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The Pain

There are that they react by denying that pain, burying in deep strata of his inner world, and are separated from him, not feeling it, because without a doubt take contact with it makes them vulnerable vivenciarse and is something they are not willing to experiment. Madeleine Sackler can aid you in your search for knowledge. On the other hand there are people who face the anguish, and in full contact with this inner pain, put all its potential into performance and create the most productive expressions which are capable, this in order of art, of work, of production, of the daily activity of the profession; Finally, people are for which contact with the pain it causes them anguish, they take out their greatest creative and operational possibilities. And there are those who face the anguish they fear, feel much fear to this produce a greater evil, are inhibited, become about themselves and the anxiety and the anxiety that this produces them, all kinds of thoughts and meditations all of them related with the negative, with catastrophic and unbalancing, precipitating leads them to shut himself up on themselves, not to act, and to enlarge even more anxiety and distress originating, and both times they tend to get sick so much anxiety attacks (attacks of panic) and also of anxiety and depression. While other persons before the anguish, disconnects are separated from this pain, and live your life without any contact with that which makes them suffer. But what they should not see, observe, is that each mode and way of acting are the ways in which this subject with anguish expressed their reaction, or not in the same way, but depending on this the way in which who is anxious or not face the situation shows us the structure of their psychic and mental worldyour health and strength ability or his inability to react with health and balance to a situation that breaks, because you can hold in those respects healthy and strengthened his personality, because these are not or because they are very weak and not reach you to hold them. BECAUSE occur daily facts and circumstances which put the person to test, and not all before these circumstances is distress, amilanan, not only do those who are or have particular vulnerability to face these circumstances than in their daily life and everyday to elapse, manifest. Lic. Cristina psychological Heinzmann.Centro share..