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Russian Federation

In accordance with Federal law "On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation" may be subject to separate assessment of tangible objects, movable and immovable property, property rights and other real rights, rights, debts, rights to the designations (trade name, trademark, etc.), products, works, services, information, etc. Depending on the specific situations of the cost of business may evaluated differently, since in each case there is a need to establish a specific value it. For example, the market value of the business is carried out to determine its economic building, in the strategy development and assessment of management effectiveness, the owner of the company can assess the market value in order to select cost effective disposal options property to justify the price of purchase and sale of the business as a whole or its parts, and resale value will be set when determining the amount of proceeds in liquidation of the company. Since 2008, the Russian Federation entered into force federal standard assessment number 2, according to which the assessment are four types of project cost: market, investment, and inventory liquidation. Market value – is the most probable price at which the object of evaluation can be sold on the market in the presence of free competition and the absence of extraordinary circumstances, it is assumed that the period of sale is sufficient to attract the attention of sufficient number of potential buyers. Investment value – is the value of property assessment established for investment purposes to use it for a particular investor.

Nelson Wins Gold With The F & C Award

Clean skin to qualify one of the most important awards for an above-average quality of relationship between franchisor and employees for the F & C-Gold Award. Society for business and network evaluation (GUN) and the International Centre for franchising & cooperation (F & C) perform partner analyses regularly at prestigious franchise businesses. At the same time, it issued awards for excellent results for the surveys in the area of franchisee satisfaction. In addition to the award of the best system”, the F & C awards in gold and silver are also” awarded. For the procurement of F & C Awards Gold is conducted a satisfaction survey among all franchisees. Covers various topics from the daily work life and issues to business success. Furthermore, there are for example the benefits of franchise headquarters and the relationship with the franchisor and other franchisees in the focus. In the context of the recording arrangements for full membership to the German Franchise Association (DFV), all franchisees of the franchise GmbH skin of the Cleanfix were asked about their satisfaction with the franchise system.

The franchise GmbH skin of Cleanfix to qualify by exceptionally good results for the F & C Award Gold, the highest honor in German franchise business for Fanchisepartner satisfaction. “” In terms of the global satisfaction of clean skin franchisees were the survey around 78% of responses between very satisfied “and satisfied”. As a franchisor Nelson emphasis very active and good relationship with its partners. Together the quality of the system and the reputation of the mark should be backed up and steadily improved. The benefits of synergies and our exceptional network are our great strengths”, says Frank Linke, Managing Director of the franchise GmbH skin of the Cleanfix. Clean skin stands for a recipe for success in the cosmetics sector, the partners of permanent hair removal, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation technologies and a comprehensive franchise overall concept is available. The Cleanfix skin franchise GmbH is one of the most successful system providers for permanent hair removal, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation in Germany. The refined business model and a more secure future market are important building blocks of success.

Franchisees go into a proven business concept and are supported by the system attendant professionally and comprehensively. Nelson – love your skin ++ – your specialist for permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal. When it comes to you beautiful and smooth skin to the theme, you are right with us. The brand clean skin”Germany stands for best quality in treatment for permanent hair and tattoo removal. As experts in the field of light cosmetic treatments, we have the highest standards of quality and safety. That is State of the art technology and excellent service in our certified professionals. Every year, many thousands of people give us the value on an attractive, Appearance put their trust and were rewarded with a skin, free of hair and tattoos. Contact: Nelson franchise GmbH Cornelia Fried (public work & marketing) worm Street 11a 82166 Grafelfing Tel: 01803-454-500 fax: 01803-454 599 E-mail:

Carsten Otte

The combination greatly improves statement accuracy compared to the application of a method only. You may find 4Moms to be a useful source of information. While a false positive or false negative diagnosis is largely closed. The results are therefore highly reliable.” The hair analysis method has significant advantages, which lie mainly in its higher significance, but also in pleasant sampling over blood, liver or urine tests. The combination of FSEE hair tests and EtG – covers throughout a period of up to six months, not just a few days like other methods. Liver tests may occur due to existing diseases, such as hepatitis, to misdiagnosis.

In the combined analysis of EtG/FSEE hair this is excluded as far as possible. Learn more about the EtG / FSEE hair analysis and Trimega: Twitter: twitter.com/trimegalabs of Trimega laboratories Trimega laboratories (www.trimegalabs.de) was founded in London in 2005 and since then has a variety of innovative methods for the detection of substance abuse developed. The core business is the laboratory analysis of hair samples that allow evidence of drug and alcohol abuse over a period of up to 12 months. In the UK, Trimega is already according to quality management system ISO 9001:2000 certified by Lloyd’s register quality assurance, a certification authority accredited by the UKAS. Many attorneys for family law, courts, physicians, pilots, midwives, local authorities, corporate customers and consumer use of Trimega laboratories on the services. 2008 the company was start-up with the “best use of technology” award at the Barclay startups Awards, won the HSBC stars “-was one of the finalists of the”national business award”award, and reached the final of the ‘fast growth business awards’ 2009.” Contact: wildcard communications Carsten Otte stone RT 129 D 47798 Krefeld t + 49 (0) 2151 65 35 444 F: + 49 (0) 2151 65 35 445 mobile: + 49 (0) 178-166 52 34 E-mail: Trimega laboratories Sedanstrasse 14 89077 Ulm T: + 49 180 1144 244 F: + 49 731 230 9059 E-mail: