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Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Web Sites

Created by – are not only its development and deployment. The site requires constant attention. A lot of sense from a resource to which no one enters or who is on the last position in the search results? And is it worth spend money and time to create sites that no one will ever know? How to determine the site works or lies dormant at the end of Google? Many consider the effectiveness of site visits or first place in the SERPs for a given query. But this approach is not relevant for all businesses, because visitors can open the site and then close it to view, but then forget it. What are the indicators for assessing effectiveness of the site provide a more accurate picture? The most objective criteria – the number of targeted visitors to the site and their conversion into the visitors committed the necessary action.

To determine these figures, it is worth immediately to separate the two concepts – the effectiveness of the site as a whole and the effectiveness of website promotion. First look of what constitutes an effective website promotion Visitors come to the site in the following ways: 1. Those who knows about the site. They recruited the site address in the Address bar, or go to the website of your bookmarks. 2. Those who know nothing about the company, but looking for a product or service. They come to the site from search results and ad content advertising. 3. Those who clicked on a banner or link out of curiosity, showed momentary interest.

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