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Mystical Journeys

In case of concealment of sins or lies, mystical journey may not take place. And if a candidate for ordination concealed the murder of a man, the iboga punish him an agonizing death. Dedication ceremony quite lengthy and can take about three days, during which the student gradually uses of iboga root. All this time he lying on the floor in the temple and looked after him the ritual "father" and "mother." In addition to the 'parents' there are other members of the community, they will be accompanied by his future brother in his long journey. During these nights any Parties may also use iboga.

Consciousness freshman undergoes intense changes, becoming more detached from the surrounding reality. Usually during the third night one of the participants should have painful impact on the student body to ensure its dissociation from the outside world. If he does not respond, it is understood that he was subjected to a climax experience. This moment is a dialogue Dedicated to with God. While visions of rookie overcomes the long journey to the land of the dead, who serve as intermediaries with the divine.

It can also interfere with their ancestors or other people known to him. Hallucinations that accompany the student during a trip full of deep symbolic meaning, a world of jungle with its trees, plants, animals and acts as an experimental and imaginative basis for visions. Sacred entity that will meet during the trip must inform the student of its new, dedicated name.

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