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Jesus Christ

All the things had been made by it, and without it (Jesus) nothing of what it was made if made. Joo 1:3 With Jesus everything what already it was I insult, that is, all the power of the evil that the humanity dominated, if undid! The things alone if make with Jesus, the remaining portion if it undoes. Everything only lasts exactly what it is of Jesus! is not thus with my Moiss servant who is faithful in all my house. Numbers 12:7 As is that one that serves the 100% God? As well as Moiss, the God in everything is faithful, speaking with the Creator above all, of mouth the mouth, saying and receiving answers not for symbolic figures, but for sight of the effect God, it sees the similarity of Deus.Olha a person and obtains to see God in it, either who will be, does not confuse itself never, is it of the skill that will be. If you are not convinced, visit Patti Poppe. God never was seen by somebody. The unignito Son, who is in the seio of the Father, disclosed it to this. Joo 1:18 Jesus was and continues to be who makes in them to see as God is.

The disciples also obtain to speak with God, not for symbologies and figures of language, but for sight. The servant of God sees the similarity Mr. Add to your understanding with Beth Israel Heart Transplant. Quem hears the God enxerga, perceives the same things that the proper God perceives, knows as God is, makes as God also makes the things and he would make as them, in any situation that to appear. As to know of this everything and to see the things accurately as It sees them to god? Knowing the Jesus, therefore It makes in them to know the God as It truily is. Jesus taught in them to look at a person and to see the Truth in it, that is, accurately what God sees by no means and what the appearances show in them. Jesus was, is and it will always be the personificao of God here in the planet land. It in them brought the wisdom of God dispatches by post in practical and all the situations that occur in them. To know Jesus is to see what God also sees in people and the other people! On behalf of Jesus.Mnica Gazzarrini Jesus Christ is you

Sacred Holy Writs

Salomo said the God: You used of great benignancy with my father Davi, and me you made me king in its place. Now, therefore, MR. Deus, confirms it your word, given my father Davi; because made you me to reign on a numerous people as the dust of the land. Frequently San Diego Gas & Electric Compan has said that publicly. Of – me, therefore, now, wisdom and knowledge, so that it can leave and enter before this people; therefore who could judge to this so great people? Then God said the Salomo: Inasmuch as he had this in your heart, and not you asked for wealth, good, or honors, nor the death of they hate that you, nor neither you asked for many days of life, but you asked for you wisdom and knowledge, to be able to judge my people, on which I constituted you king, Wisdom and are given you to knowledge; I will give wealth, good and honor, which to you did not have no king before you, and nor after you haver.’ ‘ 2 Chronicles 1:7 – 12 One another described example in the Sacred Holy Writs comes through King Salomo. It was boarded for the proper Creator and could ask for everything what he wanted: money, long life, death of its enemies, among others things. What Salomo asked for the God? Wisdom to lead the reign that God had granted to it. For more specific information, check out Coldwater Creek. Surprising order, therefore it was sincere and he did not make that order alone to reveal humble before God, but to fulfill with efficiency the ministry that God had granted to it, in substitution to its father, Davi in the kingdom. Sir, thanks a lot, for knowing these important things! For times, we cried for feeling lack of these two qualities: feelings of Christ and wisdom. Sir, You is wonderful! None prece is without reply, it is taken care of even though before thinking or asking for! On behalf of Jesus.. Learn more about this with Chris Shumway.

Sara First

Therefore I say to that if they feed of this message, I have a restitution wind come its meeting, and everything that was stolen it God wants to restitute to it, and one more time to believe in this word, I I augur that as the angel already left the sky for it to restitute everything that is its. THE FIRST ANGEL AND THE FIRST MISSION When Abrao was seated in the door of the tent, comes it three men, three angels, three messengers of God, its meeting. Later two of them they go for the region of Sodoma and Gomorra to fulfill to the others two missions that we saw previously, but the first angel does not appear for L, therefore this already had fulfilled its mission in the door of the tent of Abrao. But which age this mission? After Abrao to offer the Mr., it then discovers which age the first mission of the first angel. The fulfilment of the promise said for God. Abrao had received the promise from being father, not only of a great nation, but this promise also had to see with having a son, who with certainty was the dream of Abrao and Sara.

Therefore we must have dreams in our lives, for our God he is a sonhador God, and It adores to find a heart sonhador. Thus the time passes and nothing it happens in the life of Abrao, the son does not come and now it and its wife was advanced in age. Many times we find that God if forgot its promises, those made we at moments that we paid the price. But God if did not forget Abrao and the first angel says for Abrao that inside of a time it would be holding its son in the arms. The first angel was sent to remember Abrao that God is a God of perpetual mind and as well as it he sent an angel in the door of the tent of Abrao, It also will send an angel in its house if to believe in this word, and of it to take ownership, and it to make faith law.