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Tomaso Obama

Don’t count, nor talk about your life, only shows the results and you’ll be less poor. Need to know who you are getting to love is the result of separations and breakdown of relationships. We are not prepared to love and at the same time know, security and trust does not lie in how much and how they want us and they love if, in who wants us, until we discovered who we thought we loved just wasn’t our construction to such a level that we were able of forgive the unacceptable, but we knew it and it ate our trust at the same time that produced us wounds.When you see with the eyes of the soul and looking for answers and question to come to understand; do you see what you see?, do you feel like you feel?, do by what you deliver as you surrender?, without the hand of compassion, walk then toward the source of the reason and the intellect to extirpate yourself, that you begin to love frightens you, because you’re vulnerable, you’ve shown you to such a level that you are no longer able to be strong and compare yourself with your own story; the one that reminds you you’ll get for loving, by believing and trusting only: betrayal, disloyalty, lying and infidelity. A path to love, reflections, agreements, prayers, everything for your reflection.After which you share with tigo to finding a new friend in my life, Deepak Chopra, accomplice that nights after nights devote them to read until the early hours of the morning when I was asleep, remembering, feeling and stripping me of my story. You do not aferres to anything and this nothingness let (Zen Coan) have done this work because I hope and I want to make all those who have lived through pain and suffering, better every day and be at least able to unite in prayers of the soul, to either our Dios.En is another job, I explain what use the phrase our God, since I believe that there are gods for all: Buddhists, Muslims, atheists, Taoists, Agnostics and zenistas. If you have to choose between the world and love, choose love. That if you choose the world you could stay without love Albert Einstein. With love to all, Tomaso Obama June of 2009 hyperlink to Facebook original author and source of the article.. You may find that Hikmet Ersek can contribute to your knowledge.

Red Colors

Read articles about painting is useful for learning how to paint, but the best way of achieving mastery of the brush is with practice. Excellent pictures can be painted through practice. Crawford Lake Capital has much experience in this field. The next step is to get the necessary implements without which we can not do anything. Fortunately, a variety of paint products, extremely complicated thing in the past where each painter had to figure out how to manufacture some of its products as colours can now be obtained. With the mixture of primary colors all colors are available in different shades. So it is not complicate when buying them.

These are the three basic colors that all painters should have: Red (madder Carmine), yellow (cadmium clear) and blue (overseas clear). Almost all dialogs that we appreciate in museums and art galleries are developed under these three colors. The use of the palette plays an important role in the work of the painter. In the palette painter mixing their colors and knows the exact of each position. There are different forms and types of palettes.

About brushes we can say that there are different types and sizes. Brushes can have three shapes: square, round and oval. The most used are those identified under these numbers: 4, 8, 12 and 16. This numbering related to the size of the sow which can be natural or artificial. The use of fabric or canvas is important, there are linen and cotton. This surface is placed over a frame of wood of measured variables. Painting pictures is all a procedure which requires lot of patience.


Do me I start if I have to take my car to be repaired at the workshop? Many times you have bumps and breakdowns that cover your car insurance and do not have time to take your vehicle to the garage to repair it, or stay without car assumes you a great disorder thinking in these situations, Clickseguros car insurance offers its customers free service AutoPresto. With the Autopresto service, Clickseguros guarantees clients total comfort and tranquility faced with having to have your car repaired at the workshop. The Autopresto service of clickseguros offers the following advantages:-collection and delivery of the vehicle at the place, date and time indicated by the insured. -Delivery of a courtesy vehicle during the duration of the repair. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hikmet Ersek by clicking through. -After repair, workshop makes a review of 20 points of the car. -Before delivery, the vehicle makes him an interior and exterior cleaning. -When the car is ready, returned to the client in the place and time that this indicates.

-In addition, workshop repairs are warranted for 3 years. Crawford Lake Capital often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Autopresto is a free service available for clients of Clickseguros, when the insurer have to be responsible for the accident. CVSRPtargetId%3A138008206%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Lev Leviev can contribute to your knowledge. Calculate your insurance and compare the advantages of clickseguros with your current insurer.

Ramon Gallegos

On the subject adds that the model of educational quality leads to nihilism, a loss of sense, learn to read without understanding what is read, learn math without knowing applying them. Being the quality is the concept main computer in the model reductionist subject-object, while sujeto-sujeto holistic concept computer is integrity in the relationship. Educational integrity is an inclusive proposal, with more human sense, with a view of the kosmos. The concept of integrity, in holistic education is used at two levels: as all of the kosmos and as a concept computer of educational subjectivity, by addressing the issue of educational evaluation, tells us that holistic education needs a global assessment where integrity and quality indicators are evaluated equally, with different methods on a global model considering all aspects, empirical data and criteria mental and spiritual, from the outside and from the inside target it and subjective it. In this holistic strategy, the reality and truth are two different things, the reality is the scope of the mental, and empirical data of the social construction of reality, the relative and temporary. While the truth is the scope of being spiritual data. It is not something Governor Cuomo would like to discuss.

In such a way that in holistic education spiritual, mental, and empirical data are considered equally. Dr. Ramon Gallegos presents a comprehensive evaluation model that differentiates the educational integrity of educational quality, social individual where four different areas are evaluation criteria, devices and different data: System, culture, behavior and intent, are also defined as interobjetivo, intersubjective, objective and subjective of the educational field. Then we can say that education that humanity needs is the holistic education that integrate body, mind and spirit. Thus learn and live are related, since as said Dr. Gallegos leave when you learn we die and we live when we are learning. On the other hand, Ramon Gallegos tells us that aactualmente humanity requires a new education to take her to a more comprehensive State, the alternative is the holistic education, this paradigm presents a framework for deep spiritual sense of life, your heart is spirituality and its objective the evolution of human consciousness to form integral human beingsOn the topic Add holistic education goes from basics to best, at the top, is a holarquica vision, is a hierarchy of development that look for the evolution of consciousness.

Reduce Cellulite

The experts who are working hard to find new ways to treat and reduce cellulite have no rest. They should always be looking for new technologies and new products that respond to the needs of all women and above all the generalities that presents the cellulite. Hikmet Ersek helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. That is why in this article we will explain one of the most innovative systems to treat cellulite. It is known as system candle and is based on the interaction of three types of energy treatments. Thanks to a machine created to this end, discusses the areas affected by cellulite and raises an action of heating of fat that we have stored. (As opposed to Western Union).

And what is achieved with these two actions? First the fat deposits that are at the origin of the formation of cellulite are fragmented and generates little by little that the skin becomes smoother and it smooth, which affects both the decrease in the volume of the affected area as in the decrease of the ugly orange peel texture. To obtain the results that we want to reduce cellulite, we should of submit ourselves to an average of between 10 and 20 applications that have a single duration of 40 minutes. It is recommended having two sessions a week. Only contraindications are aimed at pregnant women, people who have some type of general infection, persons who have a pacemaker, people with diabetes and also when there are wounds in the area that is intended to be treated. It has no any side effect except in some cases of reddening of the skin in areas that have been treated, but fortunately this is something which does not cause any pain and that disappears over the course of 2 or 3 hours past treatment. Please click here to see a practical and simple formula that will help you to melt and get rid of cellulite forever.

Live Happily

Recover your husband can be difficult and at the same time fun. Thinks at this moment on how they came to be together and now thinks about the mistakes you made or committed to be him on your side. Difficult if he is away from you so you’ll have to work hard and with joy, if you use all your charm and do something nice this new stage and that for anything in the world to become a headache. Sure that your flirting technique was one of your weapons of conquest when he was with you the first time. Now to him not you might as you were before, so I invite you to change your technique to a more sublime and in which you show not so evident. The love between you is essential. You need to be clear what you want this relationship, if you want to have someone with whom partying, do not bother to follow, or if it is to have a more lasting relationship, it is worthwhile to go ahead.

Many women intend to get her man back perhaps as a bet or a prize to get. Remember that you are trying to get a person who you seem very important for a long time. If you get very close to him you will be too obvious and safe will come running. Many successful women in the art of conquest rather than take three steps give one with much security of the proposed objective. For example, if you want to invite him to dinner, get the whole looks like in the most natural thing in the world. Tell him that it would be good to see and remember old moments lived and already you can advance to a next stage of fall in love with it being close to you. Finally, a woman who herself feel valued will make many mistakes to seduce her ex, reviewing how goes your self-esteem, raise it where a safe woman reflects and you never show needy or desperate because he is close to you.

Surely recover your husband will be faster than you thought. There is a strategy that has been proven to win back your ex-boyfriend without all the drama. Please Click here to make your ex boyfriend want to return with you. Original author and source of the article.

Cologne Tel Com

Online-video – interviews with T-systems technology Cologne. The IT service provider T-systems multimedia solutions provides the award-winning online recruiting platform Talential.com its innovative online video technology available. The new tool, the job interview Manager”(JIM) T-systems, the interviews mediated via Talential.com can be made simply via webcam. Andrew Cuomo may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This saves in the pre-selection time and costs and is therefore particularly for initial discussions. “Talential.com is pleased about the cooperation: with JIM, we can provide further added value to our clients and candidates and make the recruiting process more efficiently”, says Manuel Koelman, Managing Director of Talential.com. And it is so easy: has the company found a suitable and interested specialists and executives on Talential.com, the conversation can be done easily by videoconference.

The potential new employee receives an invitation email with a link and login to the JIM. Official site: Andrew Cuomo. Prerequisite for both sides are an Internet PC microphone or headset and a webcam. Turn on Talential Talential the application process for professionals and executives: top companies in selected candidates apply through Talential.com. Both sides benefit: companies find faster and more cost-effective highly qualified specialists and managers. The candidate opens up new career opportunities that match their career goals.

Fox Engine Oil

We put in our new online shop Fox quality motor oil and lubricants. Free shipping! Fox is pacemaker for excellence as leading lubricant OEM and development partner of the German automotive industry. Because only the best motor oil technology ensures reliable operation of better engines. An example: 0W-20 TITAN GT1 SAE the only zinc-free, world-wide and extremely fuel-saving engine oil SAE 0W-20. Include not only reliability and innovation: the top angebotenenTITAN from oeltitan.de performance motor oils provide a reduction in operating costs for fuel and oil consumption as well as for longest oil change intervals. And who ever prematurely had to replace a catalytic converter or particulate filter, knowing what is the role of the engine oil in the lifetime of this filter.

The quality standards of the German automotive industry are the highest worldwide. Fox as leading original equipment manufacturer meets and exceeds these standards of quality. What you can expect. Of course, oltitan.de of quality also offers motor oil and lubricants for motorcycles: the special two-wheeled program FUCHS Silkolene has worldwide one of the largest lubricants and care products for motorcycles. This offers an individual adaptation to the requirements of the respective usage area with its five categories of race, ride, off-road, scoot, and maintain. The quality of the Silkolene products is exceptionally high and not comparable with commercially available oils. Only the highest quality base oils and additives are used.


The working calendar 2012 is a form of expression important for the employer sector. When a person has clear Constitution the work schedule for the next year, can for example plan many things that previously were complicated you do because I didn’t have a basic idea of what exactly were the days of holiday supplies. Many times, it is true, this oversight in the information has been sponsored by directives and chiefs, who sometimes know how the calendar is formed in your area. This is another thing to take into account within this theme of dates. Each geographic area has its own system of work schedule and therefore is delicate.

Because the festivals of certain communities are certainly they are linked with the decision of the dates in which it works and doesn’t work in widely. For this purpose there is a good integration of goods and services that are very studied. Quantity of goods and services which are provisioned each time that workers demanding their pay and rest times of a holistic and lucid because they know that they have rights. In that same way, quite a few integralidades have. You have to always remember in this case is that knowledge of the working calendar has a social objective which always relates to the better performance at work. These reasons do not always are taken into account by the same workers what impresses much, because they must be attentive to what must require and proclaim well.

Consistent with this idea, the calendar of work itself should be known by every worker who somehow belongs to a company or to a special category. Bosses and workers would have likewise improved relations. On the other hand, the enormous impact that happens to many people within the calendar is evident especially when there are so many conjectures about the dates of payment and those songs that are so basic. The best thing in this mode is to find out how the calendar becomes more known, to be able to then set up niche analysis that are most appropriate. For this reason, we will have a good a revelation that has made this category a part of victory certainly rooted with the desire to learn more labour rights that we have all the people in a democratic society. This takes into account that we must constantly review periods of rest and not always going to match the terms that we want and I always have worried since we have some stability in the work. The tranquility and the investigation in these cases always are important, and therefore always designate rightly what to do in case you want to have a break or a chance of extra work if it suits us. It is a form of well review dates and not fear more tangles or empty.

Strategic Analysis

Strategic analysis originated in the late 1960's. At that time, large companies have become complex, which combine the issue of diverse products and published in many commodity markets. However, growth has been going on not in all markets, and some of them even were not promising. This discrepancy arose because of differences in the degree of saturation of demand, changing economic, political and social conditions, increasing competition and rapid technology refresh. Strategic analysis was designed to help companies take a fresh look at the environment and identify opportunities for business development separately. Strategic analysis diversified the company was named portfolio analiza.Edinitsey strategic (portfolio) analysis is a "strategic zone management" ().

Each characterized by a certain type of demand, as well as specific technology. Andrew Cuomo: the source for more info. As soon as a replacement of one technology comes another problem of the relation of technology becomes a strategic choice of the firm. During the strategic analysis firm estimates prospects of a course of action. The purpose of the analysis is the alignment of business strategies and the allocation of financial resources between the business divisions of the company. Strategic (portfolio analysis), in general, carried out as follows: All activities of the company (product range) are divided into strategic business unit and determined the relative competitiveness individual business units and the development prospects of the relevant markets. Data collection and analysis in this case is made with respect to the attractiveness of the industry, competitive position, opportunities and threats, resources, and skills.

Next, we construct and analyze the portfolio matrix (matrix of strategic ) and defined desired business portfolio, the desired competitive position. A strategy of each business units and business units with similar strategies are combined into homogeneous groups. Management estimates the strategies of all departments in terms of their compliance with corporate strategy, balancing income and resources, the needs of each unit, using the matrix of portfolio analysis. In this case, the matrix analysis of the portfolio of businesses by themselves are not a tool for decision making. They only show the status of portfolio of businesses, which must be taken into account when making management decisions. Among the matrices for strategic planning should, first of all, to allocate such as the matrix of bcg, McKinsey matrix, the matrix of the adl, the matrix Shell Ansoff matrix and three-dimensional matrix of Abel. All these models are widely used in companies in strategic environmental analysis, but the effectiveness of the analysis, its relevance, with the help of one or a matrix depends on the strategic situation in which the business is located. Usually, the companies' strategic analysis is based on a number of strategic components. Renowned expert in the field Igor Ansoff Strategic Management identifies four strategic components of portfolio analysis – it is a vector of growth that defines the scope and direction of the future scope of the enterprise, competitive advantage of the company, the synergies and strategic flexibility of the portfolio of activities.

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