the integration of Latin American markets. “We intend to do proactive work in the region. We will give priority to achieving operational agreements with Latin American markets, “said Gilberto Milano, President of the Board of Directors of the company.