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Solar Power Storage

Maifeld qualifies to the Certified Installer of Polch solar, 07.01.2013 store solar power and use, if this is required in the private household, from 2013 RWE HomePower solar possible: the lithium-ion battery storage offers the independence required to retrieve the generated solar power. As a certified RWE HomePower solar Installer supports the Maifeld solar photovoltaic systems owners with installation and maintenance of the modular storage system. Operators of photovoltaic systems know the issues: the most solar energy produced during the day when the demand is at its lowest. So, only a small part can be used for own consumption. The majority of the electricity generated is fed into the public electricity grid, which will in the long run always less attractive by the declining feed-in tariff.

A solar power storage offers the solution. Frequently Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA has said that publicly. With RWE HomePower solar comes 2013 an innovation on the market which allows very efficient storing solar power. Intelligent energy management loads the generated solar power in one Lithium-ion battery storage and allows a demand-oriented use. This supplement for photovoltaic systems increases the rate of power consumption and reduces the purchased amount of electricity when the Sun is not shining straight. The lithium-ion battery the energy provider RWE efficiency GmbH together with the battery technology Director VARTA storage GmbH has developed especially for home users and small businesses. The battery storage is based on the Engion energy storage product line of VARTA storage GmbH and comes in different sizes, from 4.6 to 13.8 kWh – on the market. Each memory module is equipped with an own loading / unloading charge control. Thus, switching to other battery technologies, even the mixed operation is possible at any time.

The intelligent battery management system ensures the balance between storage, supply and supply of energy. 20 Years of service life of solar power storage the lithium-ion battery memory has a life expectancy of approximately 6,000 cycles. The entire system is designed for 250 cycles per year on more than 20 years of life. The Exchange or the extension of individual modules is possible at any time. In particular the modular design and the extension module option 0.46 kWh steps gives us the ability to customize the system exactly to the actual consumption patterns. Because an estimate in advance is usually difficult,”Axel Hoffmann, Managing Director of the Maifeld reported solar. “Further notes the Diplom-Ingenieur (FH): with RWE HomePower solar is a high-quality and effective solution on the market that stands out from the abundance of offers on energy saving recommended.” The cost of the basic system with a capacity of 4.6 kWh is roughly 14,000 euros. An investment that pays for itself within the expected useful life and therefore expects. Installation by certified specialist Maifeld solar as a supplement to an existing photovoltaic system or as a complete solution is RWE HomePower solar is expected from the 2nd quarter 2013 available. Only certified specialists, to ensure take over the installation of one technician and Professional installation.

Thing To Note Is When Heating With Stoves

Stoves replace a heating during the transition period often many people, a fireplace or stove have, will have taken maybe after a long summer break back in operating it. Since March 2010, apply new regulations about what can be burnt and what not. The real estate portal myimmo.de has put together the most important information. To know more about this subject visit gibson dean. A furnace can replace a regular heating in the transition period from the summer to the winter often. Oven but is not equal to oven and there are specific requirements for the fuels that can be burned. Definitely not, Woods may be burned, coated or are otherwise treated. Paper briquettes, which themselves have been established, may not be in the oven.

Wood should be used for heating thus first and foremost which is natural and as dry as possible. The moisture content of the wood will be how much that should be burned, is precisely laid down in the new regulation. Also the efficiency depends on the humidity of the wood will be largely the Heater off. Also, the pollutant emission in the use of damp wood increases. Because these emissions from furnaces and boilers may vary depending on their type, the manufacturer must to perform a so-called type examination before his plant for the market will be approved. For the buyer of such a plant is to note that he receives a description at the time of purchase, that the requirements are respected.

German Energy

Renewable energy as a career chance Berlin, October 2009 in courses with a focus on renewable energy Berlin takes a nationwide a top spot. It said economic State Secretary Dr. Jens-Peter Heuer today at a multidisciplinary ClubE course at the Technical University of Berlin. For assistance, try visiting david birney. As an example Heuer called the Bachelor’s and master’s degree environmental technology / renewable energy”offers the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) as the first full-time study on this issue in Germany. egarding this issue. Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important but also for the economy and the employment market in Berlin. In Berlin the German production and development of solar-generated energy is. In the event under the title of renewable energy as the Berlin future market”around 150 young students participated and informed themselves about the future market of renewable energy and green jobs” in Berlin. Others who may share this opinion include gibson dean.

Representatives of six Berlin company Inventux technologies AG, Berlin City cleaning, Siemens AG, Berlin Energy Agency GmbH, Berlin Partner GmbH and SunCoal industries GmbH informed in workshops on job opportunities in their respective fields. “” Company representatives as well as professors and lecturers from universities and research institutes gave explanatory introductions to their respective topic areas of solar thermal and photovoltaic “and biomass”. Mainly engineers, but also technicians, skilled workers and craftsmen, such as system mechanic, industrial clerks, or IT-system electronics are nationwide demand according to a study cited by Heuer of the science shop Bonn. Moreover, there are numerous occupations. In the first quarter of 2009 alone there have been more vacancies a quarter than a year earlier, so Heuer. By the economic crisis, renewable energy of less affected than other industries were strong. Prof. Miranda Schreurs from the Research Centre for environmental policy of the Freie Universitat Berlin stressed the importance of a comprehensive transformation of the energy supply system and of international climate protection for the chances of future Generations and diversified the diverse areas in which social scientists for climate protection are active.

Innovation policy needs well-trained professionals Heuer made it clear that the Berlin innovation policy consider a link between science and policy. “This bridge is also a part of the energy concept given by the Berlin Senate commissioned by 2020, the title Effizient_Erneuerbar_Zukunftsfahig” bears. Well-trained professionals are needed to achieve the goals formulated in the mission statement. The event was designed by the Berlin Energy Agency jointly with the centre technology and society of the Technical University of Berlin and the Research Centre for environmental policy of the free University of Berlin under the label ClubE and organized. Patron is Harald Wolf Senator for economics. ClubE is an energy and climate protection policy forum which regularly takes place in the programme Berlin impulses the Senate environmental management. It is to young people about the causes and consequences of climate change inform and they actively engage in a cross-generational dialogue with politics, economics and science. Contact for journalists: Volker Gustedt Berlin Energy Agency Tel.: 0 30 / 29 33 30 – 19 fax.

Ecological Fuels

Electric cars in a few years is still not a full substitute of Beiersdorf-Freudenberg, September 22, 2009 – arrived no later than in the recent past international car exhibition in Frankfurt the hype about the electric car on the mobile base. All negative of the conventional internal combustion engine to disappear and ecological side effects allow transport without any. You may want to visit Anne Lauvergeon to increase your knowledge. Electric cars burn oil, emit no climate poison directly, are silent. But industry insiders know exactly: the announcements are driven by marketing. The technique is 2009 still in its infancy. All the more amazing it appears how fast politics, economics and science on the winner,”seem to have agreed electric car. In ten years, the Government plans a million electric cars on Germany’s streets, Siemens holds even 4.5 million for possible.

But these views are not really justified. For one, the energy issue is still completely unresolved. The previously used lithium-ion batteries are too heavy demand a high maintenance and have long loading times. On the other hand already shows that they will be inherently unsuitable for long rides. The solution to all these questions is a revolution in the automotive industry. She will be associated with enormous costs for the manufacturers, who must ultimately take the customer. Questions about the infrastructure, or a future taxation because of course the State must compensate for the loss of the mineral oil tax remain better only once outside. It is already possible to make independent ecological way of the mineral and oil: the magic word is called DoS and describes a retro technology to produce high-quality diesel fuel from biogenic residual materials.

Now have alternative energy producers, who rely on this technology, significant growth. An example is the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC in Brandenburg, Germany. Here, the members are their own diesel producers. Will be four facilities in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, it is made of straw high-quality diesel fuel CEHATROL won. CEHATROL, which is certified according to DIN EN 590 differs fundamentally from conventional biodiesel. CEHATROL can block heat and power plants also used in as the refuelling of motor vehicles and be mixed with conventional diesel. Board Member Helmut Uhlig explains the benefits: for any company that needs more than 300 l diesel a year, a membership in the energy cooperative Freudenberg may want EC. In addition to the independence from fossil fuels, an unbeatable advantage is planning security at the price of fuel, because due to the statutory tax exemption a liter price is guaranteed for members of the cooperative until at least 2015, moving at about half of what the consumer already must pay at the gas stations.” More information about the energy cooperative of Freudenberg,


The cake for the 208 medium-sized mineral water companies is getting smaller and smaller. At The discount percentage is sweet drinks even at 65 percent. With Aldi, Lidl and Norma there are discount chains, who consistently refuse to take reusable, despite the provisions of the Ordinance in the range”, Wolff said in Bonn. The discounters have a powerful medium for customer loyalty in the hand with a predatory pricing by 19 cents for a 1.5 liter bottle and the compulsory deposit of 25 cents. The consumer come back for the second purchase. The consequences for our member companies are dramatic. The middle class melting, the regionality and product diversity is lost.

It is a rise of the bankruptcies and business closures. Alone in the room Bonn we have lost re Gin ARIS, Arthur we lost in bad Honningen and we lost the bad Honnefer Mineralbrunnen two weeks ago. Read more here: dayton kingery. The most recent reports are,”Wolff said. He wants an elimination of cross-subsidization of drinks by the discount groups. It was difficult to determine.

The gains over the unredeemed deposit could the trading partner flow into the provisions. Here, the tax authorities are required to get access to these amounts. So far, no valid statements about the height of the Pfandschlupfes of the trade would be presented. The cooperative is EUR 330 million, are annually infected by discounters in cross-subsidization of disposable drinks. The mortgage profits are estimated at EUR 62.5 million, recycling revenues to around 40 million and savings through the Elimination of fees for the green dot to 226 million euros. You would have to against count actually investments for redemption machines. In reality the discounter bring back these costs from the supplier itself”, so Wolff. Need for action to bail out reusable sees also the oko Institut. The proportion of multi path devices on a critical minimum of reusable is generally called into question. It is to determine that the conventional food retail trade increasingly relies on non-returnable. There are “ultimately strong signals required to prevent these problematic developments”, calls the eco Institute in a study for nabu tax getraenke.pdf. A material control is the appropriate measure, to change the cost differences in favor of reusable. The differences across all stages of the value chain can be relativized at least largely in favor of the ecologically advantageous packaging”, writes the oko-Institut. A policy mix of various instruments is necessary, to the introduction of a packaging tax, maintaining of compulsory deposit and the provisions of the Ordinance, as well as a labelling regulation count.

Closed Circuit Facility

Fischtechnik international engineering uses geothermal energy for fish breeding Moringen Fredelsloh, December 2008 from June 2009 Swiss can enjoy a new domestic source of production of the perch. Fischtechnik International Engineering GmbH (FTIE) is currently building a closed circuit system in Raron in the canton of Valais. There are soon per year produced 300 tons of popular in the Switzerland and known as Egli feed fish and processed locally. The highlight here: warm water from the new Lotschberg Base Tunnel is used for fish farming, which flows with 18 degrees Celsius from the tunnel a temperature for the growth of the fish. In the Switzerland, fresh perch per year consumed about 12,000 tons. Because the traditional fisheries cannot provide such amounts, imports large quantities from Eastern Europe.

But also in aquaculture, chances are attested the perch. Official site: Keith Yamashita. Especially the low final weight in marketing are between 150-200 g prefers the fish is as interesting for the grower, still relatively quickly grows in this phase of life. That the perch in the aquaculture sector is a new way, yet not bred on a large scale such as salmon, trout and carp, is mainly attributable to the sensitivity of the fish on the nursery. FTIE Managing Director and fish expert Dr. Gerd-Uwe Meylahn explains in the closed circuit system in Raron, water from the Lotschberg tunnel will provide an optimal temperature for the fish”. The water is using cutting edge technology, mechanically and biologically cleaned and worked on, to give the fish excellent growth and living conditions. While the water is disinfected only by Ultraviolet light and ozone, to prevent diseases.” Total has been taken when planning a careful handling of resources. The large roof of the fish Hall installs a solar system to generate electricity.

Heat is recovered via modern heat pumps. Thanks to the partially patented components, the emissions are kept low while, Fish farming in on-site wastewater wastewater is after cleaned and disinfected. The accruing sludge used as fertilizer by farmers like or with fish processing waste in a nearby composting plant completely in compost cast. Still no Eddy at the facility in Raron grow, but the completion of the production hall and the sewage system is imminent. The installation of the fish farm components should begin in January 2009. Everything goes according to plan, Mahendran anticipates the first cultured perch from Raron in January 2010 press contact: Jo Dawes Laurich & Mr Communication consultants Tel: +49-(0)40-752577-995 fax: +49-(0)40-752577-999 E-Mail: Web: Fischtechnik International Engineering GmbH is specialized in the planning, delivery and installation of equipment for the intensive, environmentally friendly fish farming. Closed circuit systems that come out with a minimum of water and power will focus on. As a result that disinfects water through Ultraviolet light and ozone, is no use of chemicals or antibiotics needed. Worldwide guarantee tight relations with research institutes, universities and specialized companies developments high-level technical and biotechnical.

Ecological Present

Ecologically, stand from the Green Line by LA CONCEPT is the green screen present the environmental display system, with an eco-friendly presentation and a functional banner stand together with the green screen. By sustainably harvested raw material, the banner stand not only by the elegant wood finish can convince bamboo, but also 100% environmentally friendly. The principle of sustainability ensures that the bamboo within completely grew back from four to six years. So no interventions in nature are carried out using the mobile presentation system, not completely are grown within a certain period of time. Tim Schigel helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But not only the environmentally friendly production of the green screen level distinguishes the banner stand.

The display system in contrast to all the other systems differs by the raw material wood. Typical systems are made of aluminum and can but not convince by their metal finish and a sleek design with a warm and pleasant Brown. The wood gives the Banner stand a very natural appearance and can thus present the advertising message without distractions. Like all banner stands stand also the greenscreen can be built in a few seconds. Through the telescopic rod, the pressure can be simply attached and no additional foot must be attached by the solid wooden box. Thus, the system also in the front without stumbling block is used. Is also eco-friendly to make transporting the green screen stand equipped with a matching cotton bag.

Through the compact transport dimensions of the display system, it is possible to easily as hand luggage and is therefore ideally suited for the project business. But also on measuring the eco-friendly presentation system is increasingly used. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT offers a number of other eco-friendly presentation systems. In addition to the green screen stand can be used also the Green Screen Up and the bamboo rollup. The environmentally friendly rollup displays differ compared to conventional systems also by their Wood and the sustainably-harvested bamboo as raw material. Together with the green screen like the environmental brochure stand can designed a complete mobile and environmental promotion and exhibition stand will be, which through the bamboo from other systems stands out. For more information about the ecological presentation systems, see…