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Savings Scenario

It was hoped Spanish families saving capacity drops to 2008 levels, the reasons – repeated until exhaustion, invite reflection. Add to your understanding with Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. To begin with, the families Spanish saved less in 2010 than in 2011, the VAT rise and the implementation of austerity measures were, along with rising mortgages and rising inflation, the main causes for this scenario. As it can be seen from the analysis of the variables, savings will continue on downward path, the main reason is the decline of pensions and, while the disposable income of households continues to shrink in the second quarter, the figures speak for themselves: unemployment rate: 21% inflation: 3.6% Euribor 2,093% interest rate: 1.25% the Euribor maintains its upward path and today experiencing a rise of 10 thousandths redials maximums of the two years in a scenario in which – for the first time since the launch of the Euro, Euribor doubles at official rates. Inside the best tips of the present time-saving emphasizes the return of high pay deposits and bank accounts that contemplate all kinds of exemptions, commissions, bonuses, etc. with mortgages 600 euros more expensive thanks to the rise of the euro and the delicate situation in terms of public and private debt that exists in Spain, saving capacity reduction is nothing but a logical consequence of a crisis that forces us to look at the future through other paradigms.

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