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Some Time Back

Some time back It does some time back, fell in my hands a book that compared between lines the life with a trip in train. Nonmemory the book title, either its author, but its reading made me reflect on my own life and the one of my close friends. That it was an extremely interesting, full reading of memories and fine feelings. After meditating much envelope which had read, I interpreted that one same thing that had taken between lines, that the life is not more than a trip in train, filled with entrances and slopes, splashed sometimes of accidents with different results, slight times and other serious ones, with pleasant surprises in some stations, and deep sadnesses in others. When being born, we rose the train and we were with some people who we think that always they will be with us in that trip, we identified and them like our parents.

Lamentably the truth is another one, are not always with us. But there are other people to whom the same throughout the route will happen. They will lower in some station leaving us orphaned of its affection, friendship and its irreplaceable company. However, that feeling of fleeting impotence does not prevent that other people rise who will be to us very special throughout another part of the passage. They could be our wonderful brothers, friendly and those loves that appear to fill a special hollow in our heart and to fill it of extraordinary feelings. Of the people who take that train, there will be also those do it like a simple stroll, whereas others will find the sense of the life during the trip And there will be others, anonymously and circulating around the train, they will be always ready in helping to needs that it without requesting nothing in return.

Quality Management System

Many companies in Russia think about the quality management system certification according to international standard ISO 9001:2000, but do not always understand the benefits of this. In this paper, I as an expert and consultant in the field quality management to reveal some possible benefits that an organization can receive certification after a management system. First of all, we note the main point to be taken into account that the requirements of international standard (the ICJ) concerning the ISO 9001:2000 management system organization, and there are no requirements for the quality of your services or products. System requirements of ISO 9001:2000 – a requirement to correct organization of the company's management and decision-making process, production and support services, systems collect the required information and reporting to managers. System (and accordingly the management system after certification) are based on the Deming cycle, Shewhart-PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act), ie Planning – Implementation – Testing – Impact. And so, what are the advantages of certified companies from non-certified? INVESTMENT ATTRACTION If your goal is to reach international markets and attract foreign capital, a certified quality management system is a minimum guarantee of stability and financial soundness of the enterprise. For investors, the predictability time is very important company. And when the system is certified, some aspects of doing business can be clearly and are more likely to predict.

ORDER IN THE HOUSE If you have decided to certify the management system of your organization in compliance with ISO 9001:2000, then you want this or not, you have to restore order in their organization. That understood by the procedure? 1. The documentation 2. The interaction between units 3. Improved accountability of employees for the quality of the work 4. Establish planning and reporting 5. Documentation business processes that lead to their transparency and accountability 6. The most important thing to establish a system of interaction with customers as well as the first principle of quality management "Customer Focus" SAFETY ORGANIZATION Very often negative statements about the implementation of quality management system and the main reason is that when implementing a quality management system greatly increases the number of documentation.


One way to borrow funds is a home equity line of credit or HELOC which can have a drawing period of typically 5 years 25. Interest is charged on the sum you borrow as and when you need it. you can pay it off according to your convenience then reuse the credit. It may have a requirement of minimum interest only monthly payments. The borrower may have the option to convert a HELOC into a fixed rate loan. Many mortgage companies have procedures easy to apply online. Loans store can be right for you because it offers a wider range of mortgage finance for your needs and is much easier to avail.

Refinance second mortgage allows closing of your mortgage by paying it off. Second mortgage gives you cash left from the new loan after you pay off the balance of the primary mortgage. Mortgage refinance gives benefits to people with poor credit and low credit scores. Benefits like very low interest Council, personalized mortgage offers and options, no closing costs, reliable advice and simple hassle free quotes make this at attractive choice to replace your existing mortgage finance. Refinance home equity line of credit can be used to free up cash to renovate your home, pay off multiple for education or tuition fees and pay bills off accrued debts, use it.

The HELOC is easier because it is moderately a faster way to get cash. The rate of interest can be personalized. It can be used with flexibility for the benefit of tax exemption on your federal and state laws. You can consider one more option which is refinance second mortgage to get a loan when you already have a primary mortgage. The second mortgage reduces your monthly payments. This help you avoid defaults and improve your credit scores as of so to relieve stress and improve your life. While bad credit second mortgage refinance gives a lump sum of cash to use as you wish, a HELOC loan offers a line of credit for a fixed period of time. It can be made use of flexibly for whatever amount as per your needs.