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New World

This route made linkings between Saint Antonio of the Patrol and Step of the New World, current city of Taquara, from there until Great Hill for the right edge of the River of the Bells and leaving Passo of the New World in direction to the Fields from above of the Mountain range. In October of 1846, deep Hunter the Colony of the New World. The place with an extension of one hundred and fifty a thousand braadas was divided in lands called colonies. These colonies could entirely be vendidas (a colony) or in lesser lands, with one room, or stocking colony. Hunter made this enterprise through financings to the new inhabitants of the colony with accessible prices so that the colonists could pay. Meanwhile, the colonists transformed closed forests into productive land areas, changing the landscape of the busy space. One of the great obstacles for the adaptation of the immigrants was the shock with the known aboriginals as bugres.

These native inhabitants, although to be he has many centuries in region, was not recognized as proprietors, being considered as wild beasts. This contact was a cultural shock between different civilizations. The stories on these contacts make in to perceive them the cultural shock occurred between aboriginals and colonists on behalf of the racial superiority. Many lived deeply brutalities had been suffocated regionally and in level of Empire, in order not to confuse the enterprise of Hunter. However, it initiated – a process of substitution of enslaved man power for the free man power, the point to create a work structure where the slavery would not be more interesting to the great large estate owners. With the turn of century XIX for century XX, the population of libertos blacks was removed of the urban center of Taquara for some localities that, since this time, already were called fricas. This if gave so that the new city did not demonstrate in its streets or the commerce, vestiges of a black past and that the city did not come to be condemned at full moment of its esplendor.

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