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The Economist

European countries are currently listed as the best to perform all kinds of investments, since they not only the financial benefits are enough, but that also other influential factors such as health, Government, the economy, employment and the nature among others equally noteworthy, thus demonstrated. The choice of a new country to live directly depends on some factors like those above mentioned, however take into account our personal tastes and rating them, perhaps a very important part to take into account. It must be said that European countries within its greatest virtues have their economic stability and great sociability of persons, not to mention the beauty of their land. Currently according to various surveys and social studies by major magazines such as The Economist, several European countries manage to stand out globally, by various factors that we will mention below. The first in Excel is Ireland, which thanks to its economy well substantiated and great profitability in loans for housing, not to mention quality of life which owns that country, shown as an excellent option to invest in housing.

Switzerland is the second to stand out, because their quality of life is pretty good, not to mention economic factors such as profitability in loans and excellent payment options. Another important country that makes its appearance within the top is Denmark, since one of the main virtues which that country has is its excellent level of urban development and social evolution, not to mention his important political organization. Another basic country to highlight is that Spain thanks to its profitability in the mortgage loans and to easy cancellation shown to the world as one of the best places to invest in housing, not to mention the excellent organization both Government and urban development. France is a country that is not far behind when it comes to being praised for the conception of a housing, since this is characterized largely not only for its architectural beauty, but by present people fairly adaptable mortgage loans interest rates. A country that thanks to its social and infrastructural virtues that we can not fail to mention is Italy, which today shows to the world as a very good source to invest due to these same virtues. Although there are many more countries to highlight when making an investment in housing previously mentioned are shown before the world possibly as the best options. Given the above is demonstrated that Europe is not only an excellent place to invest or buy thanks to the benefits that this continent offers in areas such as loans and interests, but it is also an ideal place to live since the urban, each European country’s social and political organization are areas worthy of admiration.

Mas Rico

A bit of philosophy in the midst of the crisis. After fifteen years of uninterrupted growth, the economy is going downhill and nearly all adjust our consumption to a minimum. Saving is unheard of 24% in Spain, and the purchase of homes, vehicles, appliances, furniture, or generally anything postponable, has plummeted, while white markings and the hard discount are being imposed, causing even large strategic moves in this regard, as the Mercadona, that is promoting its brands to the detriment of the manufacturers. In many cases, this is caused by the situation of unemployment of one or more members of the family unit, while in others many occurs by negative expectations we have about the future development of the economy. We are all concerned about this. However, after more than one decade in which this (somewhat artificial, as it has been demonstrated) economic growth and competition with others (friends, neighbors, colleagues) have encouraged consumerism and have created needs, perhaps it is good moment to arise is not richer has the most, but the least need. Case to)-have ever seen what Villa Alberto has been purchased? Impressive, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, farm two thousand square meters – yes, I have not seen it, but Paco told me the other day. The truth is that it is a triumphant case b)-often car that has outlets, three hundred horses, and all the equipment you could imagine, seats with individual heating and memory, if it slows up only if it detects an obstacle – Yes, already gave me a lap last week.

Mind-blowing. The truth is that a good car, need you because it travels much case c)-what such Pedro? Long often Iphone! that you spend -As you can see, it is that as I am always around travel, I need to be connected, and I am so under all the e-mails when I want to. It is a caprichito, but that is nice? Good, and useful, above all, useful today in day, many professionals live in continuous stress and would be willing to exchange a bit of this life by having a schedule more flexible, to reconcile with his family life, more opportunities for training and personal and professional development, etc.; In short, a little more time for themselves. Continued case to)-nor think, finally and after is all day outside and doesn’t enjoy it much, and almost worst weekends. And you have a mortgage of more than three thousand euros a month, I think that it almost works for the Bank. And Furthermore, why does so many rooms, if they even have children? Continued case b) – well, that spend all day on the road is a roll.

I was also before as well, but now I can walk to work, and that’s life. Continued case c) – i.e. which are all day giving you the can – Yes, not see, everytime I hear the beep that there is a new message, already I hysterical Pongo, nor the weekend let me quiet. Original author and source of the article.

Break Las Limiting Beliefs

The issue of money has been extremely controversial throughout the history of mankind, and really what are the reasons to see the money as a problem? There are many, but perhaps have two that are the most important, the first is that money is essential to incorporate ourselves efficiently to life in society, the vast majority of activities require money: food, costumes, fun, sports, education, transportation, health, public services, etc. Then when it has no quality of life decreases in remarkable shape and is very reasonable that individuals feel bad in that situation, because they are facing a number of restrictions. On the other hand is what seemingly sounds paradoxical that some have extra money and wasting it while others do not even have to eat, maybe some call this sin, the truth is that this perspective is wrong, life is a wonderful game, where even though you believe it or not and want to accept there are people who have unconsciously decided to play certain roles and not incumbent upon you change globalism. It is your responsibility is to change your own life, then someone can ask sounds too selfish!, it is not true and I explain because firstly the abundance already exists, you are already abundant and has always been to perhaps your current conscious perception not so proven, then where is that abundance? You are in your spiritual being, inside, in your faith and you think internally. Each of us are exceptional beings and we have gifts and powers that have been granted us, abundance is only a belief in a person’s mind, is not necessarily linked to intelligence or work, it is a State, if we want to change our situation then we should pursue the desired condition. And what is the first step? No doubt that it is eliminating all negative beliefs about money, for example, if I tell him that his dinner will be 8 rats in barbecue sauce, her reaction is probably of repudiation, but in reality does is unpleasant to eat rats in? barbecue salsa? Not necessarily, it is only a concept in their mind, I can assure you that if from a young age we had heard that this dish was something exquisite then their senses were conditioned to taste the dish, that is your belief determines the material world, then once information is stuck in your mind has the power and your world is an expression of their belief system. With money it happens exactly same as the example of the food of rats, it is difficult to obtain if inwardly think it is dirty, returns to the selfish and arrogance, people that brings problems, removing them to others, etc.

BlackBerry Storm 3 Your Best Option

BlackBerry phones are known for their user-friendly design and its ergonomics so that the new Blackberry storm 3 is no exception.There have been a number of improvements in est phone.The new 3? It is equipped with an 8 mega pixel camera, and this means that the images taken by the camera will have a near professional level.This new phone has been developed to defeat its competitors like the iPhone from Apple 4 and Nokia N8.All these phones have been equipped with top of the line of cameras with good optics performance. When it comes to customizing the new mora, they are not more than enough options.Now owners can set their favorite songs as ringtones.So everytime you receive a call you received the best music for your ears.The sound quality was also an improvement over the previous model and the sound is now sharper than before.The equalizer has also been improved for make the music sound more pleasant to the ears.Today a person can establish presets that coincide with the speakers the headphone audio performance. Player built for this phone is also a huge improvement from the previous model.And you are now face to face with the media players in the competition.Today you can easily play MP3 game, eAAC, WMA, MP4.These formats are used to play music as well as video.All these elements are compatible with this phone and a person can also have your music collection with you wherever.The battery life has also been improved and now the time has been moved up to 9 hours. Connection to Internet of the new Blackberry 3 has never been easier, since it comes fully equipped with the most advanced Wi-Fi systems for domestic and local networks.The benefit is the rate of data transfer of high can be achieved When such movies copying data.And when is this in the way the phone can be connected through 3 G along with the ability of GPS network.Connectivity to the computer has been made very easy and now the phone is compatible with USB connectivity.This is an additional benefit as new USB 2 and 3 of data faster to get good transfer rates.It’s a package of pure performance for an intelligent person.. (Not to be confused with Mirilashvili!).